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Chapter 89 – Heavy arrival

The county city needs three forces like a tripod. Now that one clan was removed, it was natural another should rise. Otherwise, things will be unbalanced. Due to Hua Yuntian's words, the Qiong Clan was able to directly enter the stage. They became the only clan in West Mist Country without a Martial Spirit to be a county city power.

Within a short period of time, the surname Qiong spread throughout Ci County. Numerous people voiced out their opinions as they looked down on the Qiong Clan that did not have a Martial Spirit expert. However, in the same time, they also felt that the Qiong Clan was mysterious.

To think that such a small unknown clan suddenly rose to the top of the county, no one knew how they did it.

As for those poisoned forces, they had to pay a certain price to be cured by Feng Hao. They discovered that although this youth had a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master robe, in fact he was not as simple as a yellow ranked Medicine Master. However, Hua Yuntian warned them to not say anything so no one dared to speak.

Then for the Xue Clan assets, there were more than ten wu crystals in their possession. This caused Hua Yuntian to be stunned. He took a share and gave the remaining three pieces to Feng Hao. As for the Xue Clan's collection of spirit medicines, Feng Hao selected dozens of kinds that was recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, two of which actually reached the rare treasure level.

Regarding the background of the Qiong Clan, they did not have any expert to rely on. As a result, Hua Yuntian brandished his hand and wrote an introduction letter that would allow Qiong Ling er and three other juniors to enter Wind Moon Academy in the king's city. Three days later, he and Feng Hao immediately went back on the road to the ice field.


In some place, there was a manor wherein an angry voice resounded. Then, there was a sound of porcelain breaking into pieces.

This was not an ordinary manor, in fact, it was the Shadow Devil Religion's base located in West Mist Country.

Located in a desolate desert far away from any city, the manor didn't possess many items. However, there were many exotic flowers that looked exceedingly beautiful. Exotic odors assailed the nostrils as the fragrance of flowers spread. One butterfly that was attracted went closer to one of the flowers. The moment it touched the surface, its body fell on the ground on a pile of dead mosquitoes

Evidently, these exotic flowers were extremely poisonous!

In a side hall, the ground was in disarray as several black robed people fell to the ground. Standing there was an old man that had raging flames imprinted on his black robes. His face was withered, as if the only thing left on it was a layer of skin. It was not much different from a skeleton's. On his body, one can see with a naked eye that black gas curled about. The desk at his side was hit by the black gas causing it to directly decay.

"Who leaked the information?"

The black robed old man glared with his ghastly pair of eyes, he was very angry.

Finally, there was some progress in West Mist Country, they had control of 50,000 soldiers. In just a day, everything changed. Ten years of effort were lost in vain, who could bare that.

"Elder, the Xue Clan was destroyed. I heard that it was because the young master of the Xue Clan violently kidnapped a young girl from the small Qiong Clan. Thus, a West Mist Country prince appeared to save her, leading to the extermination of the clan."

One black robed man feebly spoke out.

"West Mist Country's prince? Qiong Clan?"

For a long time, the black robed old man could not come up with anything since he never heard of such a small power associated with a prince.


He gave a long breath, "The Xue Clan is gone and Ci County cannot be entered temporarily. What progress have you people made in the places you are responsible for?"

When those words were asked, all the black robed men bowed their heads.

"Elder, one person has already infiltrated the residence of the Marshal in West Mist Country. He is now waiting for an opportunity to use the poison, after some time we will hear the good news."

A black robed man looked up and softly whispered.


Hearing this information, the black robed old man's anger subsided, "Right, put those things in your hands aside for now, I have very important tasks to give you all!"

The past few days, the hailstorms in the region of the ice field were getting more and more common. Such strong storms were constantly appearing from the deeper depths. This made the surrounding areas of the ice field to be extremely chaotic. Some of the smaller villages have been destroyed by the storms, and after several occurrences the people of Ice City were also worried.

This was not only happening at the side of West Mist Country, This was also the case for the other two kingdoms, naturally it received some attention. Some naturally thought about the existence of wu crystals, so the ice field became filled with bustling excitement. The three kingdoms received information causing them to immediately send their experts to look for wu crystals. In just a moment, men fought men, men fought magic beasts, the whole ice field began to be left with hundreds of dead bodies.

Heavy snow fell while the wind was like a blade carrying hardened snow throughout the region.

On a highland, Hua Yuntian descended. Looking at the numerous amounts of people in the ice field, his eyebrows crowded.

"It seems that the yi crystal is almost done evolving."

Inside the ring, Old Fen said to Feng Hao


Feng Hao's eye became bright.

"Be careful of everything. That thing may have a fierce beast guarding it, even he might not be enough."

Old Fen's voice lectured him.


Feng Hao was directly stumped. He knew that Hua Yuntian was a Martial Ancestor. To think that even he might not be enough, this beast that was guarding the crystal brought him some horror.

"Chi! A small Martial Ancestor, what's that worth."

Old Fen sneered before he once again disappeared.

Calling him a few times, there was no response. Feng Hao returned to his senses and looked at the distant field, he wrinkled his eyebrows.

"Old Fen, this thing, you must first take it."

Turning over his hand, Feng Hao took out the small jade box containing the red lotus seed. He handed it over to Hua Yuntian.


Hua Yuntian nodded. He did not refuse and directly took the jade box into his bosom.

In front of this situation, without the suppression of the red lotus seeds, he wouldn't able to unleash his full strength. However, even if he was a Martial Ancestor, looking at the depths of the ice field his eyebrows deeply wrinkled.

He was not arrogant enough to think that his Martial Ancestor strength will allow him to be rampant in the ice field.

"Old Hua, first let's go to the Ice City to rest. Then tomorrow, we can proceed to the depths?"

Being on the road the past days, it was natural to be tired. Rushing in forward will also not bring any benefit. Now that it seemed like the yi crystal has evolved, when the time comes they need all their strength.

"That works!"

Pondering for a little, Hua Yuntian nodded as he agreed.

The two figures slowly went towards Ice City. When they got closer, Feng Hao felt that there was an increase of human traffic. Not only were there Martial Masters, there were also Martial Grand Masters to the point that there were even Martial Spirits in the mix.

Although they were unsure if there really was wu crystals, the temptation was enough to attract them to come.

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