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Chapter 23 – Strange Ability

After biting the bear's meat, Feng Hao sat and closed his eyes. He expected a warmth presence in his body parts.

He was not disappointed!

Only a small moment passed and a warm sensation began to reach his stomach until it gradually spread throughout his body. The warm and vigorous feeling had appeared once again.


Feng Hao stood up and looked at the bear that weighed about 300 pounds which might take decades to be eaten.

He tore off his clothes and walked towards the waterfall. This pure strength shall not be wasted!

With much help, Feng Hao's cultivation has become more vigorous and he hasn't suffered from mediocrity. Beforehand he did not know the importance of cultivation, however now he knows its importance and that strength rules above all.

After a few days of eating bear meat, Feng Hao noticed that his endurance has grown. He can feel his muscles change for it is now strong and even more powerful. Under the impact of the waterfall his skin turned red and things seemed to change.

"The effects of eating this, is this not due to the magic bear?"

Feng Hao thought about it while eating.

It this the alleged defense and stamina of a magic bear?


Feng Hao's heart brightened. After eating the flesh of the fierce beast, he has grown in speed and agility. Now that he has eaten bear meat, his endurance and defense increased afterwards.

Is it not assimilation? Eating animal meat actually has this kind of benefit! "

He looked startled, his heart filled with ecstasy.

"It seems that I must eat animal meat later once again!"

Feng hao's mind came alive. Eating thousands of beasts in the magic beast mountain range, just what kind of strength can he achieve?

However, with his current strength, this is undoubtedly just an excessive expectation.

He also found out that the warmth that he felt from the meat will start to decline. Then after a few days, the heat will be completely gone.

"No wonder at that time eating did not increase strength!"

Feng Hao could not help but think that about himself eating meat at home.

"It's not right!"

When he thought of something, Feng Hao put down his hands with pieces of meat on them and his eyes were full of doubts.

“Eating animal meat can assimilate its strengths, and I can also use the sort of heat to replenish the body’s strength. Why does the family need to use spirit medicines to grow stronger?”

After a long time of thinking, Feng Hao realized that any meat usually does not have this kind of effect, he could not think of the cause.

"What's the matter then?"

Warm energy spread out in his stomach. The feeling of warm energy made Feng Hao feel extremely comfortable.

"No, there must be something wrong!"

He doesn't believe that everyone is a fool.


Feng Hao shouted facing the road.

Old Fen undoubtedly is definitely at the summit of being one of the strongest in the continent. Throwing away a black level martial skill, wu crystal spoken about like its nothing. It is hard to believe that his cultivation is not terrifying.

"What's going on?"

Old Fen's voice echoed through the road.

“Master, this is the case.”

Feng Hao mentioned the cause and effect of the incident.


Old Fen was shocked at him, this was the first time Feng Hao saw Old Fen shocked.

"What happened?"

They did not speak for a long time, Feng Hao was anxious somewhat disturbed, fearing it was something bad.

"No way? In a place like this, how is it possible?"

Old Fen narrowed his eyes and looked at Feng Hao. "Feng Clan? Could it be Feng Clan?"

After a period of recalling a memory, the old man’s eyelids slightly leaped and his heart was certain.

"Hei Hei."

He had a strange smile. “Zeze, really unexpected, this generation

"Boy, I ask you, when you tire, does the heat come out of your veins?"

He asked Feng Hao again.


Feng Hao scratched his head and thought, “Probably, it seems like it.”

The heat comes from all over the body, some of them are in his veins, but Feng Hao is not sure.

"Zeze, for it to be passed on, kid you are blessed!"

Old Fen's eyes are glowed, Feng Hao's expression changed because it was as if a monster was looking at him.

"After endless years, the bloodline has been watered down. Only one or two pop out per generation, could it be this guys ancestors are part of that bloodline?"

The more he thought about it, Old Fen looked even more eccentric.

“Master, is it good or bad.”

He looked at him and Feng Hao seemed a little anxious.

"What is your rush? If you have the power, it will come naturally!"

Old Fen gave him a look. “Unfortunately, those guys didn't show me their blood scripture. Else, with this kids blood, that little girl will be nothing but a fart."

"Kid, remember the more you eat beast meat, the better!”

Old Fen raised the corner of his mouth smiling toward the Feng Hao. After talking, the body turned into lights disappeared without a trace.


Feng Hao surprised, “More beast meat.”

"I also know this."

He whispered, swallowed mouthful of meat in threes, and walked towards the waterfall.

"Should I try the second posture of the Tiger Movement Chapter?"

Currently under the waterfall it was difficult for Feng Hao to do the postures, however only through him pressuring himself could he have a chance of breaking through.


The waterfall was like a galaxy turned upside down falling with force of more than hundreds of pounds. However, just below the waterfall is the existence of a figure. He is slightly arched, like one who is ready to pounce. He was a beast ready to go for the kill.


With the crisp sound of the bones, every muscle in Feng Hao’s body slightly jittered.

He has broken through, pinnacle of the 6th level!

"Hu… Hu…"

Feeling the new strength of his body and as well as the other aspects upgrading, Feng Hao leaped and stood up.

"Ah! Rogue!"

At this time, a pleasant cry sounded out reaching his ear.


Feng Hao stared blankly. There was a person wearing leather, whose figure was small. It was a young lady who had a pleasant appearance standing by the edge of the pool.


Looking at the current situation, Feng Hao's face became red like a ripe fruit. He retreated to the pool until only his head was showing above water.

"Hey you, go away. If you don't leave, how can I ever go out?"

He shouted at the girl.

Sadly he did not yell fast enough. The girl whipped out a sword and cut all the clothes of Feng Hao at the edge of the pool into pieces.

"Smelly rascal, I will not let you dress up. I will let you continue being a hoodlum!"

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