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Chapter 66 – Universal heat energy

The whole Red Sun region was beside the magic beast mountain range, so Feng Hao no longer needed to go through the Hundred Thief Domain to go back to Magnolia City. After getting the wu crystals, Feng Hao left Red Sun City and his single figure went towards the magic beast mountain range alone.

And because of him, the Red Sun City Master position naturally landed to the Fei Clan.

Currently, he put on the Medicine Master robe and along the way the people around cast their gazes with awe. The whole way was unimpeded.

Late at night, in a cave Feng Hao was seated inside.


The Wu Yuan in his body was restored to its peak state as Feng Hao released a sound. Opening his eyes, he turned over his hand and a bright wu crystal appeared.

Again closing his eyes, he began to quietly refine the wu crystal as his whole body was covered by bright Wu Yuan illuminating the darkness around.


The bright wu crystal energy went through his arm then reached the Wu Yuan vortex within the body. When the wu crystal energy entered, the Wu Yuan vortex quickly rotated and swelled up getting bigger.

The Wu Yuan vortex was like waves in a sea, it moved up and down. At the same time, under the Wu Yuan vortex, the void wu vortex also began to awaken. It felt like it wanted to swallow up everything it can touch, so Feng Hao quickly operated Yan Jue to accelerate the Wu Yuan vortex to stop the other from going out of control.

Half an hour later, the piece of wu crystal was completely refined and Feng Hao felt that everything moved more smoothly.

"Ten pieces of wu crystals allows one to reach the yellow level!"

Feng Hao could not help but shake his head with a wry smile.

With the three pieces he obtained, he all together only had five pieces of wu crystals.

"I’ll use it all at once!"

He always felt that the heat energy played an important role. Although Old Fen said that ten pieces of wu crystals were needed, he still wanted to give it a try.

Turning his hand, he took our two pieces of wu crystals at the same time. one hand holding each piece. He took a deep breath and began refining.

Although refining two pieces would bring a certain danger, he had the heat energy hidden in his body and the Shen Nong Medicine Canon. In addition, his strong physique should be able to withstand the impact of two wu crystals.

Sure enough, when the energies of the two wu crystals entered the body they went on a rampage. Suddenly, the heat energy appeared and Feng Hao felt his muscles reach peak condition being strong as steel. The rampaging energies were forced back and obediently entered towards the vortex.

At this time, Feng Hao was at his wits to operate Yan Jue and not long after he felt that he was crossing a critical point. Yan Jue was about to evolve from no level to low grade yellow level!


In operating the Wu Yuan, it had to be much faster in rotating than the void wu vortex to prevent it from swallowing any Wu Yuan.

"More, more!"

Currently, Feng Hao put all of his efforts on operating Yan Jue so that the intensity would become better and become more smooth.

Not long after, the wu crystal on his palm was shrinking visible to the naked eye until it disappeared. Now that the Wu Yuan vortex no longer had the wu crystal as a support, it began to slow down.

"No! Don't stop!"

Feng Hao's forehead was sweating, he felt that at this critical juncture, all he needed was half a piece of wu crystal to break through the critical point allowing Yan Jue to evolve to the yellow level.

However, with no wu crystal energy going in, he would have no choice but slow down the rotation of the vortex.

Suddenly, at this time, the universal heat energy once again surged out from one side. It quickly made a push to the Wu Yuan vortex that was slowing down causing it to pick up speed once again.

Feng Hao's heart was happy, he did not think that the heat energy can also increase the speed of the Wu Yuan vortex. He couldn’t think of the reason how it was able to help operating Yan Jue.

Old Fen has said, Yan Jue complemented the existence of the void wu. It allowed the first generation with the void wu constitution to control the void wu. After which, according to his findings when it evolves to the extreme, one can completely grasp the void wu's strength allowing one to be a tyrant in the whole world!

However, after the first generation, that is, the generation of the founder of the Shen Nong Medicine Canon who reached the extreme, no one else succeeded reaching the peak. Even Old Fen failed to do so.

The void wu people were always going against the tide, this was the simple truth. For them, once they failed the only thing left was perishing!

If you wanted to live, you must have wu crystals. Most especially a yi crystal, it can save one's life.

"Even if one must use all means, whether its to steal or rob, one must always have a wu crystal!"

From the beginning, Old Fen told him these things.

In this world, in order to not flee, to not die, there was only cruelty!

"Give it to me!"

Feng Hao burst out those words and a strong force was exerted from his body causing dirt to fly and even the rock walls to have a dent.


At the same time, the rotating Wu Yuan vortex in his body had some changes. In an instant, the amount of Wu Yuan directly expanded three folds!

This was the gap between a no level secret art to that of a yellow level secret art!

The advancement in cultivation means to purify the Wu Yuan, and the secret art dictates the capacity of Wu Yuan!

Everytime one ranked up, the quality of the Wu Yuan will also increase, however the quantity will not change. That is why the secret art was crucial in deciding one’s future achievements.

Of course, there were many strong warriors that received better secret arts later in their life, thus they broke their former Wu Yuan vortex and reshape it into a new vortex.

To do such a thing brings great danger, however once successful, the benefits are evident. Although the Wu Yuan would have to be rebuilt, the physique does not change, so ranking up the Wu Yuan again was not difficult. As long as they have wu crystals, restoring their strength to its former peak was just a matter of time.

Opening his eyes, he swept his gaze around feeling good, Feng Hao mouth formed a radiant smile.

"It worked!"

Shaking his fist, he felt the flow of Wu Yuan and he became even more delighted.

"What exactly is the heat energy?"

Feng Hao could not help but be puzzled once again.

When he was a Martial Apprentice, the heat energy provided strength. When he was using the Mad Transformation Art, the heat energy washed the purity of the essence dan. Now, this heat energy unexpectedly also played a huge role in promoting his strength. This caused Feng Hao to have his doubts, this heat energy was truly universal and all-purpose.

Feng Hao was also puzzled with the origin of the heat energy. He did not understand, does it only increase by eating beast meat? As his strength grew, he realized that there was a condition in getting heat energy. The beast meat he ate had to be at least one whole stage higher than him.

Thinking about it and not coming up with a concrete conclusion, Feng Hao once again closed his eyes to circulate the Wu Yuan all over his body, from top to bottom.

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