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Chapter 68 – Warning

Dragging the bear back to the waterfall, Feng Hao skillfully dissected the violent bear into pieces. What was supposed to be thrown away was thrown, and what was needed to be set aside was set aside. He then cleaned the remaining and tore away a chunk, putting everything else into the ring.

As the bonfire rose, the aroma quickly spread.

Eating the delicious violent bear's paw, the heat energy in his body began to flow. This situation, Feng Hao has long been used to. He knew that Old Fen knew about it, however he was helpless as the old man won't say anything so he can only give up.

"Finally reached the high step Martial Practitioner."

After a month of hard work, he made a dramatic breakthrough. Feng Hao deeply sighed and lied on the grass to lazily enjoy the heat energy flowing. It washed the essence dan and he felt that its quality was rapidly increasing, he was very satisfied.

"Not bad!"

The ring on his left hand burst out with a bright light and a projection of an old man appeared, "With your current physique and the blend of spirit medicines, you can already refine a low grade yi crystal."

"Can refine a yi crystal?"

Hearing what was said, Feng Hao's breathing directly quickened and he stared at the old man.

"Your life as a youngster really is good, you got a fiery dragon flower and lotus seeds from the red lotus medicine king. If not for those things, if you have yet to reach the Martial Spirit stage, touching a yi crystal will directly make you die!"

Old Fen with jealousy muttered a sentence.

Thinking of the red lotus medicine king, it wasa king grade medicine king. In addition to that, it belonged to the fire category that can burn hundreds of poisons in the world. Amongst the other top medicine king’s, it surely would rank in the top ten.


Feng Hao scratched the back of his head, he was also quite proud.

Inside the ring, there were still lotus seeds. With the thought of this, his heart floated to the top of the sky.

"Look at your smug face."

Old Fen quickly rolled his eyes, "Back in the day, I was able to condense a true dan, can you do that?"

"True dan?!"

Feng Hao's eyes became round and he looked at the old man with shock.

My god, things are truly not as simple ah. In the record of the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, one would need almost a dozen kinds of medicine kings. Among the medicine kings at the king grade, there existed six kinds. Old Fen unexpectedly was able to gather all these, those days his name must have been earth shattering amongst the peak warriors in the continent.


Old Fen was proud, he remembered the days when he was freely roaming the scenes under the heavens. His pair of eyes became profound and revealed an imposing light. Long hair flew about gracefully displaying a wild scene.

"Well, it’s too early to think about it with your current state!"

He waved his hand, "Let's talk about the matter of the yi crystal."


Feng Hao nodded, "Master, can I refine a thunder attribute yi crystal?"

He was still thinking about the thunder attribute, he did not forget!


Hearing what he said, Old Fen sneered and let out a sound. His eyes hardened as he berated, "You are still dreaming about this? The thunder attribute is equivalent to the peak attribute under the heavens, you really think that you are that good ah? To think that even I failed to acquire it in the past, and now you want to try? If you dare touch upon it with your current constitution you will instantly face annihilation!"


Feng Hao stared blankly, "However, didn't you say I can already refine a yi crystal?"

"I was talking about a low grade yi crystal!"

Old Fen gnashed his teeth as he let out those words.

"Low grade yi crystal?"

"Furthermore, it can only be the water and ice attribute!"

Old Fen once again emphasized.

"This… master, why can it be only the water and ice attribute?"

Feng Hao did not understand, he looked at the old man with a puzzled face.

"Do you really think you can refine all yi crystals with your current constitution ah?"

Old Fen rolled his eyes, "If not for the lotus seeds and the fiery dragon flower being combined, even the lowest grade yi crystal will turn you into to ashes!"

"So it turns out to be as such."

After the old man's explanation, Feng Hao finally understood. The two opposing attributes restrained each other so he had the ability to refine those two types.

"However, where am I supposed to find a yi crystal?"

After such a long journey, he has never heard of its existence from other people. Now that he met the conditions to refine a yi crystal, he had none so it was all in vain.


Old Fen grunted and slowly said, "A yi crystal can be found in some extreme areas in the world. For example, within a fire region, there is a possibility of there being a fire attribute yi crystal. This is also the case for a water and ice attributes, naturally it can be found only in a snowy region

"A snowy region?"

Feng Hao's eyebrow's clustered, "Don't tell me that's where I can find an ice attribute yi crystal?"

Listening to the old man, he remembered that in West Mist Country there was a famed snowy region. From what he has heard, this city was in a place that snows all year round. Back then when he heard about it, he was not really convinced or interested. Thinking about this, his heart suddenly became lighter.


After listening to Feng Hao's description, Old Fen asked, "If you are saying the truth, then a land that is filled with ice and snow has an eighty percent chance of having an ice attribute yi crystal!"

The old man quickly made a judgement. Feng Hao's breathing quietly hurried and he stood up.

"Without further ado, I will go to the snowy region!"

An attributed warrior and an ordinary warrior were absolutely different. Now hearing Old Fen's words, possessing a yi crystal can roughly provide the attribute. Not only would it promote strength, it would also solve the issue of the void wu!

Therefore, hearing about the promise of yi crystal, Feng Hao was eager to get going.

"Hold on."

Old Fen opened his mouth regarding his suspicions, "With what you said, it is highly possible that the yi crystal is not of the low grade, with just the two medicines you are relying on, it might not be enough ah."


Feng Hao looked distractedly, "The red lotus medicine king of the king grade is still not enough?"

"The red lotus medicine king can naturally take the pressure, however without a harmonizing spirit medicine, can your small body withstand the rampaging energies and live?"

Old Fen glanced at him with contempt.

"What shall we do then?"

Feng Hao could not help but be a little discouraged, he helplessly looked at the old man.

"It is not that difficult to solve, you just need a harmonizing spirit medicine, note it down."

Then Old Fen began to list down a heap ton of cold property spirit medicines.

"These medicines should mostly grow in cold areas, you can go to the snowy region to collect them. However, if you do not get all if it, don't try to attempt refining!"

The old man gave a final warning fearing for the little guy.


Feng Hao guaranteed that he won't do anything rash. Although he was getting impatient, with the old man's admonition, he still put everything to heart. Life is more important than everything after all, as long as he was alive, won't he just be able to collect a yi crystal in the future?

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