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Chapter 80 – Shadow

Curtain of night, the dark sky above, the stars were bright and the world was covered by a faint layer of silvery light.

Inside the Xue Clan courtyard, there was a sliver of light coming from a secret room with two figures sitting.

"Xue Yu, your Ci City is doing well."

The speaker sitting on the left side was on a wooden chair, the person was wrapped in a black robe. The voice was very heavy and the tone had some grimness to it. Above the black robe there was also a sinister air that was lingering.

"This is all credited to the Deity Envoy!"

Pale white hair, his whole body was draped in a gorgeous light gray robe. It was Clan Master Xue Yu, the overlord of Ci County. However, at this time he spoke in a praising manner. On his face hung a flattering smile.

"Heihei, you can really talk."

A proud laugh came from the black robed man, Xue Yu slowly gasped for breath.

"Xue Yu, you are a person of my temple. Now that I have come, I will reward you."

After speaking, the black robed man stretched out his hand and dropped a few sparkling objects. Pieces of wu crystals fell on the table issuing out a crisp sound. Under the dim light, it was extremely conspicuous.

"10 pieces of wu crystals, for your three years of hard work."

Looking at Xue Yu's eyes, they were filled with a greedy color. Seeing this, the black robed man became more proud and his voice more arrogant.

"Many thanks for the Deity Envoy's reward!"

Piece by piece each wu crystal was placed inside a ring. Xue Yu stood up and bowed seemingly very humble. However, as he bowed his head, his eyes flashed with grimness and viciousness.

"As long as you are faithful to the temple, the temple will not mistreat you. By the way, how is the army?"

The black robed man placed his hands on his wide sleeves as he wished.


Hearing what was said, Xue Yu straightened his body, "Currently, the army of the county has secretly been increased to 50,000 people. All the officers in the army are trusted aids of my clan. That is to say, these 50,000 troops will now only listen to the command of my Xue Clan. It is now under the command of the temple, no longer under West Mist Country's command!"

"Very good, Xue Yu, you have made a great contribution to the temple!"

The black robed man spoke with a pleased voice, slowly he said: "This time, I came here to give you two things to accomplish ah."

"Deity Envoy please speak!"

Xue Yu's heart shook, however there was not the slightest change on his face.

"It's like this, I heard that your son is about to be married? I congratulate you in advance. However, the temple wants you to gather all the big and small forces in Ci City. Then, you shall put this in their drinks, do you understand what I mean?"

The black robed man took out a porcelain bottle from his sleeve and placed it gently on the table, "When you are ready, you must give them this before it's time." He then took out more porcelain bottles and grimly said, "If in the case they do not die immediately, do not worry. The next day they would die as their whole body rots!"


Xue Yu's eyes became clear, "This is poison?"


The black robed man complacently nodded, "You should be rest assured with this poison, it is not common. Even if it was a Martial Ancestor, they would not be able to do anything. In the whole West Mist Country, no one can cure this poison!"

Speaking about the poison, the black robed man was full of confidence.

"Deity Envoy do not worry, I will comply!"

Waving his hand, Xue Yu took all the porcelain bottles on the table. The corner of his eyes slightly narrowed, his face still seemed humble.

"Very good!"

The black robed man spoke in a low tone, "The second matter, Red Sun City's Pu Clan, have you heard of them?"


Xue Yu nodded his head.

"Currently, your Xue Clan has already three Martial Spirit experts. Due to some reason, the temple is unable to send reinforcements. Therefore, we want you to send one to reinforce the Pu Clan."

The black robed man stretched out his palm, a dark gas revolved around his fingertips. These words had no other meaning, it was not a request, it was an order.

"This is…"

Xue Yu struggled for a bit, "Alright, after this matter I will send Xue Hong to go!"

"Very good!"

The black robed man stood up, "Do these two things, and three years later I will double your reward!"

"Many thanks Envoy!"

Hearing those words, Xue Yu was overjoyed.

Black fog floated around the black robed man. The secret room's door was opened and the the black robed man floated away. After some time, the secret room's wall opened up and Xue Yu went it. After which, the wall closed again leaving no trace.

Inside this dark inner room, there was a fist sized magic crystal. This magic crystal emitted a bright light causing one to see that there were two people inside.

"Clan Master!"

Seeing Xue Yu come in, the two inside stood up and shouted.

"En, sit."

This time, Xue Yu no longer looked humble. He had a solemn face, his eyes narrowed and seemed extremely gloomy. He first went forward to sit down and swept his eyes at the two, "The words of the fellow from the Shadow Devil Temple, did you hear them?"

When he was talking about the black robed man this time, he no longer talked about him with the same humbleness.

"We heard it."

These two were both close to middle age, they were the two secretly trained Martial Spirit experts of the Xue Clan, Xue Hong and Xue Lan.

"What do you two say, do we go do it or not?"

Xue Yu picked up a tea cup from the table and took a sip.


The mustached Xue Hong clustered his eyebrows, "First I want to ask, when will the Clan Master break through to the Martial Ancestor stage?"

"This… it will take a long time to achieve it."

Xue Yu pondered for a bit and said, "I have only been at the high step Martial Spirit stage for five years. Normally, it should usually take twenty or so more years to reach the Martial Ancestor stage. But now that we just got a heap of wu crystals, it should be cut in half!"

"Oh, so you are saying that the Clan Master will only need five more years time to enter Martial Ancestor?"

Xue Hong and Xue Lan's eyes were both filled with surprise.


Xue Yu's mouth faintly rose as he nodded.

"My magnificent Han Clan has concealed its identity for several hundred years. Our Han Clan will once again produce a Martial Ancestor!"

"The Hua Clan has displaced the Han Clan's position for several hundred years already, it is time they give it back!"

The other two seemed emotionally moved.

"Right now it is still two early, I alone cannot weather the storm!"

Xue Yu raised his arm, "Right now the kingdom is hard to move. As long as you two have yet to reach the Martial Ancestor stage, do not act blindly!"

"Understood. This way, we can rely on the Shadow Devil Temple to fight the Hua Clan. In the end, they will be both finished!"

Xue Hong nodded and said.

"En, after Xue Hun is married, Xue Hong you must go to Red Sun City. You can control the Pu Clan under your hands!"


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