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Chapter 4 – Vow


Feng Hao tried to calm down his rapid breathing, tightening fist he took a few steps forward. Looking straight at Wan Shuo, he claimed, "I'm not a mediocre!"



"A toad wanting to eat a swan's meat!"

Suddenly, there was a mocking voice heard in the hall.

The influences of Magnolia City knew that Feng Hao is ordinary and had spirit medicine to support his body. However, he's a whole lower level than the other three descendants, and who else can do such a thing but a mediocre person.

"You're not mediocre?"

Wan Shuo with a hint of sneer in his mouth, "My daughter is born with innate ice essence, causing teacher Yun Ying to take her as a disciple. Can you ever reach that level?"


"No way. Wan Clan's little daughter turned out to be have an innate constitution, not only that, but it's also the rare ice attribute?"

"Si… not seeing the situation clearly."

The hall immediately became quiet with these words, the color of the face of the people also did not look good.

There is not one attribute Martial Warrior within thousands cultivators. Every Martial Warrior that has an attribute is sure to become a powerful lord in a region.

In other words, the Wan Clan is going to rise!

In a trance, these people seem to realize why the Wan Clan issued such a high-profile invitation. All the other influences attended the so-called apprentice gathering.

Feng Hao naturally took this in, his small face immediately fell.

Yes, he's only an ordinary person, how can he be compared to others.

And this time, Wan Xin was brought to the back of the main hall of the Wan Clan. Only Wan Shuo and the ice-cold woman remain seated there.

Sweeping his glance at the audience, Wan Shuo's corner of the mouth unconsciously rose.

To reprimand Feng Hao as a phoney, this was his thought all along.

Strength was needed for respect. Today, the Wan Clan possessed a helping hand, would it not be foolish to not use thing chance?

"Hao er, come back!"

Feng Chen shouted as he took a step forward in front of Feng Hao.

"Are you his father?"

A cold voice transmitted out attracting everyone’s attention.

They all saw Yun Ying slowly stand up, her body emitted a faint mist.


Confronting this woman, Feng Chen's palm started to exude sweat.

To become a teacher at the Wind Moon Martial Arts Academy, there was no need to doubt her strength.

"There is no need for me to say anything, but if your son disturbs my disciple. I would not mind killing him!"

With Yung Ying speaking, there was streak of cold wind that made Feng Chen's face turn black.

At this time, power started to show, people faces changed in anticipation on the drama in front.

"Does your distinguished self have something to say?"

Feng Hao is from the younger generation of the Feng Clan, but for one to directly say he should be killed, this is not a small matter to the Feng Clan.


Yung Ying' eyes flashed with coldness, she raised her hands to throw out a palm strike.


Just a random palm attack. The Great Martial Master's casual move forced Feng Chen a couple steps back, clutching his chest blood directly spurt out.


Feng Hao quickly supported his father.

"Why did you attack?"

He glared at Yun Ying, his eyes turned bloodshot.

"The weak, must be made aware that they are weak!"

Yung Ying coldly looked at the youth,

She had confidence in her own strength, it precisely because of her own strength did she become an ice attribute Great Martial Master.


Feng Hao bit his lower lip, his mind shivered. From head to toe he was trembling, his small tender face now looked somewhat sinister.

Although the past few years he suffered the superlicious look of others, everyday he would be mocked and ridiculed. Yet, he never really put these things into mind. However at this moment, the sight of his father being ridiculed and insulted, he immediately became filled with a baleful aura.

He clenched his fist, his dark black eyes filled with violent flames. He took one step forward and looked straight at Yun Ying, "Today's disgrace, I, Feng Hao will remember. Three years from now, I will go to Wind Moon Academy to find you!"

Currently the youth is twelve years old, under Yun Ying's pressure he finally broke out. Hearing what was said in the argument, the people in the hall were in a daze.

Everyone from the Feng Clan did not expect such a thing, he usually resigned himself to the humiliation. Now he addressed in public the first vow of his life.

Three years, from the 3rd level of Martial Apprentice to reaching the Great Martial Master realm, this matter is simply impossible. They simply did not know why the youth established such a fantasy of a promise.


Yun Ying's eyes narrowed, she coldly snorted, "In the future, if you can take one move from me, I will admit I lost to you!"

In her eyes, she is a once in a hundred year talent, but even she wasted six years in order to enter the Great Martial Master realm. Then this mediocre twelve year old child who's in the 3rd level Martial Apprentice wanted to achieve such a thing?

Not only that, in this three year period she simply might not even be in the Great Martial Master realm anymore.

"Of course, this is the case if you are able to enter the Wind Moon Academy. "

She raised her fair chin, provoking the youth with her disdain.

That is because if one is unable to condense Wu Yuan before the age of fourteen, then one does not have the qualification to enter the Wind Moon Martial Arts Academy.

This standard has been set by the Wind Moon Academy in order to cultivate talented children.

"When the time comes, I will personally beat you!"

The youth remained completely unmoved, his small face was cold. With his tender voice he yelled.

"Father, let's go!"

He turned around and slowly headed outside.

The youth's figure started to pull away. Not knowing the reason why, everyone in the hall did not have the mood to jeer at him.

Perhaps, the courage of the youth touched them.

"This young man, even given that he is mediocre. If he had the strength, he surely would be a dangerous figure!"

Outside on the street, the four elders face were all not looking good.

"Third Elder, notify the Feng Clan that there will be a gathering three days later. I want to choose a new Clan Master for the Feng Clan!"

The Great Elder, Feng Jie's face turned black. The Third Elder, Feng Ping heavily answered.


After answering, Feng Ping pulled his own grandson to leave. This was all in spite off the current face of Feng Chen.

"Father, I am sorry!"

Looking at the bloodied clothes of Feng Chen, Feng Hao's eyes became moist.

"Three years from now, Hao er you will surely wash away your shame today!"

The youth clenched his fists, he gritted his teeth.


Feng Chen sighed, he looked at the determined face of his son as he opened his mouth, "I believe you, because you are my son!"

Regarding what Feng Hao said, he did not really understand.

The spirit medicine's efficacy was never used, rather it was only gobbled up by the body. This was practically unheard of, with this as the case Feng Hao's talent can't be said to be extremely good. But it is no less than the other three in the family. However, to say that he would fight a Great Martial Master from the Wind Moon Martial Arts Academy three years later, how was he to put this into heart?

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