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Chapter 7 – Breakthrough

The horizon had a fresh blue appearance, the Feng Clan younger generation all woke up to go to the martial arts field.

Just now he struck twice, however Feng Hao felt it was too weak.

"Do the Tiger Movement Chapter!"

Thinking about it, the first posture appeared in his mind. His body leaned over to create the posture of crawling.

"Peng… Peng…"

Adjusting his breathing rhythm, he slowly went up and down already dripping a lot of sweat.

"Persist on! Persist on!"

His heart silently said.

Everytime he does it, he feels as if he gets stronger. Not even reaching the fiftieth repetition, he unexpectedly already reached the peak threshold of the 3rd level.

Sweat dripped down and blurred his eyes. The Feng Clan younger generation watched him doing a strange movement and looked quite stunned.

Being lazy? That is not the case.

"Is it that hard?"

It appeared to be a simple movement, and Feng Hao kept repeating it. The other younger generation children could not help but be skeptical.

"Let me try!"

There were were some from the younger generation that tried the motion, however when they did, it was extremely easy.

"Chi! Still have the thought to pretend!"

After testing it out, they all laughed at Feng Hao despising his appearance.

"What are you doing?!"

A loud reprimanding voice was heard, hearing it, those of the younger generation trembled. Some promptly started to use good posture to begin shadowboxing.

Needless to say, it was Feng Ren who spoke.

Looking at the chaotic martial arts field, Feng Ren's face turned ashen and he took big strides.

Due the matter that occurred a few days ago, he started to feel upset. Looking at the disappointing younger generation, his mind became furious.

The young juniors stepped aside to make way, giving him full view of Feng Hao's figure.

"Peng… Peng…"

He was making slow movements, and one can see that he was breathing like a ferocious animal concealing itself. At any given time he was ready to devour a man.

With just a glance, the Martial Master Feng Ren knew the reason for it. The anger in his mind gradually changed into a shock. Looking at the young figure, his breathe became soft and rushed.

This was not a simple movement. Everytime he rises, he would pull and contract all the muscles in his body. Then, every time he leans over, there is precise control of all his strength.

"How can this be? How did he do that?"

Feng Ren looked on with shock and was speechless.

Such precise control of strength, how can a youth at the 3rd level Martial Apprentice do such a thing?

"Don't tell its a body forging technique?"

Thinking of this, his eyelids shook.

After not hearing any of his berates for a while, each and everyone of them cast a glance at his current posture

Without any orders, the juniors stopped their actions watching the figure going up and down.

As time passed, they discovered that he was doing something different. However, unable to know the reason why, they only continued to look at it.

"Persist on! Persist on!"

Feng Hao already could not hear anything in his surroundings, his ear muscles moved so  his bones emitted sounds. He did not know Feng Ren has arrived, the only thing he was thinking about was making a breakthrough.

Not for long…

"Open now!"

A wave of sound echoed in his body, to the quiet martial arts field it was resounding.


The juniors' mouths opened wide one after another. Now, they can definitely say that the movements he was doing was not simple!

"Peng… Peng…"

After the breakthrough, whether it was muscle strength or muscle control, everything advanced.


He returned to his senses. Noticing all the people looking at him, he realized he was still at the martial arts field.

"Continue the morning exercise, why did you guys stop?"

Feng Ren's voice shook everyone, the people in the martial arts field went back to their usual routine. Bursts of shout started to be heard once again.

Sweeping his eyes at Feng Hao, Feng Ren did not say anything. Merely, in his eyes still showed a remnant of suspicion.

As the morning exercise ended, surprisingly Feng Lie and his band did not come to mess with him. This gave Feng Hao a great shock. Casting a glance at the distracted Feng Lei, he shook his head and started to walk to his small courtyard.

This is only a waste of time, he now wants to wholeheartedly see the Tiger Moving Chapter.

"I don't know if I should continue participating in the morning exercise."

Reflecting on it, he could not help but think of informing Feng Chen. That is because this was indeed an urgent matter. To breakthrough to the peak Martial Apprentice in a year, he could no longer waste any time.

Leaving the martial arts field, Feng Ren directly went towards the discussion hall.

Feng Lie, the four elders, Feng Chen and a few people are sitting by the small table, respectively working.

"Clan Master, Elders, Brother Chen!"

When he came in, he cupped his hands towards Feng Lie. As he swept his gaze, his vision stopped on Feng Chen for a time, there was a hint of strangeness in his eyes.

"En, Brother Ren. How is the younger generation?

Feng Lie put down a book, answering as with the custom.

"As things were."

After a pause, Feng Ren spoke once again, "Anyway, Feng Hao made a breakthrough in the morning exercise."


The four elders and Feng Chen all lifted their heads.

At present, all the small movements of the youth affected their mental state, so not paying attention won't do.

"Brother Chen."

Feng Ren faced Feng Chen's direction, his eyes showed complex emotion.

He could certainly tell that Feng Hao used a high level body technique, however the Feng Clan did not possess such a martial skill.


Feng Chen scrunched his eyebrows.

Although he wasn't the Clan Master anymore, as part of the family he could not just idle around. Moreover, Feng Lie just took the position and has yet to consolidate his power.

"The body technique Feng Hao's practicing is different from usual."

For the 3rd level Martial Apprentice Feng Hao, it was impossible for him to create his own technique. With this, Feng Ren thought the only explanation is that it was Feng Chen's doing.

"Not the same?"

Feng Chen is surprised for a moment, his brow gradually clustered, "What is the difference?"

Looking forward, Feng Ren slowly said: "His body forging technique, can practice physical toughness and the control of strength in the same time. In addition, it seems to be a high grade yellow level technique!"

"High grade yellow level?!"

All six were startled.

The Feng Clan also had a high rank yellow grade rare book, however it is a martial skill not a body forging technique.

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