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Chapter 8 – Shen Nong Medicine Canon

A clan's quality of body forging technique relates to the growth of the next generation. Body forging techniques have way more value than martial skills.

"Are you certain?"

Feng Chen looked at Feng Ren with a serious face.

He could not understand his son anymore. Everyday he would just strike the wooden stake with his fists. How can he suddenly have a yellow grade body forging technique?

"En, moreover, it's not any lower than a high grade!"

Feng Ren slowly nodded.

"Not any lower than high grade?"

The four elders and Feng Lie were all shocked. The lowest possible level is a high grade yellow level technique, is it possible then it is at the black level?

Black level technique, this was practically unheard of in a clan in a small place like Magnolia City.

"I'll go take a look!"

Feng Chen is can no longer sit still since Feng Ren didn't seem like he was lying. So he hurriedly left the discussion hall to go the the small courtyard.

"Don't tell me he would succeed achieving his vow?"

The several elders could not help but wonder.

As they were not the one handling the matter, the sitting people were getting apprehensive while waiting.

A black level body forging technique, this will totally change the clan's destiny.

Feng Chen entered the yard and saw Feng Hao crawling on the ground. His body had some kind of rhythm, slowly moving up and down. Every small movement seemed to stretch every muscle in his body.

After being astonished at the beginning, Feng Chen slowly started to calm down.

It definitely must be a high rank yellow grade body forging technique!

As a person already at the Great Martial Master stage, he clearly knew the use of such a technique.

Each and every muscle receiving tempering, this was simply astonishing!

Furthermore, the control of strength is also improved. In the future, using a martial skill will be much more easy.

Truly hitting two birds with one stone.

"Hu… hu…"

Feng Hao was doing breathing exercises . Although every movement caused him to feel great pain, he was actually happy because he felt that his body was rapidly improving.

After twenty four repetitions, he finally fell paralyzed.

This set of Tiger Movement Chapter extremely drained his strength. He relaxed his whole body for it to recover.

"Hao er!"

Feng Chen walked over.


Feng Hao had a difficult time to get up and wiped the sweat on his cheek. Because he consumed so much energy from his body, he continued to quiver.

"Nothing, sit down!"

Looking at his son sitting on the stone bench, a complex emotion started to appear in his mind.

If he never was the Clan Master of the Feng Clan in the first place, this matter would have not occured.

However, as a person of the Feng Clan, how could he not be concerned about this affair.

He sighed in his heart.



"Can I not participate in the morning practice?"

The Feng Clan's boxing exercise can only toughen up the four limbs of the body. Compared to the Tiger Movement Chapter, which can strengthen all the muscles, it was simply just a waste of time.

"Not participate the morning practice?"

In Feng Chen's mind, he anticipated such a thing.

With regards the boxing exercise, it was useless for him to say anything.

"You can!"

Receiving Feng Chen's approval, Feng Hao was happy in his heart. This way, he can  cultivate much more in the morning.

"What were you doing just then?"

"A moment ago?"

Feng Hao stared blankly, "Training the body."

"Training the body? That set of technique, have you comprehended it?"


Feng Hao scratched his head, he also did not know what to say.

The matter of Old Fen, he could not say it.

"Could it be that another person taught you?"

Feng Chen's emotions stirred, he blurted out an answer.

"That is the case!"

Feng Hao scrunched his eyebrows as he nodded.


Feng Chen took a deep breath.

For that person to simply give away a such a level of technique, is it that simple?

After awhile, he started to calm down. He looked at his son.

This person that just appeared, it ought to be his turning point.

However, why did such a capable person pay attention to him?

At this moment, he remembered he still had something to talk about with Feng Hao.

The matter of giving the spirit medicine essence!

His heart leaped.

"Hao er!"


Pausing for a moment, Feng Chen sighed.

He did not know how to say it. The Feng Clan has demoted him, now…

"Nothing, properly cultivate!"


Feng Chen looked away and Feng Hao shook his head. He didn't think much about it and sat to regain his strength. One day he will remarkably improve, whether it's physical or control of strength.

Under the starry sky, the youth was below the red leafed tree gasping for breath.

"Too much time wasted."

At this moment, with Feng Hao's high rank 3rd level Martial Apprentice strength, he can at max do thirty repetitions. After that he would rest for half and hour, in other words how much time was he resting during cultivation.

The ring on his right hand glowed with the luster of gems as a transparent figure appeared in front of him.

"Hei Hei, the constitution is not too bad."

Old Fen smiled, he looked at him with jokingly.

"Old Fen, do you have other methods?"

Feng Hao cannot afford such a waste, he can't help but look at Old Fen.

"I naturally have a method."

Old Fen smilingly looked at the youth, "Boy, have you heard of a Medicine Master?"

"Medicine Master?"

Feng Hao's eyeball popped, "The rumored Medicine Master?"

In the Heaven Martial Continent, apart from martial warriors, there are also two more occupations: Medicine Master and the Poison Master.

Medicine Master in the Heaven Martial Continent is considered to be the most noble occupation, his or her job is to treat illnesses.

Which person in the whole world never became ill?

Even if you cultivated to a high level, there are still times you can catch illnesses. In the case that you contracted a serious illness, without the help of a Medicine Master your power will only fall.

To become a Medicine Master, the first thing you need is a medicine canon. With the use of the medicine canon, one must take a spirit medicine then condense a medicine pellet within the body. Only then can one be considered a Medicine Master!

It is only natural, that to condense a medicine pellet, the expense of using a lot of spirit medicines is terrifying. Even for those clans in big cities, to cultivate one Medicine Master is already considered pretty good. Furthermore, the medicine canon is not easy to obtain as it is usually passed on from generation to generation.

The Medicine Master's rank is closely related to the level of the medicine canon.

However, for the Poison Masters, cultivating is different. One would use the poison canon to condense a poison pellet. People in the continent would not want to cross such people and offend them due to fear of being poisoned.

"Hei Hei!"

Old Fen proudly laughed,"Become my apprentice!"


Feng Hao looked distracted for a second, then soon after he prostrated on the ground.


Medicine Master, if he were to become a Medicine Master his current situation will completely change.


Old Fen stood up. With the flash on his hand, there was a floating medicine canon on his palm.

'Shen Nong Medicine Canon, four simple and unadorned words were present before his eyes.

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