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Chapter 5 – 'Yan Jue'

On the sky above, many stars were flickering brightly. The silver moon hung in the sky, while the entire Magnolia City seemed peaceful.

The incessant twinkling of the many stars was like Feng Hao's mood, extremely restless.

Two days has passed since the incident, tomorrow the Feng Clan will see its new Clan Master. All this seemed already set and unchangeable.

After Feng Hao cultivated, he did not head home. Instead, he left the Feng Residence and slowly walked towards the exit of the city.

Unconsciously, he was once again arrive at the top of the hillside under the red leafed tree.

Sitting below the tree, the sky was filled with many stars. Listening to the surroundings, there were faint roars towards the beast mountain range. His previous tranquil state ended.

"Strength, without strength there is nothing, not even dignity."

The youth's forehead wrinkled, he unconsciously clenched his fist, "This dishonor will never happen again a second time!"

These past few days, Feng Hao closed his eyes to replay the events that happened in the hall.

In his mind, it was as if a knife was ferociously cutting him. This caused his body to tremble.

"I want to change everything!"

Feng Hao's gaze concentrated, it became incomparably resolute, as if nothing can change it.

His left hand searched for something as he fished out the simple ring hanging down from his neck. After thinking a while, he pulled at the ring breaking the thread and wore the ring on his hand.

"Come out!"

He said to the ring on his hand.

"Hei Hei"

Abruptly, an old voice emitted laughter from inside the ring. Then the ring burst with light like the bright radiance of gems, a lofty transparent aged figure appeared.

Feng Hao looked at all this as if there's nothing special. It seems like he's been expecting it for a long time.

'Hei Hei, have you thought about it?"

The old man was beaming with smiles as he looked at Feng Hao, the corner of his mouth was still giving a queer expression.


The youth seriously nodded.

"Since that is your choice, there is no turning back. Trying to turn back only means death!"

The old man also converged a smile, his pair of eyes staring at Feng Hao.

"Even with death, I will wash away those insults!"

Biting his lips, the gaze of the youth did not sway.

"Very good!"

The old man smiled with satisfaction, he slowly said, "I have long said to you, to possess a Void Wu constitution, one must cultivate 'Yan Jue'. Else you will be forever stuck and not progress to Martial Practitioner!"

When Feng Hao was very young, a ring from the out of the blue fell on him. The old man who claimed to be Old Fen appeared in front of him asking him to practice a secret book called 'Yan Jue'.

To practice 'Yan Jue', one must have the constitution with Void Wu. Old Fen himself cultivated 'Yan Jue'.

At the beginning, nothing happens. However, after one starts cultivating "Yan Jue", it will enable the Void Wu. After starting, one cannot stop because this constitution will always swallow the body's Wu Yuan. There is no withdrawing, it is easy to be crippled and die.

When it comes to death, at that time, young Feng Hao was not afraid. Also not to mention how old he was, he just threw the ring. However, each time the ring was thrown, the ring will automatically return to his side. Finally, there is nothing that can be done, only to take a thread and hang it around his neck. Over the past few years, he barely remembered the existence of the ring, until this incident happened.

All this time, Old Fen never forced the small Feng Hao to cultivate it. It was only when he himself ask did he will he teach him.

It was only at this time was he forced to let Feng Hao know, that there are things more painful than death.

He also needed something to rely on because of his challenge to Yun Ying.

"What do I need to do?"

Feng Hao softly breathed in as he asked.

"Are you anxious?"

Old Fen laughingly looked at him, "Boy, you are too impatient. How are you supposed to fight her in three years? If there is no accident, she is bound to reach the Martial Spirit realm within the three years. In other words you must at least be at the 4th level of Void Wu!"

"4th level?"

The eyes of the youth was still icy as before.


Seeing Feng Hao remaining unmoved, Old Fen could not help but laugh, "Boy, I must inform you. The cultivation of Void Wu is not fast unlike other cultivation techniques. On the contrary, every level higher, it gets more dangerous. If there was such a thing, one would not wish to cultivate some other trash technique!"

Speaking about that matter, his mouth could not help but twitch.

"Do I have a choice?"

Feng Hao looked at him unhappily.

"Hei Hei, however you don't need to be so pessimistic. There are miracles, you can still create your own. You just need to find a sufficient amount of martial crystals then you can improve in flying speed. Three years is undoubtedly enough."

"Martial Crystal? The legendary Martial Crystal?"

Feng Hao was shocked and speechless.

Martial crystal is derived from a strange land between heaven and earth. Each one of the Martial Crystals derived will set off a reign of terror. Even warriors as strong as Great Martial Masters die for it. Magnolia City is a small place, it is practically impossible to find the precious crystal.

As Old Fen said that martial crystals are "enough", how much is that?

As a result, Feng Hao can only remain silent while looking at him.

"Zeze, I am not done talking. The martial crystals at most can only replenish your life, nothing more. What you need to look for is yi crystal, now that is the good stuff."

Old Fen looked disliked how he looked. He did not pay attention to his look, making Feng Hao almost faint as he listened.

The martial crystal can only be used to replenish life?

What else can he say?

Martial crystal is the second life for martial warriors. Refining it between the heaven and earth allows the martial warrior to increase the Wu Yuan inside their body. Possessing such an object greatly increases a chance of ranking up.

As for the yi crystal, this is the first time Feng Hao heard of such a thing.

"What? You scared?"

Feng Hao was indeed lacking confidence. But at the thought of his is vow, his eyes looked firm once again.

"I want to practice 'Yan Jue'!"

The youth answered with a resounding voice.

Death is terrible, however his dignity is now placed right in front of him!

"No problem. However, you must first improve your physique. Otherwise, when enabling the Void Wu, your body will burst and you'll die. You may talk about practicing it by then.

Old Fen replied with straightforwardness, he swept his vast gaze. His forehead wrinkled.

"However, the technique you used for your body is only at the yellow grade, not enough. To reach the 10th level of Martial Apprentice is already not bad of that technique. Try this one."

"While saying this, he threw a yellow scroll to Feng Hao.

"Black level cultivation technique?"

Opening the scroll, Feng Hao looked carefully at the four words on the top which caused him to shake.

Black level cultivation technique, Tiger Movement Chapter.

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