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Chapter 88 – Misunderstanding

A group of people from the east was rushing towards the city, they were about a kilometer away when they slowed down.

"That's Ci City!"

Qiong Ding's eyes narrowed a he looked at the towering walls. His eyes had a flash of light, he he said, "Go!"

Feng Hao leaving then, the Qiong Clan people naturally did not feel relieved. So Qiong DIng arranged the a hundred elite members of the Qiong Clan overnight to rush towards Ci City.

Reaching the gate of the city, although it was still open, not only were there some city guards, there was actually hundreds of them. When they saw the crowd of the Qiong Clan rush over, they all pulled the blades on their waists.


A middle aged officer yelled as the hundreds of soldiers surrounded the Qiong Clan.

"What are you up to?"

The soldiers tightened their hold on their blades, looking on guard against the leading Qiong Ding.

Seeing this scene, Qiong Ding in his heart could not help but form a wry smile. Qiong Song on his horse came forward and smiled, "This elder brother, we are here to give gifts to the Xue Clan."

Hearing this, the middle aged officer's face directly tightened, his mouth shouted, "Come ah, arrest them for me!"

Everyone from the Qiong Clan was startled. The hundreds of soldiers already surrounded, this caused them to have a burst of speechlessness.

"Hold on, this officer!"

Qiong DIng hurriedly cried out.

"No need to wait. The Xue Clan attempted to rebel and were put to death. You people suddenly appearing, you might be an accomplice. It's best that you let yourselves get captured else your whole clan will be considered criminals!"

"The Xue Clan attempted to rebel? Already put to death?"

Qiong Ding and the others were all stunned.

"Be well behaved and come with me!"

Seeing that the Qiong Clan did not resist, the officer's face became slightly better.

In just half a day, the original mighty overlords of Ci County, the Xue Clan, has been all put to death. This big change caused everyone to be emotionally moved.

At this time, in the Xue Clan courtyard, the Du and Shi Clan members were discussing about how to handle the influences in the hall. Those who attempted to rebel were naturally killed, as for the others, they joined after being swayed.

In the courtyard, although the bodies have already been cleaned away, there was still blood on the ground. There was a distinct reek of blood that still lingered on.

"Reporting, we also caught another group that arrived to give gifts to the Xue Clan!"

The middle aged officer came over to Du Feng, he reported with a solemn face.

"Oh, another one giving presents to the Xue Clan."

Hearing what was said, Du Feng gave a smile that was not a smile on his face, he looked over to Shi Zhen and said, "I say Old Shi, this is the fifth batch."


Shi Zhen smiled and said to the officer, "Go, bring the people over. I want to see what clan of people do not want to live any longer."


The officer turned around to leave, not long after he came back with the Qiong Clan people.

"You people, what city's clan are you from?"

Shi Zhen placed down the brush on his hands on the table, his eyes glaring.


Qiong Ding's eyes swept on the disheveled courtyard. He finally believed the words of the officer, the Xue Clan was finished. Taking a deep breath, he slowly said, "This lord, this commoner's clan comes from Ancient Xi City, surnamed Qiong!"

"Ancient Xi City's Qiong Clan?"

Shi Zhen stared blankly, this Ancient Xi City was a very long distance away from Ci City. It basically took three days of rushing over to get here. There was only one possibility, they knew of the matter of the Xue Clan and wanted to join.

"Your Qiong Clan is very good!"

He smacked the table in anger and shouted, "Come, bring all of these people to jail for me!"

"Hold on, this lord, we really aren't here to give gifts to the Xue Clan!"

Qiong Ding was stunned, he immediately explained.

"Still wanting to squabble. Take them away, resisting means direct execution!"

Shi Zhen stood up and the Martial Spirit momentum burst out of his body. This pressure caused all from the Qiong Clan to pale, they were unable to argue.

Therefore, the Qiong Clan was inexplicably locked into the Ci City prison. When night came, the two from the Du and Shi Clan stacked all the information in front of Hua Yuntian. He casually turned over page by page, and in the last record he saw the hundreds of people of the Qiong Clan from Ancient Xi City. Immediately he was stunned.

"This Qiong Clan, they really are the Qiong Clan from Ancient Xi City?"

"You highness prince, according to their own words, that is the case."

Shi Zhen was distracted for a moment, then he immediately bowed respectfully answering.

Hearing those words, Hua Yuntian's face immediately changed as he shouted, "Idiot! Who told you to involve them?"


Seeing the surprisingly angry face of Hua Yuntian, the two were stunned.

They did not understand why such an aloof and remote Martial Ancestor prince would be so nervous about the Qiong Clan from a remote city.

"Still confused? Quickly bring me to them. If even one of them lost a hair strand, I will take your head for an answer!"

Hua Yuntian flung the papers and stood up. He led the two as they hurriedly went outside.

Looking towards the sleeping girl on the bed, Feng Hao revealed a warm smile. He gently caressed the girls head. Seeing that her eyebrows were clustered, his heart was moved.

If he didn't meet Hua Yuntian this time and he didn't need to find for spirit medicines, he would have not ended up in Ancient Xi City. If he didn't arrive, one can only think of the Qiong Clan's fate.


Tightly clenching his fists, Feng Hao's face became ruthless. Although he had the protection of Hua Yuntian to help the Qiong Clan through this catastrophe. What will happen a year later, Hua Yuntian will leave. If another encounter of such a situation occurs again, what can he do by himself?

Relying on external forces, outsiders, this is not what Feng Hao wanted. His fate placed on the hands of others, this feeling caused him to be extremely uncomfortable.

"Yi crystal!"

He eyes became more infinitely resolute.

Feng Hao's road was different from others. When he chose the martial inverse path, he knew that it would be out of other people's capabilities. If he went the ordinary route, then he would only be waiting for his death. Only by refining a yi crystal can he change the current situation!

"I will surely get it!"

While he was contemplating, there was a soft knock on the door that reached his ears. He carefully stood up, without making a sound he gently walked over.


Seeing the excited old man, Feng Hao was stunned, "Why did you come here?"

On the sides were Du Feng and Shi Zhen standing there with embarassed faces. Hua Yuntian's facial expression did not changed, however there was faint worry on his eyes.

"Hehe, can grandpa not be worried about you?"

Qiong Ding laughed as his look of excitement could not be concealed, "Little Ling er…?"

"She just fell asleep a moment ago."

Feng Hao smiled and comforted him.

That's good, that's good ah!"

Qiong Ding's heart finally calmed down.

Seeing Qiong Ding not complain, the pair Du Feng and Shi Zhen secretly cast eyes of gratitude. After that, they gave comforting smiles.

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