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Chapter 108 – Shadow intent

"Ying er, you should also go."

Seeing Yun Ying did not go, Yun Xiong was stunned then immediately softly spoke.

It can be said within the Yun Clan, he cared most about his granddaughter. Although she was a female, no one would be able to find another person in the Yun Clan that can be compared to her. Moreover, just a year ago, she already broke through the Martial Grand Master realm reaching the Martial Spirit Stage. Coupled with her special ice attribute, it can be said that in addition with the older generation and the younger generation, she could be listed in the top three.


Yun Ying's face became haggard, she worried looked at the face of the old man.

"Hey, how can this girl not hear about it?"

Suddenly, Yun Xiong's eyes brightened.

"Alright, you old bastard. We are not going to say anything shameful, so why are you afraid of her presence?"

Impatient on the situation, Hua Yuntian yelled a sentence before selfishly finding a place to sit.


Yun Xiong smiled, then gathering his emotions he sat next on a chair beside Hua Yuntian. With a pleased pair of eyes he said, "Old fellow, you really surprised me that you are still alive. After more than a decade, your mother, no one knew which corner you hid in. I worked hard everywhere to find you but nothing came out of it!"

"Heihei!… How can I die when you are not yet dead you old bastard?"

Hua Yuntian also smiled as he struck the other.


Yun Ying standing at the side looked at the two old men laugh, her heart filled with emotion. Regarding her grandfather, she was very clear. The past few years, it has been a long time since she saw this old man smile. The old man's forehead show hints of sadness. But now, she saw that the complete sadness was turned into complete joy.

"Could it be that…"

Looking again at Hua Yuntian, the eyes of Yun Ying could not help but tremble.

Her grandfather's partner, his friend, it was only prince Yuntian! However, prince Yuntian was already missing during her youth, she faintly heard that it was due to poisoning. Back then, he pleased a high level black ranked Medicine Master, however that person failed. Now after more than a decade, he was still unexpectedly alive, does this not represent…

"Alright, let's not say anymore."

Hua Yuntian waved his hand to interrupt Yun Xiong from the senseless subject, looking at him with a somewhat evading gaze he asked, "You old bastard, I heard that you were poisoned?"

"This… ai… that mother, so stupid ah. Unexpectedly, that bastard was able to go in, that mother!"

Looking at the concern of his old friend, Yun Xiong heavily sighed. His somewhat low roar still had hints of an imposing aura.

"Who did it?!"

Hua Yuntian's eyes narrowed as an imposing momentum spread from his body.

"Just like you, the Shadow Devil Religion caused this, that mother even threatened this old man so I attacked. That bastard could only hide, they can only use there despicable methods, really repulsive!"

Speaking of this, Yun Xiong grinded his teeth then raised his fist to punch the table at the side turning it into dust.

This control of strength could be said to reach perfection!

"Shadow Devil Religion once again!"

Hearing what was said, Hua Yuntian's face directly sank.

This Shadow Devil Religion seems to specialize in Poison Master's, so they can deploy different kinds of high level poisons. It's reasonable to say that their power could be equivalent to a full blown kingdom. However, what was odd is that they only participated in covert activities, the never showed other people their true purpose.

"Alright, were you able to find a Medicine Master?"

Pondering for a little, Hua Yuntian looked at his side and asked.

"I tried to look, it was useless. I estimate the poison is as strong as the one in your body, that mother,  truly ruthless. The high level poison he used was this strong…"

Saying this, Yun Xiong was stunned the immediately looked at Hua Yuntian who had no hint of a smile. Staring blankly, he swept his gaze a this old man.

Rosy complexion, full of vigor, what there the slightest hint of being poisoned?

"Old fellow, your poison…?"

HIs heart jumped, with a swish he stood up in a sudden.


Hua Yuntian looking at him, he began to pour himself a cup of tea. Under anxious eyes, he opened his mouth, however just as it entered he directly sprayed out scolding, "You old bastard, does the marshal still drink boiled water, do you not have a little respect?"

"Ying er, go bring the tea leaves!"

Yun Xiong immediately looked to his side and commanded Yun Ying.


Yun Ying replied with a sound then deeply bowed towards the two old men, she slowly retreated out to the door.

"Can you say it now?"

Hearing the closing sound, Yun Xiong gathered himself

A poison in a body was tantamount to a hiding bomb within the body, although it can be suppressed, there was still a hidden danger.

"My poison half a month ago has been thoroughly solved!"

Looking at his old friend, Hua Yuntian sighed as his eyes flashed with complex emotions.

"Sure enough, I knew it!"

Hearing what was said, Yun Xiong clapped his hands and his face lighted up.

"You damn happy thing!"

Seeing his appearance, Hua Yuntian did not hesitate to scold.


Yun Xiong stared blankly, then he immediately said, "Old fellow, I have already determined that my poison and yours is exactly the same, you dispelled it, so what's the problem?"

"It's a big problem!"

Swatting a chair, Hua Yuntian stood up and stared gloomily, "Although my poison was dispelled, it not necessarily a good thing for an old bastard like you!"


Seeing that Hua Yuntian was not joking, Yun Xiong had some faint guesses.


Hua Yuntian walked over and patted his shoulders, "Old chap, your behavior I already know, however for you clansmen, do you know what they do behind your back?"

"What do you mean by those words?"

Yun Xiong's face sunk, as a violent momentum rolled from his body.

"I said it directly, in your Yun Clan someone offended or even humiliated the person who cured me, therefore…"

In his mind, the cold face of Feng Hao once again appeared, Hua Yuntian could not help but sigh deeply again.

How was he to decide?

"Outrageous, my Yun Clan does not dare take advantage of people, look at our service record!"

Being stunned for a while, Yun XIong's fury resounded throughout the Marshal Manor.

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