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Chapter 29 – The First Step to Martial Practitioner


The pitch-black vortex rotated and sounded like the tide of the sea. Some of the stars were attracted and blended in them. This is the martial vortex of emptiness, if he cannot master it, then Feng Hao can only wait to be absorbed

Relentlessly, the speed of the vortex slightly slowed down, but it still didn't improve much.


The no level Yan Jue was unable to keep up to pace with the pitch black vortex.

Feng Hao grinded his teeth and began to practice the wu crystal on his hands.

The energy of the wu Crystal, the Wu Yuan is derived from the Heaven and Earth. It has no color, and it's crystal-clear. The energy directly entered the body and there was instantly noticeable changes.

Yan Jue began to evolve. It resolutely absorbed a lot of energy smoothly with no hindrance. Slowly reaching the speed of the black vortex, the rhythm of the suction started to slow down!

At this time, Feng Hao also felt some changes in his body.

The qi around him gathered in his body, entering it started to condense inside his Void Wu vortex.

"It's Wu Yuan!"

Feng Hao was very happy.

The body can derive Wu Yuan, which means that Feng Hao has been promoted to the level of the Martial Practitioner!

This is Martial Practitioner?"

It seemed unbelievable, just as if he was in a dream.


Feng Hao opened his eyes and spit out turbid qi.

Finally, it's a success!"

"Don't be too happy!"

The voice of the Old Fen came to him, and startled his attention. “As you upgrade the level, the Void Wu will also rise. If you're not able to keep up with it, then you’ll be miserable right away. "

The old man splashed water onto him immediately.

"Sure enough, is it Wu Crystal?"

Feng Hao looked at his hands and the Wu Crystal disappeared, he turned bitter.

He absorbed a whole piece of Wu Crystal. Even though the Yan Jue Has been improved, it has not even reached yellow level secret art. This is simply too harsh.

"What can you do with such little Wu Yuan?"

As he was looking at the thin Wu Yuan inside the condensed vortex , Feng Hao wanted to cry without tears.

Regardless of which aspect, he must upgrade his level. However, is it really easy to use wu crystals for progress which is extremely luxurious.

“It’s not difficult to get promoted to the yellow level. All you need is ten pieces of wu crystals."

What Old Fen told Feng Hao made his heart turn cold.

"Ten pieces of wu crystals!"

Feng Hao's eyeballs became round.

This amount even all the families combined might not even possess as much.

"What if it's a yi crystal?"

Feng Hao asked with a bright light.

“Yi crystal? Even that is more exotic, this is enough to rise to the next level. That is to say, if you refine a piece, you can instantly be promoted to the yellow level.

Old Fen gave a detailed explanation.


Feng Hao’s eyes immediately brightened. “So to say, a piece of  yi crystal can reach ten pieces of Wu Crystal?”


Old Fen scoffed, “Boy, the benefits of yi crystals are not what you can imagine. I said that after refining the yi crystals, Wu Yuan in your body will be transformed into different wu yuans. The different wu yuan exceeds the level of a normal wu yuan by a lot!

“The difference between the yi crystal and the wu crystal is just like the gap between an ordinary spirit medicine and a medicine king!"

"A gap that big?"

Feng Hao clustered his eyebrows and breathed in to cool down.

As a result, yi crystals are extremely rare!

Spirit medicines are still usually seen within the magic beast mountain range. However, as for medicine king’s, aside from being told by other people, it practically is a legend like the wu crystal. Feng Hao did not dare did much about it anymore.

"Well, it for you to save your life!"

After speaking, he turned to into bright lights and disappeared.

"Yi crystal, Wu Crystal."

Feng Hao shook his head.

Both are hard to obtain, but this is the path he has chosen to go through.

Regardless, being promoted to Martial Practitioner in a short period of time is absolutely pleasing.

Feng Hao closed his eyes and felt the flow of Wu Yuan inside his body. The corner of his mouth was slightly raised.

This is just the beginning!"


The waterfall's noise is still loud.

As the sky gradually turned blue, Feng Hao opened his eyes while being under the waterfall. There was a slight flash on his eyes.


He straightened his body, and an imposing aura flowed naturally.

He clenched his fists and the colorless Wu Yuan burst out. His body tightened and he closely stared at the face of the cliff.


Gathering momentum, condensate, concentration, and outburst, all four actions in one breathe. The slightest burst of sound, and his fists directly lie on the rock wall.。


His fists were set directly into the rock wall and cracks were around it.


Retracting his fists, gravel fell on the floor and Feng Hao's mouth slightly raised.

"Compared to the 9th level Martial Apprentice, this is much stronger by a dozen times!"

This is Martial Practitioner, with strong Wu Yuan as strength, a Martial Apprentice can not compare!

"The amount of Wu Yuan is too small."

This is the disadvantage of a low level secret art.

"I must find a yi crystal!"

In order to get promoted to the level of yellow, he needed ten wu crystals. After which, the number of crystals will surely increase as time passes on. The target of Feng Hao is to get yi crystals, so he can get the benefit of possessing Yi Yuan. After three years he would surely be able to fight a Martial Spirit like Yun Ying after three years.


He jumped out of the waterfall and looked at the sleeping leather girl.

Due to the skintight leather, the young girl's stature became more prominent. Her long black hair being in disorder, with her small exquisite face as if made through meticulous craftsmanship. Just a 13 year old girl, and she was already this beautiful.

Seemingly to be aware of it, the girl opened her eyes. “Smelly rogue, what are you looking at?”


After being caught, Feng Hao’s face was red and he quickly recovered his gaze, but he was still tongue-lashed by the girl.

"You can leave!"

"Leave? You condense Wu Yuan?"

The girl seemed a little bit distracted.


Feng Hao nodded, holding out his palm, faint Wu Yuan dispersed out.

"How could it be?"

The girl opened her mouth and her eyes widened. She looked at Feng Hao like he was a monster.

To think that before, she took three days to condense Wu Yuan and she was praised to be a once in a hundred years genius. Then she met a young boy in a remote area, unexpectedly in a night he condensed Wu Yuan which caused her to be unable to bare it.

"You're not really a monster, right?"

She walked around Feng Hao and looked with great suspicion.

Being tempered by lightning, he was all right and was only exhausted. This is simply how a monster would behave.

"You still can't go!"

Feng Hao looked at her from head to toe, rolled his eyes then spoke.

"Go! Why don't you go!

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