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Chapter 110 – Cruel selection

Wind Moon Academy, its strength is far beyond imagination. Its dean, Hua Yunlong, is the second strongest expert in the whole West Mist Country. It is said that in Wind Moon Academy, if one wanted him to be the mentor, one's strength should have at least reached Martial Grand Master. Thinking of this, it just shows how strong he is.

Not only that, that is only the outer court. On the inner court, that is the place where real geniuses go. Although the people are not many, but to be able to enter the inner court, it cannot be guaranteed that one can reached Martial Ancestor. However, reaching Martial Spirit is absolutely not a problem!

Of course because they are made up of the elite, so the requirements for the inner court is much more stringent. And just to be able to enter the academy, only one in a thousand make it.

Naturally, entering the inner court most people did not have a wishful thinking, entering the outer court was already very good. Being in Wind Moon Academy was the best shortcut for getting secret arts and martial skills. Moreover, if performance is excellent, some mentors may even give some high level secret arts and martial skills. Having these two good things, the distance on the road of becoming stronger will be much closer.

Secret arts and martial skills are the two most attractive things on Heaven Martial Continent. Because both these things the academy is equipped with, so for most people entering Wind Moon Academy can be said will basically allow them to not worry about the future. Every student from the academy that successfully graduated will be talented forces with bright futures.

Therefore, every year there are countless young people breaking their scalps and doing everything possible in order to enter Wind Moon academy.

However, Wind Moon Academy only recruited once a year and in that time they only take about a thousand people. Many do not make it, so every placing is very precious.

Wind Moon Academy was located to the south of the royal capital, basically, the entire southern area belonged to Wind Moon Academy. At the entrance of the academy, there was a large square that were about two full football pitches wide. Today it was filled with a crowd, there was not remaining gap in the big space.

Noise sounded as if waves came tumbling, directly lifting to the whole sky,

Feng Hao scrunched his eyebrows as he was standing in the crowd. His ears were buzzing due to the noise, but there was no other way. Looking left and right, he found some person's head was shrouded in a layer of light, it was Wu Yuan. Staring blankly, he finally understood. He lightly tapped his head and Wu Yuan came rolling from his body until a thin layer of Wu Yuan covered his ears. Suddenly, the noise around him was gone. Looking around at the constant moving mouths, his lips formed a smile.

Time flowed slowly away, the hot sun finally rose up with its dazzling light shining down. Wind Moon Academy finally opened its doors and dozens of teachers slowly came out.

At this time, the noisy scene gradually calmed down. After all, no one wanted to leave a bad impression.

An elder came out and the dozens of teachers saluted him.

This elder was the Vice Dean of WInd Moon Academy, Xiao Yusen, he was also a Martial Ancestor!

Coming over to a platform, Xiao Yusen slowly went up, and at this moment the huge square directly quieted down, no one emitted a sound.

Seeing such as scene, he seamlessly nodded. Sweeping his gaze at the audience, he slowly said, "First of all, I represent the Wind Moon Academy to welcome you all!"

Although he barely opened his mouth, but due to the amplification of Wu Yuan, his voice spread throughout the whole royal capital. His voice could be heard in every nook and cranny in the city reaching everyone.

"My Wind Moon Academy does not give importance to the elite, to those with low wealth, as long as you are capable my Wind Moon Academy will cultivate you to be the elite of the kingdom!"

This was not a white lie, it can be said that in West Mist Country, more than ninety percent of the elite experts came from this school, this was very clear.

"It is unnecessary to say more, if you are younger than 20 years old and an attributed martial practitioner, you are excused from the selection, directly being selected as a special recruit. Again, if you are an attribute martial practitioner, immediately raise your hand!"

As his words fell, his eyes glanced at the square. Looking at the hands of the people, he casually waved his hand pulling those people. In just a moment, more than ten people were standing on top of the platform. They were very young and composed of both sexes. One of them had a very disdainful look as the person looked at those below, the attitude was cut out from the rest.

This was the truth, an attributed martial practitioner will always be stronger than ordinary experts of the same level. This was the reality, otherwise  Wind Moon Academy would have not specially recruited them.


Shaking his head, Feng Hao was also helpless. Originally, he refined the ice attributed yi crystal, so he had that attribute. However, on the surface he still showed ordinary Wu Yuan, so this option had to be put aside.

"Very good!"

This time they were able to pick out fourteen with attributes, so Xiao Yusen was extremely satisfied. The corners of his mouth indistinctly showed a smile. Looking at the dozens of teachers and nodding, he directly entered Wind Moon Academy with the fourteen people.

After he had gone, the selection officially started!

This was a big selection, as if trying to make a fortune, the whole square was filled and extremely lively, There were at least tens of thousands of people in the place, however out of these amount of people, only a thousand would be left. So this selection process would undoubtedly be cruel since Wind Moon Academy was only for first rate students!

This was the world, the world is a cruel place!

A testing bench was present in front of each teacher. The first test is checking the purity of Wu Yuan, the higher the purity of Wu Yuan, naturally represents a person's future achievements will be higher. The purity of Wu Yuan was divided into several levels, ordinary, low grade, middle grade, high grade, top grade, and transcendent grade!

If one has a high grade Wu Yuan, it can be said that one's talent is comparable to those attributed martial practitioners. As for the top grade, it was clear that only those who refined a yi crystal can reach this level. As for the transcendent grade, it only exists in the legends.

So as long as one reaches the low grade, you can basically pass the first test. As the test goes on, it was natural that more and more people would be forced off until there were only a thousand people left.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

One by one palms were imprinted on the testing bench. The more dazzling light came out, the higher the grade.

"Ordinary grade, next!"

Along with the voice of the teacher sounding out, a thin youth walked over to take the test. After he went through, he naturally had a happy face. However, he was unaware that this was only the first pass!

"Low grade!"

Looking at the bright testing bench, the middle aged teacher registered the name and the youth was happy as he walked behind a line.

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