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Chapter 91 – Omen

Within the ice field, the thousands of miles of glaciers has become extremely chaotic. Everytime a piece of wu crystal was discovered, there would be a big fight. These people already had red eyes due to all the killing. Sometimes, even if it's just for a plant of spirit medicine, there would be a big fight resulting in death.

This was especially the case with the three surrounding kingdoms. Although the last few years there was no war, there were still deep grievances. So when they saw people of another country, they would attack and dispose people ruthlessly.

One word, chaos! The situation was totally out of control!

The cold wind blowing, the sound of bones being scraped by a knife could be heard. There were two black robes braving the cold wind towards the depths slowly moving forward..

The two walked very slowly, Feng Hao was also not anxious. Currently, the depths was in very deep chaos. The yi crystal will appear in a short while. Along the way, there would be people coveting the spirit medicines he took, however Hua Yuntian was there to dispose of them.

Martial Ancestor, there was no doubt that within the three kingdoms, not many could be his adversary.

Along the journey, the ice and snow on the ground would have faint traces of blood, limbs, debris, and bodies covered up by the snow.

This was the first time Feng Hao saw such a large scale chaotic scene. Here, human life was like straw, only the strong can survive!

The closer they got to the depths, the more the scene became filled with killing. In this place, even Martial Grand Masters would easily die. This caused Feng Hao's heart to burst with tightness.

The world's experts are as many as the hair of an ox, he was nothing but a drop in the ocean!


Breathing out a long exhale, Feng Hao turned his body to the side towards Hua Yuntian and said, "Old Hua, let us find a place to wait. The yi crystal, I also do not know when exactly it would appear."

"En, right."

Glancing around, Hua Yuntian's eyebrows clustered before he whispered, "Come with me!"

They were already in the depths of the ice field. In addition to the cold wind, there was hail of different sizes. Being hit on the body would be a very bad thing.

Due to the hail, some caves became a reason of fighting between people.

No one wanted to be outside and be nailed on the head by hail. Although there was a chance they were not going to be hit on the head, being carelessly smashed black and blue was not something anyone wanted.

This was a highland, standing here, not only can one directly see the full image of the iceberg, you can also sweep your sight to the whole region.

"Hold on!"

Coming before a cave, Hua Yuntian slowed down and swept his gaze inside. Slowly stepping forward, he stood in front of the cave and exerted his aura. Not long after, another figure from the inside showed up.

It was a scar faced old man who had a knife wound that spanned his whole face. This caused him to have a malevolent look. Hail fell one foot from his face and shattered, the ice particles spread out in all directions.

He glanced at Hua Yuntian who was wearing black robes in front of him, then he smirked.

"You are the scar faced thief Xiang Xiu?"

Under the black robe, Hua Yuntian's eyes narrowed as he uttered out asking.


The scar faced old man was stunned, then he smiled, "Heihei, if you already have heard of my name, then hand all over your belongings. Today I shall spare your life."


Hearing those words, Hua Yuntian could not help but utter a cold sound, without any irony he said, "West Mist Country's number one thief always killed for wealth, never had compassion in the heart. Today, you unexpectedly only want money, this is really my pleasure ah."

"Unexpectedly its him!"

On the side, Feng Hao hearing the number one thief, his mind shook.

This murderous fierce name was well known in West Mist Country. Relying on his strength as a Martial Spirit, he likes to rob cities and usually destroy a clan. He would arrogantly leave behind his famous name, it was vile behavior. More than ten years ago, he suffered under the hands of numerous clans that banded together to kill him. The large scar on his face was caused by that incident. After he escaped, he disappeared. It was only until it was spread that a yi crystal will unearth that he came to the ice field, thinking that he can rely on it to reach the Martial Ancestor stage.

"Heihei, you know me well!"

Xiang Xiu grinned, the change in his expression caused the scar on his face to look like a creeping centipede, extremely frightening.

"Zeze, the kingdom chased you for dozens of years, unexpectedly you let me meet you here."

Hua Yuntian could not help raise the corners of his mouth and he ridiculed.

"What do you mean?"

The grin on Xiang Xiu's face instantly disappeared. His pair of eyes stared at the pair of indifferent eyes under the black robe. Immediately, his heart shook with a bad feeling. Wu Yuan burst out all over as a pair of distinct wings gradually formed on his back.

"Since we already have met, then stay!"

Using the unfair advantage of a quicker body, a shadow flashed. Under eyes of dismay, a skinny and shriveled palm was placed on the pit of his stomach.


Red-white Wu Yuan came from the skinny and shriveled palm. The fierce Wu Yuan directly burst out as blood was sprayed from Xiang Xiu's thrown body. On the pit of his stomach there was a big cavity, his heart was half destroyed. Falling on the ground, he had a few convulsions before he no longer made any sounds. Blood spilled causing the surrounding snow to be dyed red.

This thief's body whose ferocious name was spread throughout a dozen years ended up dying in a remote place.

Hua Yuntian walked over and took a ring off his hand then called Feng Hao over, the two people entered the cave. Not long after, ice apes came to Xiang Xiu's corpse and ate him without even leaving a bone.

The whole night not one word was spoken. In the ice field, it was like the day never ended and the killing did not stop. The fighting continued on every corner. Regardless of this, Feng Hao had nothing to do with them. He sat inside the cave and mobilized the Wu Yuan to wash over the flesh in his body. The past few days, he felt that all his muscles would often heat up. This was a sign of progression, this was an omen of reaching Martial Master!

On the spot where Hua Yuntian was at, he was very comfortable. Every single time someone dared to enter, Hua Yuntian’s palm flew out so he did not need to move. After approximately ten or more hours, there was a change in the iceberg's position.


The big iceberg was the the biggest mountain in the ice field. It's diameter was colossus and it was towering. Suddenly, it shook for a moment, issuing out a noise that the whole earth in the region felt. It was like an earthquake, so strong that it overturned the ground. The groups of people killing stopped, their pairs of eyes focused on the iceberg.

During the time it was shaking, when Hua Yuntian felt it for the first time he pulled Feng Hao of the cave. After a strong vibration, the cave directly collapsed, no longer existing.

"The yi crystal is coming out?"

Looking at the iceberg, Feng Hao's eyes flashed with excitement.

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