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Chapter 90 – Rumor

These past few days, no one knew where the rumors came from, however information quickly spread throughout West Mist Country and the other two kingdoms. Suddenly, it caused a great uproar and numerous people began going to the same region.

Ice Field!

The rumor was, "The legendary yi crystal was recently discovered in the depths of the ice field!"

Yi crystal, what object is that? Ordinary people did not understand because all they heard about was the wu crystal, so they did not know the yi crystal. However, as word spread, it fell in the ears of some big forces preventing them from calming down. The experts of the previous generation one by one hurried towards the ice field. It seems as if they were afraid that they would be a step late.

As long as one knows its use, no one can ignore its existence!

Yi crystal, this thing was absolutely able to cause a frenzy among the experts. In Heaven Martial Continent, only experts who possess yi crystals can be considered genuinely strong. This fully displays the power and value of the yi crystal.

In Heaven Martial Continent, every piece of yi crystal would cause the deaths of many experts. Blood would flow for thousands of miles and bodies would accumulate into mountains!

This has always been the case, it never changed!

At this time, the remote depths of the ice field became the focus of the three kingdoms, the entire ice field was in chaos!

Looking out a window and seeing more and more people. Feng Hao's eyes deeply wrinkled. When it was noon, he went to eat on the lobby of the inn to find out that the existence of the yi crystal has been made public!

"There must be someone among the crowd creating trouble!"

The chaotic fights within the ice field caused Hua Yuntian's eyebrows to raise. If the current development of things continues, there would be a war between the three kingdoms. It would just be a question of time.

However, currently, by the virtue of his power, he could not stop it. There was only one way, and that is to take the yi crystal. Only then would the chaotic fighting cease.

But, is it an easy matter to take the yi crystal in the hands of many strong experts?

"Seeing the phenomena, the crystal will appear in about two days or so. It would have evolved completely at that time and the yi crystal will naturally come out by itself. Prepare yourself!"

The ring on his left hand emitted a layer of light, Old Fen's voice came from within.

"Two days?"

Feng Hao sighed, closing the window he sat on his bed.

"What is it?"

Bright light sprinkled out and condensed into an old figure. Looking at Feng Hao's bitter face, the corners of the mouth of Old Fen bent into a radiant smile.

"Master, it's troublesome."

Feng Hao shook his head lightly. With so many strong experts, a Martial Ancestor was not enough to withstand everyone. Not only that, who can be sure that another Martial Ancestor expert would not show up?

Currently, he finally understood the difficulty of getting the yi crystal. Although a Marital Spirit stage expert was qualified enough to refine a yi crystal, the region was already filled with thousands of strong warriors even without knowing about the yi crystal. Now that the rumor was spread, even more strong experts were attracted. This explains the degree of value the yi crystals has. Even for a strong expert, taking the crystal can just be wishful thinking, it was an impossible matter!

"Heihei, you finally understand."

Looking Feng Hao's bitterness, the old man smiled.


Seeing that the old man seemed to not be worried, Feng Hao's eye brightened. He was looking forward to what the old man had to say.

"Ask your next door neighbor to give a few wu crystals then place them on your body. If you don't you will only cry in the future!"

Old Fen looked at him with a strange smile, then his body turned into specks of light disappearing.

"Prepare wu crystals?"

Feng Hao stared blankly. There was actually an unexpected use. However since it was the old man who said it, he must absolutely follow. Cultivating through the night, the next morning he knocked on Hua Yuntian’s door.

"Great master, what's the matter?"

Seeing Feng Hao wanted to say something but was hesitating, Hua Yuntian clustered his eyebrows and asked.

"Zeze, that… Old Hua, it's like this."

Feng Hao coughed a few times and his face had an embarrassed expression, "I would like to ask you to borrow a few piece of wu crystals. In the future I'll pay you back, do you have some?"

Wu crystal, this price was difficult to ask. So when he quickly inquired, his heart was somewhat nervous.

"Wu crystal?"

Hua Yuntian was stunned, then he immediately laughed loudly, "Haha!… I thought it was something else. No problem, how many does great master need."

As the royal prince, although the wu crystal was expensive, to him it was not a very rare object. After all, the royal family had huge amounts of resources, he naturally did not lack wu crystal to use!

And now that he was asked for a favor, Feng Hao would owe him more. After all, for an earth ranked Medicine Master, the best way method is using sentiment cards.

This is exactly what he was looking for!


Feng Hao was stumped, and soon he spoke, "This, naturally the more the better, that is if Old Hua accepts…"

"Hehe, no problem, I'll take a look…"

Hua Yuntian took out a ring, shaking his hand pieces of wu crystal dropped on the table. The sunshine entering from the windowsill caused the wu crystals to look extremely dazzling.

"Fifteen pieces, great master, is it enough?"

He pushed the heap of wu crystals towards Feng Hao, his face had a knowing smile.

"Enough! It's enough!"

Looking at the table full of wu crystals, Feng Hao's heart was also a little excited. Waving his hand, it all went into his ring. His heart finally calmed down, looking at Hua Yuntian he was thankful.

"Haha! … Great master, your medicine king has been lent to my body, these more than a dozen of wu crystals, what are they worth?"

Hua Yuntian gestured with his hand seemingly not caring too much.

"Hehe, although that is the case, I owe Old Hua many thanks."

Feng Hao smiled as he cupped his hands, standing up he said, "Right, Old Hua, we have to go to the depths of the ice field. I think in two more days the yi crystal would be unearthed."


Hua Yuntian pondered for a little, then he slowly stood up and looked out the window, "However, I think we need to have some disguise, or else in the future it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble."


Thinking about it, Feng Hao understood. Hua Yuntian said this for their own good, he directly replied, "Right!"

Paying the lodging fee, the two went out to the street. At this time, the street was also very crowded with people coming and going, it was very lively. Sometimes, people would get injured all over the roads leading to scolding and fighting. These sights became common as after all, ice city's strongest expert was only a Martial Grand Master.They were unable to control the foreign experts. As long as they did not cross the line, no one would come out to manage the situation.

The two ignored these things and passed by a clothing store. Pulling out a black robe, it covered the whole body and the only thing revealed was a pair of eyes.

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