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Chapter 87 – Death!

At this time, the scene in the Xue Clan hall caused the many of the guests to not believe their eyes. The overlord of the Ci County unexpectedly bowed down to a youth!

"Older brother Hao, you must go, it's dangerous!"

The originally sluggish Qiong Ling er saw the current state of Xue Hun's face, causing her whole body to panic. She continuously urged Feng Hao to leave with a pale face.

Seeing the young girl's frightened appearance, Feng Hao felt a burst of headache. He understood that Qiong Ling er must have taken a big blow causing her to be the way she is now. Immediately, his hatred towards the Xue Clan in his heart increased another layer.

"Don't worry Ling er, now that your older brother has come, no one can hurt you!"

Stretching out his hands, he carefully held the young girl's delicate and lovely little face, gently stroking it. He softly comforted her.

"Yes ah, this lady, you can now leave. Tomorrows, I, Xue Yu, would personally come to your home to apologize!"

In order to send the evil spirit Feng Hao quickly, Xue Yu finally spoke in a humble tone.

"Then that shall be all!"

Du Feng and Shi Zhen walked over together facing Xue Yu. Standing imposingly in front of him, Xue Yu had to clench his teeth.

"Clan Master Xue Yu, we shall then go. You can now continue your son's wedding!"

Du Feng uttered out ridiculing words causing Xue Yu's face to be livid. Once again the color of his face changed, his teeth was rapidly deteriorating due to biting so much.

Under the escort of the three people, Feng Hao held on to Qiong Ling er's soft small hand and walked out the entrance.

"Not good Clan Master!"

Sorrowfully coming from the back of the hall, Xue Lan arrived with a face full of urgency.

"What's the matter?"

Xue Yu's heart shivered as he saw Feng Hao's group of five disappeared, he had an ominous feeling puring in his mind.

"The army, the county army, the more than 50,000 soldiers have surrounded the Xue residence!"

Xue Lan said with a trembling voice.

"The Ci County army? How is that possible?!"

Xue Yu's glared as he sternly berated.

"Nothing is impossible, haha! Xue Yu, you thought that by replacing the army officers, the West Mist Country's army will be your Xue Clan's army? I'm telling you right now, you're daydreaming!"

Shi Zhen's rough voice sounded out. Three figures appeared, the only ones lacking were Feng Hao and Qiong Ling er.

"Xue Yu, how dare you look at his highness prince and not kneel?"

Shi Zhen opened his eyes wide, angrily staring at Xue Yu. He shouted with rage as he pointed at the people inside the hall, he did not let them save face, "And you people, do you not want to live? Why are you people still not on your knees?"


Everyone's heart shook. The West Mist Country's prince of the royal family, not only do they command great power, everyone knew in the kingdom that all the three princes were all at the Martial Ancestor stage!

In other words, at this time, there was a Martial Ancestor on the scene!

Xue Yu's heart shook as he looked at Hua Yuntian again. He now knew why when he looked at this old man, he felt familiarity. He did not expect him to be from the royal family of all people!

"Paying respect to your highness prince!"

The strong forces in the hall all kneeled down. Beforehand, these were the same people that tried to curry favor from the Xue Clan. They were unceasingly sneering at the fate of the Du and Shi Clan.

Within the hall, the only people left that were standing embarrassingly were the Xue Clan. Whether to kneel or not, all their eyes were concentrated on Xue Yu waiting for his decision.

"Damn it!"

The matter was already at its final step, Xue Yu did not understand. Then he took a glance at the stupid looking Xue Hun, in his eyes there was a flash of light.

"Everyone stand up!"

He yelled as Wu Yuan burst out of his body. The strength of a peak Martial Spirit completely broke out and the wall behind him cracked. Then with a shock it shattered like there was an earthquake.

"I can now tell you all clearly, the drinks we let you people consume contains poison. If you don't take the antidote, a day later, the poison will strike and you will die rotting!"

Xue Hong's sinister roar spread.

"What? Poisoned?!"

Hearing what was said, the faces of all the individuals changed. They directly checked the condition of their bodies. Afterwards, each and everyone had a cold sweat and pale face.

Speaking of this changing poison, this kind of thing cannot be cured regardless of monstrous ability. The most one can do is suppress it, but even then, it cannot be dispelled. Not knowing where the poison came from, there was a chance that even if it was a yellow level poison, it was not assured that even a black ranked Medicine Master can solve it.

Now that they could react and sensed the unusual poison, the two Medicine Masters among them tried to crazily mobilize the medicine dan in their body to diffuse medicine essence. However as it was happening, the heat attribute poison broke out until the person's chest exploded open. He crazily struggled as the innards of his body spilled from the hole. After a few more moments, the body rotted, no longer looking human. At an earlier time, the person has already stopped breathing.


Dying there like that, everyone's heart shook. This poison exceeded the range of their ability. That is, the intensity of this poison was definitely above the black level.

"Again this poison!"

Hua Yuntian's face became cold. This poison and the one he had was exactly the same. That is to say, this was the poison of the Shadow Devil Temple. Now that it appeared in the hands of the Xue Clan, the meaning was clear!

"Kill them, I will then give you the antidote!"

Saying this, the corners of Xue Yu mouth rose into a strange smile. Turning over his hand, he took out twenty bottles, "Unfortunately ah, because the antidote is very difficult to make, I only have twenty here. That is to say, only twenty people can get the antidote."

Hua Yuntian did not move. Due to him not making a move, the two from the Du and Shi Clan also did not move. The three only looked at the progress of the scene with cold eyes. From time to time, in the Xue Manor there would be loud screams and sounds of fighting. In all likelihood, it was the army already charging into the Xue residence.

A man stood up, then a second. Under the threat of death, half of the people in the hall stood up.

"Very good. Kill them and there will be an antidote!"

Xue Yu had an evil grin, he pointed towards Hua Yuntian with a sinister look in his eyes.

While everyone was looking at Hua Yuntian and his people, Xue Yu, Xue Hong, and Xue Lan gave each other meaningful stares. In a blink of an eye, they separated from each other wanting to flee. Even Xue Hun was left forgotten.


The voice of indifference came from the mouth of Hua Yuntian. A vast ocean like aura in a flash burst out from his body sending hundreds of people flying.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Shooting out thrice with his palm, three blood mists appeared as the group of three of Xue Yu was struck down to the ground.

This was the gap between the Martial Ancestor and the Martial Spirit. The difference of one stage was like the difference between the heaven and earth.

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