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Chapter 14 – Changes

Black level martial skill, even to those big experts from those big city families, it is a precious existence. In the case one acquires it, the whole clan's power will rise. As a result, all the influences are sparring their utmost effort to take it.

"100,000 gold coins!"

The ability to raise the price sky high, those from the small powers can only look with helplessness.

""120,000 gold coins!"

The Feng Clan Master Feng Lie fiercely called out, at once raising the price by 20,000 gold coins.

More than a hundred thousand gold coins, even to a family like the Feng Clan it was already the limit. After all a clan needs its money to operate, it is not possible to use all their funds.

"130,000 gold coins!"

The Yang Clan Master Yang Chong clenched his teeth, adding 10,000.

All the Clan Masters of the four big families rushed over to the city, putting them all together caused a heated atmosphere. After all, the four big families wanted to take the spot of being the most superior in Magnolia City. They all prepared ample funds, therefore when it reached the hundred thousand mark only they were striving to take it.

"135,000 gold coins!"

The Hu Clan Master Hu Li uttered a price, his complexion did not look good.

"136,000 gold coins!"

"150,000 gold coins!"

Wan Shuo for the second time called out his price, he looked the surrounding people who had ashen faces. In his mind he was sneering.

The Feng Clan was not much inferior, however due to having no connections to a higher power they were implicated. Also, there was also that issue, so Yun Ying's clan without any question lent a huge amount of a 100,000 gold coins to him. As a result, with these funds, there was no other family in the city that can rival him.

The Wan Clan bid 150,000, is there any higher bids?"

The old auction master's face was deep red, this price was truly at the peak in his whole life.

Asking three times, there was no answer. 150,000 gold coins was the final price.

Looking at the beaming Wan Shuo, the other clan masters eyes were flickering with unknown emotions.That is because after that event, many of the small powers in Magnolia City started to warm up to the Wan Clan. If this were to continue, sooner or later the whole Magnolia City will be annexed.

The auction ended, Feng Hao stood up. His casual actions immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

That's because everyone knew that the black level martial kill came from this person's hands.

Sweeping his glance, he saw his father was gloomy and his eyebrows scrunched. He began walking towards the direction of Feng Chen's position.

Ouyang Peng first stared blankly, then he followed soon after.

"Are you the Feng Clan Master?"

A husky voice came from the black robed person, Feng Chen was amazed not knowing why this was happening.


In his mind he had his misgivings, however he politely replied.

"100,000 gold coins, do you want!"

Feng Hao did not dare speak, he directly took out the Cloud Movement Art handing it in front of him.

"Black level martial skill! Yellow level high grade secret art!"

Glancing at the two scrolls, Feng Chen immediately cried out.


The audience was alarmed, they were astonished. They looked at the black robe man with shock.

Black level martial skill, there is nothing needed to be said. As for the secret art, this was the basis and foundation of a clan. In Magnolia City, an influence possessing a low grade yellow level secret art would soon turn into the fifth big clan. Therefore, the price of this is above that of a martial skill. Furthermore, even an ordinary secret art was hard to seek out.

Ouyang Peng also had a cold breath, 100,000 gold coins, this was simply a gift.

However, he thought about it , why did this Medicine Master do this?

"Do you want!"

Seeing that Feng Chen did not answer for a long time, the husky voice came from the black robed man once again seeming like he was impatient.

"Well, many thanks sir!"

Not knowing the reason why, while Feng Chen was reaching out he did not see that the black robe man slightly moved.

Looking at the scroll on his hand, Feng Chen felt like he was dreaming. The Feng Clan Elders and Feng Lie were a;so excited.

Did a meat pie really fall from the heavens?

Everyone was envious, they looked at Feng Clan members with hatred.

Feng Lie rapidly took out the gold coins. After finishing the transaction, to make to convenient for Ouyang Peng, Feng Hao immediately departed the auction.

No one spoke, they knew that this black robed man was not someone to provoke.

To treat a black rank martial skill as a joke, giving it away to one's whims, it's difficult to find such a person in the entire West Mist Country.

With the two scrolls, Feng Chen slowly calmed down as he pondered. Why would that person do such a thing?

"Could it be?"

His mind brightened, he immediately left the auction house.

Taking the spirit medicine, Feng Hao quickly returned to his courtyard. Not long after as he was in a downwards position, he saw Feng Chen quickly come.

Hu… Hu…

His movements did not stop, there was pain like an electric current coursing through his entire body. He began to tremble.

The second posture, as a 4th level Martial Apprentice to practice it was extremely difficult. However to bring about its benefits, its was far harder than the first posture

Being able to do fourteen repetitions, Feng Hao strength was exhausted. He became paralyzed as he lied down gasping for air.

"Hao er!"

It was at this time Feng Chen walked over.


Feng Hao sat up, in his mind he knew that Feng Chen had things to ask.


Feng Chen sighed with relief, looked at the youth in front of him with complex eyes, "The person who passed this cultivation method to you, was it a black robed person?"

"How do you know?"

Feng Hao pretended to look surprised.

Seeing the youth with this expression, Feng Chen's heart settled. In the same time, he started to feel excited.

This was a big opportunity!

This also explains the actions of the black robed man.

"Good! Good! Good ah!"

He yelled with his face full of joy, he solemnly said, "Hao er, you cannot disappoint that sir's good intentions!"

"Father rest assured!"

Feng Hao seamlessly raised the corners of his mouth, however he still agreed.

The sudden appearance of the mysterious black robed man will undoubtedly bring a huge variable for the clan. The originally isolated and desolate Feng Clan, due to one act of the black robed man changed everything.

A volume of black rank martial skill, a volume of high grade yellow rank secret art, this was enough to change a clan's destiny.

No one knows why the black robed man did such a thing. Afterwards, he did not appear again. However, there were some changes in the structures of the four big clans.

That is because, three days later the Yang and Hu Clan announced their alliance. This big move incorporated the small powers and contrary to what was initially expected, they started to pressure the Wan and Feng Clan.

However, who could anticipate such a result. The two clans have begun with their final struggle. Yet the Feng and Wan Clan did not make any movements. They just stayed in their territories like mad dogs.

At any moment they were ready to bite!

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