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Chapter 84 – Arrival at the entrance

"Clan Master!"

A figure broke into the study and knelt down in front of a desk, he shouted respectfully.

"What's the matter, why do you look to be in such a hurry?"

Xue Yu with no urgency slowly placed down his writing brush, he asked slowly.

Tomorrow was the day he would have total control of the whole county. If there was no accident, then in the future he would be considered a king, his standing will be grand.

"Yes, the Qiong Clan has yet to arrive."

The man wiped the sweat on his cheek. Due to his fear, his body trembled many times.


Xue Yu was stunned, then immediately his face was filled with a violent color.


He slapped the desk causing the books and papers on the table to fly. The result was the desk now had a deep palm imprint.

This showed that Xue Yu's control of Wu Yuan has reached a very high state.


He waved his hand and the kneeling man was sent flying. It was only until he was knocked on a wall did his body stop. Opening his mouth, the man spit out a mouthful of blood, then he struggled to kowtow in order to beg for mercy.

"You trash, what use do you have. A little Qiong Clan and you cannot succeed, you are infuriating me!"

Again smashing his hands downwards, the wooden table was thoroughly disintgrated into dust, the whole study room became messy.

"Clan Master, what's the matter?"

Xue Hong and Xue Lan heard the commotion so they came in. The two found it very strange on how he became so angry.

"Ask this waste yourselves!"

Xue Yu angrily swung his sleeves and turned around.

"Speak, what happened?"

Xue Hong asked towards the man.

"Great Elder, the third housekeeper and the guards sent to pick up young lady Qiong's clan has yet to come back!"

The man lowered his head knocking it repeatedly on the ground.

"Have yet to come back?"

Xue Hong looked distracted.

"Clan Master, the distance from Ancient Xi City to here is relatively far. It has only been ten days. The third housekeeper not yet coming back is very normal ah."

Xue Lan clustered his eyebrows as he spoke.


Xue Yu was stumped, then he turned around with his cheeks red.

"Quickly get lost!"

Under Xue Hong's command, the man stumbled out of the study.

"Ai… How could I have forgotten about it?"

Xue Yu patted his forehead and sighed, "Tomorrow is Hun er's big marriage. With no one from the Qiong Clan arriving, where will I put my face ah?"

The custom in the continent is that when the children marry, the elders of the two sides must give their blessings so that the new couple will be happy.

"This is.."

Xue Hong frowned and his eyes immediately became bright, "Clan Master, the way I see it, no one knows how the Qiong Clan people look like. We can just pick up a random person and dress him up. Isn't that good enough?"

"Look for a random person?"

Xue Yu blankly stared, then he immediately shook his head and opened his mouth, "No good no good, this is for the happiness of Hun er, that would not work!"

"Well, does Clan Master have a better way?"

Xue Hong's face was helpless, "From what I can see, according to the normal travel speed, it should still take them three more days. If Clan Master delays, how will our Xue Clan have any more face?"


Hearing what Xue Hong said, he clustered his eyebrows. After a long time, he sighed and heaved out the following words, "Then, this matter, I shall leave it to you."

"Be at ease Clan Master!"

Xue Hong cupped his hands and went out.

The whole Ci City was like a red sea, there was decoration everywhere. All the stores in the city hanged big decorations for the occasion. Undoubtedly, the Xue Clan was the liveliest place. Anyone who passed by the big manor turned their heads. The whole Xue residence permeated with a festive atmosphere.

In a room full of flowers, there was a girl wearing a pure white dress as she sat in front of a table. Looking at the beautiful face on the mirror, her lily-white hands rose holding a small blade. She then directed it to her small and delicate cheek.

This girl was Qiong Ling er!

Her big eyes trembled and two clear tears slipped down from the corners of her eyes. Holding the small blade closer, she began to hurriedly breathe.

"What are you doing?!"

The just entering Xue Hun saw the scene, his face originally filled with joy was now scared at his wits.

"You, don't come any closer!"

Qiong Ling er placed the blade on her face, immediately a trace of a mark appeared.

"Alright, I won't come any closer!"

Xue Hun raised his hands up, hastily agreeing.

"I won't marry you, I also do not want to die!"

The tears fell from Qiong Ling er's face as she looked stirred up.


Listening to those words, Xue Hun's face directly became gloomy. Putting down his pair of arms, his eyes narrowed, "You have to listen to me well Qiong Ling er. The fate of your Qiong Clan is in my hands. Whether you like it or not, you will get married. If you dare make a mistake, then, humph!"

He yelled and walked away, leaving the young girl to fall on the ground. The small knife slipped from her hands. There were no longer any tears on her eyes and her face became sluggish.

The Xue Clan Hall, naturally, only those forces who were strong from the county can enter. Regarding the Ci County's overlord invite, they did not dare neglect. Although it was a popular thought among everyone to wish that the Xue Clan would collapse, however on the surface they still acted in good manners.

On the main seat within the hall, there was a gray haired old man that received the salutes from the guests. He seemed to enjoy the countless envious gazes directed at him. His old face had a slight mix of festiveness and a meaningful smile. His expression did not changed once.

This old man was the Xue Clan Master, Xue Yu.

Along with a voice that notified about the arrival of guests, the small and big forces would prepare their gifts in the hall. Naturally, they first congratulated Xue Yu, then they sent away their gifts. This caused Xue Yu to be unceasingly proud.

Time quickly passed and it was noon. Inside Ci City, there was not the slightest of movement from the Du and Shi Clan. Seeing this situation, the people in the hall started to whisper.

Being a peak Martial Spirit like Xue Yu, he naturally heard all the discussions. Suddenly, his happy expression turned into anger The cup on his hands was unintentional crushed.

"Du Clan Master Du Feng has arrived!"

"Shi Clan Master Shi Zhen has arrived!"

After those words were informed right after the other, the two clan masters appeared on the entrance.

Hearing the announcement, Xue Yu repeatedly smiled. He poured himself a cup of wine, he did not get up to greet them, he remained seated. It seemed that he was waiting for the gifts the two would give.

Not long after, a group of four people entered. The scene was very odd, the two that led the group did not have any gifts on their hands. One was an unfamiliar wizened old man and the other was a youth wearing a Medicine Master robe.

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