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Chapter 22 – Hunting the magic bear

In the magic beast mountain range, all kinds of magic beasts have their own territory. Feng Hao was currently in one of the unregulated zones, therefore he has yet to meet a tyrannical beast.

Level 8 magic bear, compared to the fierce flame beast is a bit stronger. Placing its existence in the magic beast mountain, it's nothing but an insignificant beast. However for the only 6th level Martial Apprentice Feng Hao, it was a big challenge.

After all, there was a two level difference.

However, Feng Hao was confident in his speed. He decided to try. If he could kill the bear, his source of meat would be much larger.

Speaking of speed, Feng Hao was also a little puzzled. Hunting the fierce flame beast for the first time, he narrowly escaped death. However after eating the meat, his speed and agility had a strange growth. This feeling was truly strange, he could not find the cause. He could only see the results when he starts practicing under the waterfall.

Slowly approaching, he saw the two meter high black bear lying inside a bush. Beside it, there was a skeleton of an unknown magic beast.


The magic bear abruptly opened its big eyes, directly looking at Feng Hao's direction. It turned over and stood up. It roared then rushed towards Feng Hao's direction.


Thinking of his sneaking failing, Feng Hao increased his pace and sprang up.


The magic bear was like a tank coming straight, all the bushes on its way were crushed. All the branches from the trees snapped. It raised its paw, looking very imposing and ferocious.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Feng Hao within the gap of the mountains jumped nimbly, like a monkey there was not the slightest sloppiness in his movements. In just moment, he was already behind the bear.

"Too slow?"

He turned to look at the roaring magic bear,in his heart, "My speed has grown so much?"

Remembering the incident last time, he had difficult time in escaping the bear's paw. This time he easily left it behind. Regarding this difference, Feng Hao could not help but be surprised.

"It is so."

Seeing the situation, Feng Hao thoroughly laid it down in his heart. With the wooden spear on his hand, he waited for the arrival of the magic bear.


Seeing Feng Hao, the magic bear went crazy. Taking three strides, stamping the earth causing the ground to shiver, it aimed both of its arms towards Feng Hao.

A strong wind hit his face, however Feng Hao was not flustered. He clenched the wooden spear, taking small steps flexibly evading the attack from the magic bear. His eyes were staring at the movements of the bear, always ready to take the shot.




Dirt flew in all directions, plants swirled and rocks were sent flying. Dust started to fill the small area, the magic bear's angry roar never stopped.

The strength of the magic bear was never in doubt. If Feng Hao was hit, he was sure to break his bones. However with his speed and agility, time passed and the magic bear was not even able to scratch the edge of his clothes.

That is because Feng Hao can see the trajectory of the attacks of the bear, this he can calmly avoid it.

A period of time passed, and the legendary endurance of the magic bear waned. It movements started to get slower, and the strength of attack after attack started to weaken as well.

Seeing the situation is as such, Feng Hao rejoiced inside. His began to work up his mind, he jumped with a big curve flashing in all directions around the magic bear.


Seeing the timing, Feng Hao no longer had any hesitation and threw the spear at the back of the bear.


He did not like what he saw. The bear's back was hard as a rock. The spear aside from ripping some fur off, it did not cause much damage.


The magic bear acted violently. It was already exhausted however after experiencing threat there was a burst of crazy force. Its hostility grew and madly attacked around it. Several time it swiped with its paws startling Feng Hao causing him to have cold sweat.

"Why is it so hard?"

Sweat lined the cheeks of Feng Hao. While dodging, he pondered, sweeping his eyes across the body of the bear.


A huge hit struck the ground, suddenly there was a pit of dust, The soil was scattered everywhere in the surroundings.


On the arm of the magic bear, Feng Hao saw the black fur all around it. Unexpectedly under its arm there was a big white spot.

"Is that its weakness?"

He discovered that every time the magic bear used its arms, it unintentionally shielded that white spot. Obviously, the magic bear was hiding something.


With a slight sound the arm of the magic bear fell towards Feng Hao. Quickly, Feng Hao aimed at the white spot.



The sound of breaking skin came out, then the magic bear let put a burst of roar. Under its arms red blood sprayed out dying the ground red.

He glanced with horror at the youth, it fled without turning its head.

"Still want to run!"

Feng Hao sped up.

In the first place the speed of the magic bear was not as fast as Feng Hao. Now coupled with heavy damage, its body tumbled letting Feng Hao overtake it.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Feng Hao with the spear at his hands struck towards the magic bears underarm. Although the magic bear was trying to protect it, the wound was already gushing blood which weakened it.


Another sound came out and the magic bear's white spot was hit by the spear. Blood gushing out, the body of the bear shook eventually causing it to fall to the ground. Its huge body was constantly twitching as blood dyed the ground around red.


Feng Hao sighed. Standing in the distance, the magic bear stopped breathing and he cautiously walked over. With the wooden spear he struck the wound. Seeing that the magic bear did not make any more movements, his heart calmed down.


His mouth slightly raised, his heart was filled with a sense of achievement.

After all, using the strength of a 6th level to kill a level 8 magic bear, there was a two level difference. Such a thing can not be done by most.

"Can the meat of the magic bear raise my strength?"

This is what Feng Hao wanted to know.

Using all his strength, he dragged the magic bear that was about 300 pounds back to the waterfall. Wantonly cleaning himself, Feng Hao then created a fire with a large chunk of bear meat above to roast.

The meat's aroma flowed. Taking the bear meat while also not bearing afraid of it being hot, Feng Hao began to eat. He did not know what the flavor was going to be like.

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