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Chapter 93 – The mighty Ice Ape King

"Martial Ancestor?"

Looking at the insufferably arrogant figure of the Ice Ape King, Feng Hao breathed out softly.

"That's right!"

Under the black robe, Hua Yuntian clustered his eyebrows. It's now clear why the horde of ice apes came, he began to feel a headache.

Thousands of fearless ice apes, this was even more terrifying than an army of human experts. Under the call of the Ice Ape King, they would not fear the humans at all!


Feng Hao could not help but suck a mouthful of cold air, his heart burst with coldness. If Hua Yuntian's Wu Yuan did not protect him, he did not have the qualifications to participate. In fact, he might as well have died in the avalanche, or may have died under a slap coming from an ice ape.


The thumb sized diamond shaped crystal was suspended above the peak, countless ice Wu Yuan was absorbed by it from all directions. With it being in the center of everything, it became even more dazzling.

With the passage of time, the ambient temperature also rapidly declined. Even those Martial Spirit experts' bodies trembled, this was all due to the cold Wu Yuan.

Within his body, Feng Hao had the crimson medicine dan so he was naturally unaffected. His existence also attracted a lot of attention. It was clear that the Martial Ancestor experts were the only ones strong enough to carry on. Under Hua Yuntian's protection, no one can detect his true strength. He became the only other variable in the scene.

If the two of them were Martial Ancestors, their likelihood of succeeding in the contention for the yi crystal will greatly increase.

Being cast pairs of guarded eyes, Feng Hao could only wryly smile.

Who would believe that he only had a Martial Practitioner cultivation?

Fortunately, the strong ice ape joined in, so this time, there would be less infighting. Facing the dense horde of ice apes, even a Martial Ancestor would feel his scalp numb.

The Ice Ape Aking stood at the forefront of the ape horde. Its two long arms was stout like a tank. Placing them on the ground, the ice cracked and there were big marks. Its pair of eyes directly locked onto the yi crystal on the top of the mountain, within its eyes was greed.

It's body was of the ice attribute, if it swallowed this piece of yi crystal, it was very possible it would advance to the Martial Venerate stage. Such a jump in strength was huge.

The wait was painful, at this time, everyone was set in place not daring to make a single move. Different colors of Wu Yuan shrouded their bodies as hail began to fall so that they won't be affected.

The sun set, the sun rose. In a blink of an eye, a whole day passed as the hot sun jumped out of the horizon. The yi crystal on top of the iceberg finally had a change.


A hum buzzed for thousands of miles, it seemed as if the whole world became ice, ice attribute Wu Yuan rapidly surged. All of it was poured inside the small diamond crystal, and in a moment, the crystal exploded with a very dazzling light. It was like the hot sun, it simply won't let anyone directly look at it.

After quite a while, the dazzling light slowly became weaker. The piece of crystal became clear, its entirety was shrouded in a mist present before everyone’s eyes.

The diamond shaped yi crystal, although its size did not have the slightest of change, it still contained the ice attribute. Once it was upgraded, it radiated permeating the whole place affecting the will of the people.


The first sound that came through was the shaking howl of the ice ape. The five meter tall Ice Ape King jumped directly towards the top if the mountain, it did not hesitate at all.

"Evil beast you dare?!"

A white haired Martial Ancestor old man roared and extended him palm. A long hammer appeared held in his hands and behind him spread a pair of wings as his whole person rapidly went to the direction of the Ice Ape King.

Raising the heavy hammer with dense earth attribute Wu Yuan gushing out, he directly smashed towards the head of the Ice Ape King.


The heavy hammer was met with a boulder sized fist, a ripple was sent out to all directions causing layers of ice to fly. At the same time, the Martial Ancestor old man holding on the hammer could not control his body, he was sent flying backwards. He had to force his body to stop and stay on place. His already pale face was filled with a crimson blush, then immediately it became more pale.

His pair of eyes revealed a look of horror.

Holding onto the heavy hammer and adding to that it was a sneak attack, unexpectedly he ended up worse. To think that the Ice Ape King was this strong, it was not simple.

At this time, the ice ape horde and each country's experts entered into a brawl. The Ice Ape King under the suppression of a few Martial Ancestors could not do what it wants, it had difficulty moving forward. It could only howl in anger repeatedly.

Under the hot sun, the diamond shaped yi crystal shined letting it appear exceptionally bright. However, no one dared to get too close. Once someone gets too close, there would be a barrage from the experts suddenly causing the mountain top to be a restricted area.

However, the yi crystal at this time began to sink slowly. Once it becomes one with the iceberg again, unless the entire ice berg was blown into pieces, no one would get it in a short period of time.

"What's to be done?"

Feng Hao and Hua Yuntian have yet to act. Seeing the gradually sinking yi crystal, Feng Hao was filled with worry.

"This is."

Looking at the experts everywhere, Hua Yuntian also clustered his eyebrows. For a long time he could not think of a good method.


A fist of a Martial Ancestor flew out causing an explosion, the Ice Ape King howled mournfully that filled the entire ice field. All the surrounding ice apes heard the call and swarmed towards the center.

"Ji! Ji! JI!"

Tens of thousands of ice apes gathered from all directions causing the distant Martial Grand Master onlookers to flee. They left hundreds of bodies behind, there was nothing to be done.

"Damn it!"

Everyone's complexion changed seeing the scene. They did not want to get involved with the ice apes, however they also do not want the others to get rewards. However, due to the number of ice apes, they were absolutely unstoppable. At the foot of the iceberg, there has been an accumulation of a thick layer of ice ape corpses. It seems that the Ice Ape King wanted to get the yi crystal at all costs.

"Take out the wu crystals."

And old and familiar voice sounded out in Feng Hao's mind, he was filled with indescribable joy. Turning over his hand, he took out a piece of wu crystal.

"Chi! What can one piece of wu crystal do?"

Old Fen couldn’t help but sneer, he snapped, "Alright, hand it over to me!"

Eighteen pieces of wu crystals all floated and revolved around Feng Hao.

Hua Yuntian was surprised because at his side, he felt a terrifying aura from the youth. This aura caused the hairs on his body to stand.

On Feng Hao's left hand, the ancient ring revealed a bright light that enveloped his entire body. Suddenly, he felt that his body was no longer under his control.

"Do not resist, hand over everything to me!"

The aged voice sounded out, Feng Hao's originally resisting mind calmed down.

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