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Chapter 59 – Medicine Master Guild

"Trash! Just catching a defenseless little girl and you still failed!"

Inside a mansion, a muffled roar spread through the wall.

It was a man wrapped in black robes who currently had a gloomy face causing him to look somewhat sinister. Around his body, he was shrouded by black gas appearing malevolent.

In front of him, there was a middle aged man that shook while he was on his knees, although sweating heavily he did not dare wipe it with his hands.

He was not just a nobody, if Fei Wenjie was in this scene, he would recognize that this man was the Pu Clan Master Pu Xi!

As this generation’s Clean Master, for him to kneel at the front of others was an incredible matter.

"Envoy, regarding this matter I'm also not certain what happened."

Within his voice there was a distinct aspect of fear.

"Looking at it, it seems that Fei Wenjie prepared a Medicine Master beforehand. Only, who was it?"

The black robed man afterwards finally calmed down.

"It seems that Red Sun City cannot be controlled temporarily."

Pondering a little, he added: "Pu Xi, try to increase the tension between the Fei and Jiu Clans. The next election for City Master, you will surely get the position!"

"Yes, Envoy!"

Listening to the words of the blacked robed man, Pu Xi replied with a relieved tone.

"Work well and after this matter, I will use my  authority to allow you to enter the Deity Temple!"

Leaving this sentence behind, the black robed figure flashed and disappeared.

"Deity Temple! Deity Temple!"

Pu Xi softly murmured and his pair of eyes were filled with a fiery color.

The sky was now bright and Red Sun City was already noisy. Each shop door opened and began their daily business.


On the bed, sitting down Feng Hao released the turbid air from his body and opened his eyes.

He felt the Void Wu somewhat destabilize!

With the growth of strength, the Void Wu will also grow. If the Yan Jue cannot keep up with the progress which allowed to control the Void Wu, then there will be dire consequences.

"I have to quickly get a hold of wu crystals!"

Wu crystals can allow for evolution. Although it was slow, it allowed for improvement. Feng Hao felt if he did not reach the yellow level Yan Jue and became a Martial Master, The Void Wu will spiral out of control. Then the situation in his body would be out of his hands.

Going off the bed, Feng Hao washed up and walked the door.

Regarding this strange environment, to say the truth he has yet to adapt. After saying goodbye to housekeeper Fei, he went out.

He had no time to waste!

Thinking of the three year vow, Feng Hao had a sense of urgency. This was related to his dignity, the dignity of his father and the face of the Feng Clan; he must personally take everything back!

On the street, the crowds were bustling and after asking around he finally found out the Medicine Master Guild's location. Feng Hao began walking to one direction.

Red Sun City was worthy to be a big city in West Mist Country. Although it was early in the morning, the main street was already bustling with voices.

Feng Hao in the crows turned a few more smaller streets and after a while he slowed his steps. Looking in front of him was a big building appearing to be very majestic.

The building's shape was rather unique, it had three floors and the closer one got the stronger the scent of medicine fragrance in the air allowing one's mind to be vigorous.

Feng Hao's eyes fell on the building, on a dark purple plaque above were distinct words simply written, it glowed brightly.

"Medicine Master Guild!"

Mumbling the words, Feng Hao looked around and saw the everyone that passed by the unique building looked with respect. Of course, seeing the innocently standing Feng Hao in front caused the people to be surprised.

Feng Hao ignored these eyes, taking a deep breath he took big steps towards inside.

Approaching the door, the two armed men have long noticed him and when he arrived he was stopped, "Little brother, this is the Medicine Master Union, no one can freely enter."

It was implied that only Medicine Masters can enter.

"Not allowed to enter?"

Feng Hao's face froze and he soon understood that he was not wearing a Medicine master's robe. Also, what he was wearing looked quite shabby.

It was not surprising, which Medicine Master did not have a noble air around them and still wore coarse materials?

"I'm here to past the test to be a certified Medicine master."

Helplessly shaking his head, Feng Hao was also somewhat distressed.

I knew I should have changed my clothes.

"Grandpa, you have to hurry ah!"

At this time, a sweet voiced echoed that suddenly came from behind Feng Hao. Appearing quickly the owner of the sweet fragrance did not seem to have the idea to move aside.

Clustering his eyebrows Feng Hao had to step aside.

As he made way a petite figure appeared in his original position. After giving Feng Hao a glance of disdain, he was no longer given attention.

"You little girl, so early in the morning and stirring people from their sleep. Why are you so anxious?"

A somewhat aged voice with a helpless and spoiling tone appeared from behind.

Feng Hao slightly looked over. He saw it was an old man, and Feng Hao saw that this old man was wearing a Medicine Master's robe. Finally, his gaze stopped at the badge on the chest of the old man.

Half the size of a big toe  was a badge. On it showed an image of a Medicine Canon and under it were three vein lines.

"High level Yellow ranked Medicine Master!"

Feng Hao's heart was slightly surprised. One more time he turned his head and looked at the girl, she wore a yellow dress and her age was about 14 years old. She had a lovable white face that looked very moving. Her body was slightly delicate and thin, but it was already quite mature causing one to be amazed. She was only a few years older than ten and the parts of the body that should stick out, sticked out; and the part of the body that should be curved, curved. Her ample body was emphasized by her skin tight dress appearing to be very noble.

The girl's long black hair was bundled up by a yellow ribbon, it directly hanged down filled with vitality.

Seeming to be aware of Feng Hao's gaze, she looked over the ordinary clothes on his body and could not help cluster her eyebrows. She gave him a supercilious look and arrogantly snorted with her small mouth: "What are you looking at, I will dig out your eyeballs!"


Feng Hao flipped his sleeves and turned his head. He did not pay anymore attention to her. I his heart he was also disappointed. Such a bright looking girl, but she was paired with a kind heart.

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