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Chapter 92 – The current yi crystal


The skies shook and the snow on the ground crumbled. Thick snow like a flash flood surged with the iceberg being the center. In all directions, many of the strong experts were unable to react, and as a result they were submerged.

At this moment, the scene became more chaotic as everyone flee into the distance. Only Martial Spirits had to ability to launch wings from their backs and fly high above so they were spared.

This was the might of an avalanche, basically no manpower can match!

The avalanche lasted for about half an hour, figures began to emerge from the snow and immediately flew high up in the sky.

High above the depths of the ice field, there were about a hundred people mid-air all revolving around the iceberg. Each person had a pair of colorful wings behind their back waiting for the avalanche to stop. One by one people began to fall until there were only five Martial Ancestors left suspended there.

No one wanted to leave. Even those who luckily survived under the snow, like a Martial Grand Master who by a fluke survived; all stared at the iceberg.

After a long time, the iceberg once again vibrated and caused a small earthquake. Although this time it was not as drastic as the previous one, it still did not stop. The avalanche surged again and more figures were buried.


Looking at the increasingly fierce iceberg, everyone had one idea in mind!

"It's coming out!"

Hearing the words of Old Fen, Feng Hao was slightly excited. He glanced around and could not help to wrinkle his eyebrows.

Five Martial Ancestors, one hundred Martial Spirits, in such a situation he did not hold any advantage at all. In addition, Hua Yuntian will also have to fight a battle on his own. Without his strength, stealing the yi crystal was hopeless!

"Master, what should I do?"

Feng Hao had to pin all his hopes on Old Fen.

"Why are you so anxious. It will still take a while. Just wanting to rush forward, that is simply looking for death!"

Old Fen's words were transmitted.


Feng Hao hearing those words, he believed that Old Fen would not harm him.


A loud noise resounded that caused the surrounding mountain ranges to tremble. Many of the flying Martial Spirits were directly forced to the ground.

Fortunately, Hua Yuntian's Wu Yuan protected Feng Hao so he was not affected. Hearing the loud sound, he saw the tip of the iceberg explode.

Immediately, the temperature of the entire ice field dropped. All the Martial Grand Master experts shivered. They could only retreat further back. They no longer had the heart to fight for the yi crystal, they can only watch from a distance.

Hua Yuntian naturally felt the changes. Looking at his side, he found that Feng Hao in this cold temperature was unexpectedly sweating. Now that was a surprise.


There was a long groan as a thumb sized yi crystal rose from the tip if the iceberg. Exposed to the eyes of everyone, under the hot sunlight the diamond shaped crystal reflected the bright colors of the rainbow.

Suddenly, Feng Hao heard fierce gasps of breath and saw pairs of eyes filled with greedy looks.

"Snatch ah!"

Not knowing who cried out, a figure rushed flying towards the tip of the iceberg.



At this moment, fights were unavoidable as strong experts desperately rushed to the front. Flowers of blood bloomed in the air as broken limbs fell like rain.

A strong middle aged Martial Spirit rushed to the top of the iceberg, his face filled with a crazy smile. With his trembling hands, he tried to grab forward. However, he did not see that behind him, there was a large fellow holding a glittering blade filled with Wu Yuan. Leaping high, the blade was directly aimed towards his back. When he finally reacted, his whole body was directly split into two halves as his internal organs and intestines sprinkled on the ground. He quickly died without even knowing it.

"Haha! The yi crystal is mine!"

The big fellow laughed as both of his hands directly grabbed on the yi crystal.

In an instant, the smile on his face froze. Panic spread on his face becoming pale, the palm of his hands that grasped on the yi crystal slowly solidified, gradually spreading towards his whole body until he directly became an ice sculpture. The yi crystal on his hand slightly shook and cracks started to spread on his body causing him to be broken into pieces scattering everywhere.

The icy crystal covered in blood and flesh above the iceberg appeared extremely tempting, there were still some people not afraid of death that continued to rush up. More than ten people died the same way under the influence of the yi crystal. The strong experts finally found that something was wrong, their eyes filled with shock as they turned back. They saw that several of the Martial Ancestors have yet to move, their figures did not move an inch.

Unwillingly taking a glance at the still suspended shaking yi crystal, they had to slow down. No one dared to move forward.


The diamond shaped yi crystal was still shaking. Inconspicuously, veined patterns started to appear around the crystal that was visible to the naked eye. With it at the center, the veiny lines started to get absorbed.

"It's absorbing the ice attributed Wu Yuan between the heavens and the earth!"

Looking at this scene, Feng Hao stared intently. He had an amazed look seeing the thumb sized yi crystal.

Looking at the absorption speed, even a Martial Ancestor could not do it!

Those Martial Spirit experts one by one retreated further down because the visible to the naked eye ice attribute Wu Yuan was not something that can be trifled with. Each one had the force of an attack from a Martial Spirit. Continually being attacked by a Martial Spirit, when you ask, who would want to bare that?"

Ji! Ji! Ji!

Wild nature hisses came from afar in the ice field. Everyone looked at huge white figures leap flexibly towards the iceberg.

"It's the ice apes!"

Seeing the ice apes come from all over, everyone's eyes shook and their hearts tightened.

The first unlucky ones were naturally the Martial Grand Masters. Hundreds of people were directly drowned by the horde of ice apes. They were torn into pieces, not one body was left whole.

"Damn it, where did they come from?"

Soon, the horde of ice apes was at the foot of the iceberg. Occupying a large piece of land, they did not rush up towards the top of the iceberg. They were all kneeling at the edge. In a short time, a loud ice ape howl came as a five meter figure appeared from a distance. It jumped three times and it arrived at the foot of the iceberg. Scanning the crowd with its tyrannical eyes, it actually had human emotion, its eyes flashed with disdain.

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