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Chapter 13 – The Auction Begins

In Magnolia City, a black level martial skill has appeared. This news was spread out, reaching everyone in the city as the big powers were unable to sit idly. They gathered as much money as they can rushing over to participate in the auction.

In front of the Elegant Auction Pavilion's entrance, innumerable people were standing as far as the eye can see. Everyone from big powers, elders and clan heads were currently present. Ordinary people had no choice but to stay at a distance to look.   

Ouyang Peng has been standing by the door waiting for the powerful elders to pass. He did not make any attempt to fawn over anyone from a big power. Even those from the four big clans, all he did was cup his hands and there was no change in his countenance.

After a long time the crowd outside finally all went inside, still he did not see his figure. Ouyang Peng's brows scrunched.

"Don't tell me he won't come?"

His heart was a little disappointed.

In order for Feng Hao to not accidentally meet with his family, he spent some time wandering inside the city. After awhile he pulled a piece of black cloth and wrapped it around his body, only then did he appear.

"Sir, you are here!"

As he saw the black robe, he immediately greeted. Ouyang Peng was filled with joy and full of respect.

He reported all this to the headquarters, and they handed down an order. That is, to meet all his needs and to please him at all costs!


A husky voice came underneath the black robe. He quickly led the way.

The people who saw this scene speculated that the man wearing a black robe by the end of the hall is sacred.

As head of the elegant auction, Ouyang Peng does not need to please anybody. However, how can they not be so shocked at the gesture of being so delightful to the black robed man?

They one after the other made way, looking at the two as they entered. After which, there were quiet discussions as they finally reached the inside.

Even if they were unable to guess who that person was, they still had a rough understanding. They felt that undeniably that person is a huge figure.

"Please wait, Sir. The auction will start soon."

Ouyang Peng respectfully said after Feng Hao sat down.

This kind of treatment, Feng Hao was not accustomed to. At present, his father was also in front of him wanting to curry favor from him. This reverential treatment to himself, he could not help but sigh as the big difference.

Medicine Master, sure enough is a good profession!

Underneath the black robe, Feng Hao's mouth bent slightly.

"Even so, I will surely rely on my strength to defeat you!"

He tugged his fist tightly, and a cold pretty face appeared in his head once again. He imperceptibly let out a sigh.

"Sir, is there a problem?"

Ouyang Peng's heart raised as he sensed the atmosphere.

Could it be that his actions were no good enough, making this great character angry?


Feng Hao shook his head and talked in a husky voice, "That's right. How is the preparation for the spirit medicines?

“One hundred thirty kinds of spirit medicine have been shipped, and the rest are being acquired by all the other branches.”

Ouyang Peng spoke softly, always observing the change in his mood.

"Sorry to bother you!"

Full of gratitude, Feng Hao spoke, "Today's auction proceeds, exchange it to spirit medicines like last time!"


Ouyang Peng is relieved as he heard his change in tone.

The auction soon began. Led by Ouyang Peng, the two went directly to the first row to sit down.

To be able to sit in the first row, one must undoubtedly be a character equivalent to the clan master's of the four big families. Seeing Ouyang Peng's attitude to the black robed man, their eyelids jumped.

Sweeping his consciousness to those around him, Feng Hao realized his father was sitting in the second row looking at him. He could not help but tense up under his black robe, afraid that he will be seen through.

However, soon after the lights dimmed on the stage leaving a set magic crystals to shine and flicker. Everyone's eyes turned towards the auction stage, allowing Feng Hao to relax a bit.


As soon as the bell rang, the audience slowly quiet down. An old auctioneer boarded the auction stage.

"Everyone, welcome to our auction!"

The old man spoke in full courtesy while smiling, "Next is the start of our auction segment.”

The auction began according to the sequence, however the competitions at the start was not fierce. Only those coming from small powers vied over the items, the big powers all conserved their strength.

"Next to be auctioned is a spirit medicine!"

After announcing it, the old auctioneer pulled the red cloth with his hands. There appeared a small red three petaled flower.

"Buy it!"

Old Fen's voice directly echoed within Feng Hao's mind.


Feng Hao was slightly stunned, because he found that the bead of spirit medicine was not a type recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon.

“This is a ten-year old Pink Lotus Flower. Starting price of 1000 gold coins, each increase of price must not be less than ten gold coins!"

The old auctioneer voiced.

“1100 hundred gold coins!”

Suddenly someone cried below.

“1150 gold coins!”

“2000 gold coins!”

A husky voice sounded out. It was not loud, however after it stated a price there was no more increase.

Although Feng Hao did not know what effect this so-called Pink Lotus Flower had, but Old Fen said it is useful so there must be a purpose.

Ouyang Peng was surprised for a moment, then he faced the direction of the old auctioneer. He made a slight gesture of nodding.

“Well, then this Pink Lotus Flower is to be taken by this man!”

The old auctioneer knocked down the hammer directly.

"Thanks a lot!"


The purpose of Ouyang Peng is to make this mysterious Medicine Master have a good impression of them. He is sparing no matter what effort to achieve this.

Currently, the value of the Pink Flower Lotus was 5000 gold coins. The unpaid money of the value, this naturally will be reimbursed by him.

Regarding achieving his goal, Feng Hao truly had a good impression of him,

After all for whatever purpose, Ouyang Peng was the first person to show respect to him. Feng Hao also made up his mind. If he was to encounter a hard problem in the future, he would help him handle the problem.

Things passed quickly, and the auction was still going on. During that period, two kinds of spirit medicine were recorded in Shen Nong Medicine Canon. Both of them were taken by Feng Hao at a very low price.

Of course, that does not mean that he likes to covet these small advantages. However, he really is just not generous at this time.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the next item will be the last to be auctioned!"

The old auctioneer revealed and took a scroll from the tray.

“Black level class martial skill, Cyclone Sand Palm!”

His voice was a little agitated, almost shouting out loudly.

“30,000 gold coins starting price, the increase in price must be no less than 1000!

“40,000 gold coins!”

Sitting in the first row, Wan Shuo directly called a price.

As a result of his daughter being an attributed martial practitioner, Wan Clan's rise was certain. However, with regards rare books, the Wan Clan was still exceedingly lacking. So regarding the black level martial skill, he was set in winning!

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