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Chapter 72 – One year bodyguard

"What? A person's promise is not enough?"

Seeing Feng Hao not speak, Hua Yuntian creased his eyebrows and spoke.

"It's adequate, as I said earlier I just wanted old sir to agree to one favor."

Looking at the tense appearance of Hua Yuntian, Feng Hao smiled. Not waiting for him to be courteous, he walked to a table and sat down.

Regardless of identity, Feng Hao  was now thinking about having a bodyguard. He can then go to the depths of the ice field himself and find the spirit medicines.

"To do a favor?"

Hua Yuntian squinted his eyes and the unnatural color died down. Thinking about it, he pursed his lips and asked, "Where do you need help?"


Seeing him still be alert, Feng Hao smiled and shook his head, "I want to go to the ice field to finds some strains of spirit medicines. However, as you can see old sir, I am just a Martial Practitioner. So my request for old sir is to protect me for some time."

"Enter the ice field?"

"Hearing what was said, the old man was stunned as he looked at Feng Hao, "It's that simple?"

"What else does old sir want to know from me?"

Feng Hao rolled his eyes and answered with a sarcastic tone.


Hua Yuntian was startled, then immediately a trace of redness from his face disappeared.

Since he was poisoned, his nerves has been stretched too tight causing him to be too paranoid.

"As long as you solve the poison, this request, I promise to fulfill!"

Gradually relaxing, he quickly responded with a promise. His pair of eyes looked towards Feng Hao.

"Good, then that is the deal. I believe in old sir!"

Seeing that he wasn't under any false pretense, Feng Hao readily agreed, "Old sir, can I take a look at your pulse?"


Taking a few steps, Hua Yuntian sat opposite of Feng Hao and stretched his hand over.

Feng Hao extended out two fingers and casually placed them above the pulse. After a while, his eyebrows clustered then his face changed.

"How is it?"

Seeing Feng Hao's appearance, Hua Yuntian was a little nervous of hearing the same two words, 'no good'.


Feng Hao retracted his arm and spoke with a low voice, "Forgive me for so speaking so bluntly old sir, this poison, is very unusual ah. In the end who gave you this?"


Hua Yuntian had a wry smile and a trace of loneliness emerged from his face. At this time, he was no longer strong, he was nothing but an old man.

"In the end it's no good, I really have become muddleheaded."

He slowly stood up and walked towards the medicine pot, his hoarse voice now soft, "No matter, you can go. I will not blame you."


Blinking his eyes, Feng Hao was obviously startled, opening his mouth, "Old sir, when did I say that I could not solve your poison ah?"


Hua Yuntian’s body quickly shook, he turned around with a full expression on his face. He directly blurted out, "Impossible, I once looked invited high level black ranked Medicine Master. That great lord could not do anything, how can you?"

With the things he said, he was practically pointing out that this poison may have been from an earth ranked Poison Master. In other words, one would have to be an earth ranked Medicine Master!


Feng Hao laughed and shook his head, "Old sir, I already have concluded that the poison inside of you is not at the earth level. According to my investigation, the poison in you is a special kind of poison made by a high level black ranked Poison Master. This poison's property is slow, it does not immediately kill the person. It is a special kind of heat poison that after entering the body, it will hide inside the organs and slowly burn away vitality until everything is burned. To stop it, old sir tried to use cold attributed spirit medicines to slow the attack, however that was a stupid method. Although it slows the onset heat, it only prolonged your pain."

"You.. you can really cure it?"

Hearing Feng Hao's words come down, Hua Yuntian's body trembled. His lips shivered, he looked very excited.

"Naturally I can solve it!'

Following his gaze, Feng Hao nodded, "If my guess is correct, old sir has had the heat poison for at least ten years?"

"That's true!"

Hua Yuntian walked over and sat opposite to Feng hao.

Looking at the youth, his originally serene heart was filled with monstrous waves that he can no longer calm down.

This youth in such a young age, unexpectedly was a high level black ranked Medicine Master!

Thinking of this, his heart could not help but shake. In West Mist Country, an apex Medicine Master had the same status as royalty, and that apex was at the mid level black ranked Medicine Master. In order to invite a high level black ranked Medicine Master, he spent huge amounts of money. However in the end, even that person was helpless and could not pinpoint the culprit.. Then, this young man just came out of nowhere and told him everything. How can he be not surprised?

"Since it has been a long time, although old sir used cold attributed spirit medicines to suppress the poison, it allowed for the heat poison to hide deeper. So much so that it already reached the bone marrow. Therefore, in order to completely eradicate it, it will take a long time."

While Feng Hao explained a bit more, in his heart he was celebrating. The poison in Hua Yuntian was different from other heat poisons. Usually, his method of using cold attributed spirit medicines should work, however in this case it can only suppress and not completely get rid off it. It just so happens that a king grade medicine king was needed, and the red lotus medicine king was perfect for eradicating this poison. So now, everything was just a matter of time.

"A long time? About how long?"

Hua Yuntian tightly clenched his fists, regarding the poison in his body, he also had some understanding. As long as it can be cured, time was not an issue. After all, he has had it for ten years, so waiting a bit more was nothing.

"En… this, I approximated that within a year, it would be completely eradicated!"

His eyes had a shine of hope as what Feng Hao said was fully acceptable.

"Good! Receiving the lord's grace, I will never forget it my whole life!"

While he was speaking, Hua Yuntian had some change on his face as he spoke bluntly. However, in the end he still called Feng Hao 'lord'.


Feng Hao was full of joy as he was clear of the weight the old man's words held. Not only does his surname provide deterrence, the most important thing was his strength was absolutely at the Martial Ancestor!

Martial Ancestor, this status was at the apex of West Mist Country. To think that for a full year he can enjoy being followed by such a bodyguard, the joy in his heart increased a lot.

Safety was no longer something to be worried about!

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