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Chapter 6 – Tiger Movement

"Low grade black level, there is no other way. The body forging technique must as such, otherwise you can't get what you want!"

Old Fen shrugged his shoulders, his tone was very casual. Apparently the black level technique in his eyes are like radishes and cabbages.

"I want it!"

Feng Hao tightly grabbed the scroll, his mouth twitched a few times.

In the Heaven Martial Continent, there are three types of rare books.

The first category are the body forging techniques, it is without a doubt what Martial Apprentices use to discipline the body.

The second category are the Wu Yuan secret laws, also referred to as secret arts for short. These are used by Martial Practitioners to control the Wu Yuan within their body, they try to condense it to a whirlpool. The rank of the technique is decided by the capacity of Wu Yuan, it cannot be changed. Old Fen mentioned that 'Yan Jue' is in this category.

The 3rd category are the martial skills, the strength of an individual is also affected by the level of martial skill. A high grade martial skill can let a regular man to burst out multiple times their normal strength.

The three types of rare books all are divided into heaven, earth, black, yellow and no grade. Then, each of five grades are further divided into three grades: high, middle or low. The Feng Clan in Magnolia City practices a no grade elementary boxing technique for forging of the body. As for the Wu Yuan technique, they use a low grade yellow level technique called Overturning Cloud Jue. The martial skill they use is a high level yellow grade skill called the Stone Collapsing Fist. For Old Fen to casually bring out a black level rare book, how can he be not shocked?


Receiving great stuff, Feng Hao jumped from the top of the tree.

He observed the contents of the scroll and paid attention to it firmly in his mind.


Following the breathing style in the book, Feng Hao's body slowly crawled in a strange manner. It's just a simple motion but Feng Hao's sweat was dripping. His body couldn't stop trembling and he's suffering with a tremendous amount of pain.

"Not bad!"

On the top of the tree, Old Fen looked at the youth somewhat flabbergasted, "Unexpectedly the simple repetition of striking the wooden stake allowed him to have such precise control over his strength."

Over the few last years, Feng Hao's work was seen by the eyes Old Fen, including the way of he cultivated. Old Fen used to have disdain for it, but now, he genuinely had a whole new level of respect for the youth.

"For the past few years, his heart, willpower, and conviction was polished. He has experienced a lot of small hardships ."

In the road of cultivation, aside from talent, one must have a steadfast heart. After which, one must have a strong willpower and conviction. These are the basic qualities one must have, if not, one cannot genuinely reach the apex.

"Hu… hu… hu…"

Enduring every possible pain, Feng Hao gave his best to follow the breathing method and motion in the scroll. His muscles began to tremble, and his bones began to groan as the motion created friction.

From afar he looked like a ferocious beast, his movements were strong and vigorous. At any time it looked like he can strike with explosive power.

This was the first posture of the Tiger Movement Chapter.

A quarter on a hour has yet to pass and Feng Hao's flexible body was paralyzed. He was breathing heavily but his eyes showed a hint of a pleasant surprise. Although not much time has passed, he felt that the posture brought about benefits.

The posture, not only the disciplined body. The control of strength has greatly improved as well.

This was the advantage of a black level technique!

"The body is too weak, the strength is not enough!"

Old Fen's voice sounded out, "This is enough for today, tomorrow we shall continue."

Saying this, the transparent body of the old man turned into a ray and entered the ring.

"Hu… hu.."

Feng Hao turned his body over, his pair of bright eyes looked straight at the sky. Slowly under the tree he fell asleep.

Finally, we must set foot on the road of the strong!

Today, the people who had a say in the Feng Clan matters gathered at the hall.

"From this day on, Feng Chen, you are no longer the Feng Clan's Clan Master!"

With the words of the Great Elder Feng Jie, Feng Chen stood up to leave the seat of honor.

Disgraced in front of everyone, he figured out that he can no longer lead the Feng Clan. Otherwise, if he continued to hold on, he could no longer raise his head in Magnolia City as a Feng Clan member.

The face of Feng Chen was indifferent, his look gave out a color of complexness.

It was not that Feng Chen was no longer good enough, but his position in the clan was no longer clear. Therefore, with Feng Hao's continued mediocrity, the four elders would have to replaced him with a new successor to use the spirit medicine. Feng Chen could no longer handle this matter as the Clan Master.

After that, the Second Elder's son Feng Lie ascended as the Feng Clan's Master.

Regarding this, Feng Chen did not say anything. He was only depressed about the situation of his son Feng Hao.

He was only at the 3rd level Martial Disciple. Without the spirit medicine, how was he to face the challenge three years later?

So much so that even Yun Ying said that he had no qualifications to enter.

Two years, in two years he must cultivate Wu Yuan to reach the Martial practitioner stage. What the twelve year old youth has said in the past really has placed a difficult task upon himself.

It was very quiet in the hall as Feng Hao entered.

"Feng Hao, why did you show up?!"

Feng Jie shouted at him loudly.

It can be said that all of this had to do with Feng Hao. So his sudden appearance caused the people in the hall to rage.


Feng Chen moved sideways towards in front of Feng Hao.

Although he is no longer the Clan Master, he still had the highest strength within the Feng Clan.

"Feng Chen, you want to protect him!"

Feng Jie's face turned black.

"He is my son!"

Feng Chen lightly spoke, his face did not change one bit.


Standing behind his body, Feng Hao tightly clenched his fist.

Although his father as the Clan Master did not express much, he knew that his father sheltered himself secretly. In order for him to enjoy the spirit medicine, he did not know how much pressure his father went through.


Feng Chen turned, Feng Hao did not move.

"I am not a mediocre!"

Glaring at all the people in the hall, Feng Hao spoke, "This humiliation given by the Feng Clan, three years from now I will wash away!"

The youth's persevering look and sonorous words was deeply marked the hearts of everyone in the Feng Clan. Before everyone’s eyes, Feng Hao was truly confident. It did not seem like the old Feng Hao.

"Well, don't embarrass him, after all he has already suffered many times."

The newly appointed Clan Master spoke.

If this youth was not the son of the Clan Master, none of these things would have happened. He was only a few years over ten years old, he was under too much pressure, it was too much for anyone.

No one said anything, they just silently watched as the father and son pair left.

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