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Chapter 79- Commitment

The whole way through, walking around these complicated dazzling stores, Feng Hao could not help but feel something was suspicious. After walking through another street, he smacked his lips and told Hua Yuntian by his side: "Old Hua, from what I have observed, in total there are 53 shops on this street. Among them, 41 of the shops had a plaque with the word Xue written on it. It seems that in this city, most of the shops belongs to the Xue Clan. Adding up the other shops of the other two clans, it does not even add up to a third of all the shops. It seems that in Ci City, the Xue Clan is extremely overbearing ah.

In Red Sun City, although the three forces were also uneven, it was not to the point that one can suppress the other two. Three separate forces was what the kingdom wants.

"En, that is the case."

Hua Yuntian's gaze looked around him, he nodded and said, "This Xue Clan has already occupied the City Master position for decades. Relying on the wu crystals, they can cultivate Martial Spirit experts, it would not be difficult.

His eyebrows slightly clustered as they were having the conversation. Logically, if there was such a case of one force dominating a whole big city, the kingdom would recall the position in order to keep the balance. However, at this time, the Xue Clan has already outweighed the other two clans. The kingdom has yet to the slightest move, due to this he was puzzled. Did no one in the kingdom realize this situation?

"Dozens of years?"

Feng Hao was stunned, then he frowned, "Old Hua, how should we then approach this situation?"

Since this was the case, quickly removing the Xue Clan will inevitably cause unnecessary panic.

"No need to hurry, we'll first need to find a place to stay."

Hua Yuntian pondered for a bit, then he unhurriedly spoke.

"En, that works."

Seeing him be like this, Feng Hao calmed down his heart. He had a big ancestor with him, he did not believe that the Xue Clan could overturn the heavens.

Smiling slightly, Feng Hao looked up on the street looking for a good inn. As he was about to walk forward, not far behind him the noise of horse hooves sounded out.

He turned his head and he saw that not far away, there were several men and women riding horses. They were riding in his direction leaving a cloud of dust behind them. The people who were walking about were fuming with anger, however as they looked angrily at the leading figure on a horse, they forcibly swallowed down their anger.

The leading figure riding on the horse was a young girl. The young girl was wearing a tight red dress. Her exquisite figure was wrapped in tight clothing that vividly outlined her body.

The young maiden's cheek was also quite exquisite and small. With two white ears above each wearing a magic crystal with arching ornaments slightly shaking, she looked absolutely breathtaking.

This group of people, under the leadership of the young lady in red did not slow down their speed even in the crowded area. On the contrary, their hands held their whips up high allowing them to increase speed. They directly caused a rampage on the crowd causing the passersby to be frustrated. Some of the people even directly died tragically under the unforgiving hooves of these horses.

The clatter of hooves gradually went away. Currently, on the streets many of the people issued out cries of complaint and discontent. However, in the the shops, guards went out wearing Xue Clan clothing causing the hurling of abuses to die down.

These guards one by one went out with arrogance. They directly confronted the people who screamed just then, punching and kicking them. After which, they re-entered their respective stores.

"Xue Clan's third young lady?"

Listening to the low scolding of the people, Feng Hao also narrowed his eyes. After looking at the ashen face of Hua Yuntian, there was no hint of a smile.

This time, the Xue Clan is doomed!

"Ju Xian Inn!"

The two of them purposely looked for an inn in Ci City that was under another force. First of all, Hua Yuntian naturally still needed to detoxify. During the session, Hua Yuntian looked more spirited. Also, the fiery red medicine dan inside Feng Hao's body like before did not reduce. In fact, it even seemed like it became more rich.

This was because it absorbed the medicine essence in the heat poison!


Hua Yuntian spit out a long exhale of turbid gas. As he just opened his eyes, there was a flash of light that passed. Looking to his side, he looked at the smiling face of Feng Hao causing him to be deeply moved.


He said softly, "Lord, you are deep and unmeasurable. You must not be a normal high level black ranked Medicine Master right?"

These past few days, he felt the strength of the medicine essence that entered his body. It was like lava. Even if he tried to do something dirty, he would not be able to resist. He felt that if Feng Hao truly had a bad intention, with that intense medicine essence, he could easily burn all his organs with no resistance. That is why after several days, he began to completely trust Feng Hao.


Feng Hao was stunned for a bit then immediately laughed, "Haha, Old Hua you already know. I am truly only at the high level black ranked Medicine Master, that is not false ah."

The void dan's medicine essence was really only at the high level black ranked. However, due to the red lotus medicine king, a fire dan was condensed. It was a special existence. Although it was strong, it was not the same level as a true dan.


Hua Yuntian nodded. Along the process, Feng Hao urged the medicine essence to restore his physical strength. He naturally understood this. Suddenly, his face froze and looked at Feng Hao with horror.

"Now what is it?"

Hua Yuntian's heart shook, he opened his mouth to ask, "Don't tell me the lord already has a void dan?"


Feng Hao smiled lightly and did not answer.


Looking at this still very young and tender face, Hua Yuntian breathed heavily. His chest shook several times until the shock in his heart started to calm down. Seeing the faint smile of Feng Hap, his eyes had a touch of complexity.

"Old Hua be at ease, I will always be a person of West Mist Country."

Feng Hao naturally understood the concerns in his heart, so he smiled at him.

"I understand."

Hua Yuntian slowly stood up. His pair of eyes filled with sincerity, his strength waist slightly bent.

"Old Hua, you can't do this ah!"

Feng Hao also scrambled to stand up, his eyes appeared to be flustered.

"Having the lord in West Mist Country is my kingdom's blessing ah!"

Old Hua was excited. In his mind he tried to suppress his emotions. An earth ranked Medicine Master, he was clearly aware of such a person's status in the continent.

"Old Hua, you do not need to be like this."

Feng Hao also did not think of being so rude, so his mouth could not help but show a wry smile, "Also, I hope that Old Hua can help me keep this secret ah."

"The lord should be rest assured, I would never disclose this to another person!"

This point Feng Hao need not to remind him. Hua Yuntian knew that once the news an earth ranked Medicine Master appeared in West Mist Country, a large amount of strong experts would come disrupting the peace in the kingdom.

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