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Chapter 85 – Obstructing the marriage

The group of four people slowly walked into the hall. During that time, the hall was quiet. It can be said that everyone was waiting for the meeting of the three giants. Currently, the Xue Clan was filled with festivities. In order to dominate the Ci County, it is only natural that they will try to annex two of the three big clans, the Du and Shi Clan. Many people were waiting for the two to arrive, however as they looked, what they saw was that the group did not bring any gifts. In people's hearts, the meaning was clear.

The Xue Clan wanting to dominate would be a difficult matter!

Seeing the four enter, Xue Yu was slightly stunned. His eyes inadvertently swept through Feng Hao and Hua Yuntian. Soon, the smiling expression he had was wiped from his face.

As for Du Feng and Shi Zhen, they both had similar expressions. They smiled as they walked towards Xue Yu.

Seeing the relaxed smiles of the two, Xue Yu's eyelids jumped, he felt that something was wrong. However, he could not put his finger into it. Raising the corners of his mouth, his face sneered.

He did not believe that the Du and Shi Clan would dare come near the storm. As for Feng Hao, although he was a Medicine Master, he was only at the high level yellow rank, he would not pose any problem. Regarding Hua Yuntian, the old man gave him a familiar feeling, but as always he could not think of the reason why.

"Haha, congratulations ah. Clan Master Xue Yu, I heard that your son was about to get himself a wife, so elder brother Du Feng and I wanted to take a look."

Shi Zhen put on an insincere smile, his words did not have a trace of respect, it was full of disdain. This caused Xue Yu's mouth to frown, his eyes became cold.

"That's right ah. Unfortunately, our two clans are poor so we did not have anything decent to give. It is a bit impolite, but we hope that Clan Master Xue Yu wouldn't mind and find fault in us."

Du Feng pretended to sigh deeply, his words indirectly implied that the Xue Clan was domineering. He was saying that the Xue Clan would not let anyone live peacefully.

"Hehe, as long as the two of you come, it is already my pleasure."

Xue Yu put on a fake smile as he said those words to Du Feng and Shi Zhen. Looking at the back of the two, his eyes became extremely cold.

"Hold on!"

Feng Hao raised a cup of wine and placed it in front of the tip of his nose. His eyes slightly narrowed and he exclaimed softly, "This wine is poisoned, do not drink it!"


The other three's arms shook, but soon after their faces changed back to normal. They placed the cups back on the table and discussed.

After which, more and more people with high positions in the county arrived. All of them were at least at the leadership position. At this moment, for the first time, all of the seventeen to eighteen big forces in the region was gathered together. This was a rare event.

Looking at the hall full of guests, Xue Yu's face had a smile that was getting bigger and bigger. In the county, no one had such an influence. Aside from his clan, there was basically no other clan that can match their power.

As more time passed, seeing them drink enjoy the drinks, his mouth formed an arc. However, as he swept everyone, he saw that the group of four with Du Feng and Shi Zhen were talking quietly. The cups on their tables seemed to have not been moved. In a split second, the smiling expression on his face froze. His eyes glittered brightly. Just as he was about to stand up, a voice was heard causing him to sit down once again.

"Arriving at this moment, let us welcome the new people!"

After the yell, there was a burst of firecrackers. What appeared was one ruddy faced man and the other was a white haired old man. They sat at each side of Xue Yu. The positions of Xue Hong and Xue Lan were high, their attitude extremely excessive. Numerous people became resentful, however at this moment not one person dared to voice anything.

"These two are the Xue Clan's other Martial Spirit experts?"

Line of sight sweeping across Xue Hong and Xue Lan, Hua Yuntian lightly asked.


Du Feng faintly nodded, he leaned his head over to Hua Yuntian and asked: "What's next?"

"What do we do?"

Hua Yuntian frowned, inserting his hands inside his sleeves, his eyes looked poisonous like a snakes. He gazed directly at Xue Yu and the others before looking at Feng Hao beside him. He wrinkled his eyebrows, "First we wait."

"This old man is out of luck, his shall be put into a stop. It's just not yet time to show our intentions."

Hearing those words, Du Feng and Shi Zhen nodded their heads, in their hearts they observed the expression on Xue Yu's face intently.

At this time, a couple dressed in fiery red robes entered the hall. They were surrounded by a crowd of people as they slowly marched inside. Along the way, the flower girls would scatter flowers lavishly.

Xue Hun's face was filled with delight, he waved his arms to those who greeted him. To his side, his bride-to-be not only did not have any expression, she also needed the support of bridesmaids to walk. It was easily discerned by the people that this girl was being forced. However, in order to please the Xue Clan, they were still full of flattering.


Hua Yuntian coldly look at the actions of these people. His eyes had a touch of fierceness. Du Feng and Shi Zhen also sneered.

"Old Hua!"

Through the red fabric cloth, Feng Hao saw a sluggish beautiful face that caused his heart to shake. He called out.


Hua Yuntian answered. He looked towards Du Feng and Shi Zhen, they nodded as they looked at each other's eyes. Without any hesitation, they stood up and blocked the way of the procession.

When the two unexpectedly suddenly moved, the atmosphere inside the hall instantly became tense. All their eyes were directed at Xue Yu.

"Du Feng, Shi Zhen, what are you both doing?"

Xue Yu's face was livid, with a rustling sound he quickly stood up and asked with a cold voice.

At his sides, Xue Hong and Xue Lan also stood up with a cold light in their eyes. They locked their eyes on the target, ready to launch an attack the moment Xue Yu gave the command.

"Clan Master Xue Yu, do not get us wrong. We do not have any other intention."

Shi Zhen as before looked indifferent, "This marriage is an important occasion. However, this bride must be changed. After all, it’s bad to marry someone violently kidnapped."

His speech caused everyone’s eyes in the hall to open up in shock, they unconsciously took a step back.

"Shi Zhen!"

Xue Yu loudly yelled that his beard trembled. His whole robe swelled in an instant, "You are looking for death!"

"Clan Master Xue Yu!"

Du Feng loudly interrupted, "Shi Zhen is not looking for death, he's only reminding you ah!"

Speaking of this, he could not help but sneer. If the Xue Clan did not provoke this girl, they could have slept tonight with no worries. But it's a pity ah, he can only look at Xue Yu with a gaze of empathy.

Such a big clan like the Xue Clan was going to be destroyed due to small negligence. At this time, his heart was alarmed. Some people may look ordinary but they were the people that one should provoke!

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