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Chapter 82 – Night exploration

After the conflict, the Xue Clan did not dare seek revenge, which was a pity causing Hua Yuntian to sigh. Noon arrived and the two received information.

The son of the Xue Clan Master will be married in three days. A banquet would be held in the Xue residence wherein all the forces in Ci County, be it big or small, all received invitations.

Since the invitation came from the overlords, which clan would dare not come? There were also some forces that wanted to go with an ulterior motive, they wanted to get on the good side of the Xue Clan. As a result, they spent a lot of time preparing for gifts.

"This Xue Clan is making such a big movement, is it really only for the marriage?"

Feng Hao clustered his eyebrows, he looked at Hua Yuntian who was slowly drinking his tea.


Hua Yuntian spoke after he put down the cup on his hands, "That's right. This Xue Clan should have plans to completely dominate the entire county!"

Speaking those words, his eyes narrowed slightly

"They will act? Aren't there two other big clans in Ci City? Are they just going to watch?"

Feng Hao was blankly stared, he could not help but ask.

"I do not know."

Hua Yuntian shook his head, "That is what would probably happen. Otherwise, Ci City's state would not be like it is today."

In Ci City, most of the shops and inns belonged to the Xue Clan. As for the other two, they owned a few shops. Then, the other small forces also had their own, however they had to operate under the Xue Clan banner to survive. Otherwise, they would have not survived inside the city walls.

"Then… what is the plan Old Hua…?"

Feng Hao could not help but be worried. Now that the Xue Clan guards were patrolling heavily, there were layers and layers of thousands of guards. Under thousands of pairs of eyes, it would be hard to not alert a guard and rescue Qiong Ling. This was an impossible matter.

"The lord should not worry, I can surely help you save her with no damage."

Hua Yuntian naturally knew about the things Feng Hao was worrying about, so he immediately made a guarantee.

"Then I shall bother Old Hua!"

Feng Hao hurriedly cupped his hands, feeling more grateful to this old man.

Inside Ci City, it was extremely noisy. All the forces that received an invitation came to Ci City for the first time, causing the city to be overcrowded.

"What should we do?"

The higher ups from one of the three big clans in Ci City, the Du Clan, was inside a hall. The Du Clan Master, Du Feng, stomped his foot in the hall looking very impatient. The few elders around him had tight frowns, their faces had filled with resentment.

"Clan Master, the Xue Clan clearly wants to annex our Du Clan!"

One of the elders spoke out.

"Ai! … everyone understands the meaning of the Xue Clan. Surely, the Shi Clan also got an invitation? The Xue Clan wants to dominate the whole county, not only Ci City!"

Du Feng sighed. He powerlessly sat on the main seat, his face desolate.


A light breaking noise disrupted the empty air. From outside the hall, a phantom flashed arriving inside the hall.


Du Feng and the others violently stood up and all their Wu Yuan rushed out. Without any hesitation, they rushed to the figure.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

A ripple that was like veins emitted from the figure, all those hit by the force was sent flying knocking them to the surrounding tables and chairs.

The person that burst in was Hua Yuntian!

Without making any movements, just using his momentum, an early step Martial Spirit and seven Martial Grand Masters directly collapsed. This strength caused their hearts to chill. Looking at the figure, their eyes were filled with a surprised color.

"Are you the Du Clan Master?"

Sweeping his eyes, Hua Yuntian's gaze locked onto Du Feng.


Du Feng struggled to stand up and smiled, the corners of his mouth twitched several times, "You people cannot even wait three days?"

His words were filled with rage, it was clear that he thought Hua Yuntian came from the Xue Clan.

"If I were really from the Xue Clan, do you think you could still stand up?"

Hua Yuntian glanced around with disdain, he turned around and called out, "Lord, you can come in."

Following his eyes, the Du Clan saw a young man wearing a Medicine Master robe come in. Seeing his face, he had a light friendly smile.

"Hello everyone!"

Feng Hao very politely greeted. Stretching out one hand, a finger extended and medicine essence began to spread respectively landing on the body of the people. In just a moment their small wounds were healed.

"Exposed medicine essence, black ranked Medicine Master!"

All their eyes shook, under the gaze of Feng Hao they became somewhat fervent.

"Sirs, we have come here with no malice,"

Seeing the emotion in their eyes, the smile on Feng Hao's mouth became richer. He spoke to lighten the mood.

"You guys are…?"

Looking at the two people, Du Feng's eyes was also puzzled.

"I merely want to ask, what is happening in Ci City?"

Feng Hao looked at him and asked slowly.

"You are referring to…?"

Du Feng's eyelids jumped.

"Xue Clan!"

Feng Hao had a dignified expression as he asked, "What the kingdom wants is a balance between three forces. How did it become like this? Why didn't you two clans unite against the Xue Clan?"

"This is…"

Du Feng hesitated a little. Taking a glance at Hua Yuntian, he clenched his teeth and sighed with his face full of bitterness, "This lord, great master, you do not understand ah. It is not that we do not want to join forces, but even if we did, we still could not contend with the Xue Clan!"

"How could that be?"

Feng Hao and Hua Yuntian looked at each other.

"Speak, what is the reason?"

Hua Yuntian had a solemn face, he had a faint bad feeling.


Du Feng sighed heavily, "Currently, the Xue Clan has three Martial Spirit experts: Xue Yu, Xue Hong, and Xue Lan. Just Xue Yu alone is already at the peak Martial Spirit!"

"Three Martial Spirits!"

Although Feng Hao already prepared his heart, he still could not help suck in a breath of cold air. To think that Xue Yu was already at the peak Martial Spirit. Even Hua Yuntian wrinkled his eyebrows.

He still had the heat poison in his body, so he was not at peak strength. This means that his power has yet to reinstate to a Martial Ancestor. That is to say, at most he could only be at level against Xue Yu.

"Moreover, the Ci County's army commander has already been changed several years ago, it is now Xue Lan!"


Hearing what was said, Hua Yuntian's eyes became round. A vast flow of air came from his body causing him to be float.

Originally, the City Master having the ability to command the army is only in name. In fact, if he really wanted to use the army, he first had to go through the approval of the army commander. Now that the Xue Clan has replaced the army commander with their own person, the county's army was thoroughly under their command!

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