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Chapter 86 – Face changing creature

At this moment, Xue Yu finally felt that something was wrong. It was reasonable to say that Du Feng and Shi Zhen cleary knew that he was already at the peak Martial Spirit. Adding Xue Hong and Xue Lan, they had three Martial Spirits. Taking everyone into account, it was no doubt picking a fight was looking for death. However, it was also due to this reason that things don't seem to be good.

In the hall full of people, he already had good knowledge about everyone. The only unknown variables was the Medicine Master youth and the thin old man. At this moment, he saw the Medicine Master youth walking towards the bride-to-be Qiong Ling er.

Seeing this, his eyes quickly narrowed.

He was just a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master, how can he mobilize the Du and Shi Clan against him? There was only one possibility, this boy gave them enough confidence to fight against his people!

When he looked at Hua Yuntian again, his heart shook. This was because he could not gauge his strength!

There were only two possibilities for such a thing. First, the old man was just an ordinary person. Second, this old man's strength has long surpassed his!

"I believe that Clan Master Xue Yu won't push the issue?"

Shi Zhen looked at Xue Yu with a smile on his face as he spoke.

"Courting death!"

At the side, the arrogant Xue Lan saw him again and again speak with disdain, he could not help himself anymore. Wu Yuan gushed out from his body causing the tables and chairs around him to be shattered. Stomping his foot, he jumped as fast as lightning towards Shi Zhen. Without any hesitation, he wanted to directly punch him with his fist.


Behind him there was Hua Yuntian to support him. Shi Zhen also did not hold back and with a bang, red Wu Yuan burst from his body creating a big hole in the hall.

He turns out to be a fire attribute warrior!


Two fists violently collided against each other as Wu Yuan raged everywhere. The tables and chairs around them were sent flying, needing the guests to resist the incoming projectiles.

The strength of the two was about the same, however due to Shi Zhen being an attributed warrior, he had a slight advantage. In the same stage, it was naturally for Shi Zhen to beat Xue Lan.

The collision only lasted a few more seconds before Xue Lan was sent back staggering. Xue Lan did not fall, however on his body were burn marks.

"Zeze, our Ci County's army commander is only this capable?"

Shi Zhen casually shook his arm, he spoke with ridicule.

Up to this moment, Shi Zhen did not seem to have misgivings. Xue Yu began to feel pressure, his eyes had a hint of panic. Looking towards Xue Lan, he gave a meaningful glance, he immediately retreated towards the back of the hall without saying anything.

The exchange between the two naturally fell on the eyes of Du Feng and Shi Zhen, they secretly sneered.

At the same time, Feng Hao has also reached the side of Qiong Ling er.

"Who are you?"

Xue Hun stepped in front of him and asked.

"Who am I?"

Feng Hao clustered his eyebrows, he did not get angry at all. He calmly said, "You were the person that took her away!" His light voice caused all the leaders of different influences to be panicked.


Xue Hun angrily stared, clenching his fist ready to fight.

"Hun er! Stop!"

Xue Yu loudly yelled for him to stop.


Xue Hun's face looked at him with confusion, his arm raised up stiffly paused.

"Look at things with your eyes, did you really kidnap this girl?"

Under a pair of astonished eyes, Xue Yu angrily yelled and strode over.

At this time, Hua Yuntian without a trace suddenly appeared by Feng Hao's side. His eyes intentional or otherwise locked into the movements of Xue Yu.

"Dad, why are you like this?"

Looking at his angry father, Xue Hun was directly stunned. This matter, didn't Xue Yu already know the circumstances ah?

"Stop delaying, apologize to this girl!"

Xue Yu walked over, without any hesitation he slapped downwards causing Xue Hun to fall to the ground. His mouth had overflowing traces of blood.

Regarding his actions, the everyone in the hall was extremely startled. Even Xue Hong was unable to react for a short period of time.

"This great master, this Xue is lacking in manners. I will certainly educate him ah."

Turning around, Feng Hao took some time to examine the changes in expression on Xue Yu's face. He put on a kind smile, showing an overall pleasing appearance.

With his polite words, everyone in the hall with the exception of Hua Yuntian were petrified.

As the overlord of Ci County, when did Xue Yu have to be so polite to a person? Although this Medicine Master was very young, the Xue Clan had their own black ranked Medicine Master. There was no need to praise this high level yellow ranked Medicine Master. This caused the people to not understand. However, there were smarter people in the hall that thought more deeply. Seeing the performance of Du Feng and Shi Zhen, they did it with this boy in their presence.

Thinking of this deeper layer, some vaguely understood better. Their gazes was placed on the body of Hua Yuntian, this seemingly ordinary old guard was the only one other possible variable left in the field.


Feng Hao was also startled, but soon he opened his mouth with a smile, "Xue Clan Master, can I then bring my younger sister back?"

Hearing those words, Xue Yu was momentarily distracted before he reacted quickly, "You can, you completely can."

He now only wanted to send this evil star Feng Hao away. This was because he saw Hua Yuntian always staying about a meter away from him. He knew that the unfathomable old man was certainly keeping the safety of the youth.

When choosing between his son's wedding or the Xue Clan, he did not hesitate to choose the latter. As long as he sends Feng Hao away, he had complete confidence that he can control the overall situation.

"Ling er!"

Feng Hao no longer paid him any attention and whispered in front of the young girl.

Qiong Ling er's face as before was still sluggish, her pair of eyes still had no trace of comprehension. It was like a stagnant water. Seeing the young girl at such a state, Feng Hao's face had a flash of grimness. He stretched out his trembling hands to lift the young girl's head cover.

"It's me ah, Ling er, do you remember me?"

Gently holding onto her shoulders, he softly swayed her. Only then did Qiong Ling er's eyes turn and looked at the youth that appeared in front of her. Her eyes had a flash of doubt.

"You are?"

The face was somewhat familiar, but she has forgotten where she saw it.

"It's me ah, little slug, your older brother Hao!"

Seeing that she finally reacted, Feng Hao was quite excited. He reached out his index finger and gently touched the young girl's nose.

"You're older brother Hao?"

The memory of a little boy at this moment coincided with the face in front of her. Finally, the young girl's eyes had a hint of comprehending, "Older brother Hao, is it really you? Have you come to save Ling er?"

The pair of eyes soon became red and water appeared, it then dropped down her cheeks.

"En, older brother Hao has returned for little slug."

Suppressing the pain in his heart, Feng Hao pretended to have a smiling expression.

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