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Chapter 3 – Wan Family Invitation

Once again, it is time for the daily spirit medicine absorption.

To say the truth, Feng Hao did not think of seeking other people for treatment to just fail. If not because of this, would he still be reduced in this state of mediocrity?


The clan only had one 'medicine' master, who was the fourth elder Feng Shun. There were dozens of spirit medicine sprinkled inside the barrel. Feng Hao breathing in his emotions came in.


Feng Hao arrived at the edge of the barrel to watch the flow of warm water that was dyed turquoise by the spirit medicines. Afterwards, he slowly removed his clothes and went in the barrel.

Slowly, Feng Hao began to feel the coolness of the medicine essence on his skin, seeping in towards the inside of his body. Originally, the medicine essence should be absorb by the muscles, thus strengthening its toughness, tempering the body increasing its quality. However, the medicine essence that entered his body simply did not stay in the muscles. It would directly enter the abdomen and dissipate not leaving any trace.

"What's going on? Why is this happening?"

Feng Hao, in the 3rd Level Martial Apprentice couldn't look inside, but could only feel bottomless pit in his body. He's always been crazy about consuming and using the spirit essence not to leaving the slightest for himself.

Not long after, the medicine essence within the barrel has been completely swallowed. Looking at the clearwater, Feng Hao wanted to cry without tears.

"Maybe, I truly am just mediocre?"

He mocked himself as he left the barrel and wore his clothes on the way out.

The bright moon hung in the night sky, the cold light of the moon poured down on him from the dark dome.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Feng Hao striked multiple times on a wooden stake, his face showed unwavering determination. Sweat lined his cheek as his whole body has long been drenched with sweat. Both of his arms at this time already are swollen, but he persisted on.

This wooden stake had the shape of a cross, there were four thick wooden bars. Depending how strong you struck the wooden stake, it would strike back with the same amount of force. Therefore, to unceasingly strike at the stake to toughen the body, putting out a lot of effort, one must exercise control.

At the beginning, striking the wooden stake Feng Hao would lose control. Everytime his skin is bruised and his face gets swollen, but he still would continue to do it over and over again to increase his strength.


Standing behind a window, Feng Chen sighed as his eyes flickered with complicated color. He ultimately closed the window.

Early in the morning, Feng Hao headed towards the martial arts field.

"Hao er!'

Feng Chen opened his mouth, "Change your clothes, come with me to go to the Wan Clan."

"Go to the Wan Clan?"

Feng Hao scrunched his eyebrows, he responded, "En."

Although he did not know what it was for, he vaguely felt that this had to do something with the icy woman the day before.

Along with the four elders, they all went on their way. The four looked at Feng Hao with disdain and coldly snorted. Feng Chen saw this and scrunched his eyebrows, but he did not say anything.

At this time, the Wan Clan was very lively. Almost all the big influences in Magnolia City received invitations saying that Wan Xin was accepted by a teacher from the Wind Moon Martial Arts Academy. Not only did she become a disciple, she will be brought to the Wind Moon Martial Arts Academy to study cultivation.

This was a great meat pie that fell from the sky. Only a few big families received the invitation, everyone had red eyes with envy.

Speaking of the Wind Moon Martial Arts Academy, it had an abundance of influence. In the West Mist Country, it was a big cultivation martial arts academy. It was the reigning power in West Mist Country. In all kingdoms, people would attempt to send their children to such big influences to help their cultivation.

Therefore, as soon as everyone heard that a teacher from the Wind Moon Martial Arts Academy came forward and took initiative to come to get disciples. People knew that the Wan Clan were bound to be extraordinary people.

Actually, it turns out everything was just a coincidence that the Wind Moon Martials Arts Academy teacher bumped into Wan Xin in Magnolia City. Unexpectedly, she discovered that the little lass possessed an attribute. The girls essence was the same as her cold essence, therefore she had the desire to take her as a disciple.

Given the invitations, the Feng Clan traveled on foot and finally entered the Wan Clan hall.

Sweeping his gaze at everyone, Feng Hao saw the ice cold woman sitting at the seat of power. Wan Shuo sat at one side of her with a face full of smiles. While Wan Xin was standing at the back of the woman with her cute face.

At either side, both Clan Masters are seated with other elders of the clan. Their sons were standing behind each them. With their sons present, the intention is very clear, they wanted to try their luck to possibly be chosen, that will absolutely be a huge event.

As the Feng Clan one by one came in, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward. This was because all the seats in the hall were taken. In an instant, the color of Feng Chen's face dropped.

In this situation, the Wan Clan's Master Wan Shuo looked like he did not see anything. Together with the other two families with influence in Magnolia City, they looked at Feng Chen with the expression of banter.

If the position of the next Feng Clan Master fell to a mediocre person, their position as a clan in the four big families will undoubtedly fall.

"Brother Hao!"

A sharp voice called out. A pure white dressed figure appeared from above. Regardless of the people around, this silhouette pulled Feng Hao's arm.

The littles lass did not think much of it, all she knew is that she like Feng Hao, nothing more.

However, her actions nevertheless amazed numerous people. That is because the matter of Feng Hao and Wan Xin was basically unknown to other people. Even Feng Chen did not know there was such a thing.

How will this end?

They all looked at Wan Shuo.

"Xin er, come here!"

Wan Shuo with a black face stood up and shouted.


Wan Xin pouted, her big bright eyes showed a hint of being wronged. She reluctantly looked at Feng Hao, consoling him with her eyes, she slowly went back up.

"Clan Master Feng Chen!"

Sweeping his gaze, he looked at and shouted to Feng Chen

"Please exercise control over your son. If he dares cause trouble with my daughter again, I will change my way of handling this matter!"

His voice was very low, but there was force in his voice so everyone heard it. When the Feng Clan people heard what was said, their faces changed quickly.

This was simply losing face in front of everybody, the littlest bit of honor of the Feng Clan was destroyed. Everyone looked at the Feng Clan with strange looks.

"It is not like that!"

"Xin er!"

Wan Xin wanted to explain, however she could only quietly look on. Her eyes were getting misty, there was already a layer of water.

"A mediocre man, you think you are fit for my daughter?"

Wan Shuo directly pointed at Feng Hao in front of everyone.


Feng Chen was speechless, he was so angry he could not say a word.

At this point practically everyone from the Feng Clan lost the color in their faces. All the elders in the family looked at Feng Hao, their gaze all filled with dissatisfaction.

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