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Chapter 29 Strong-armed

A true ranked top hundred!

Their strength is unquestionable, among the tens of thousands of lower courtyard disciples, they are the top hundred.

Would Senior Brother Lin Yi still be as fortunate as the first two times?

It’s probably better for everyone not to watch, as this time’s challenger is one of the lower courtyard top hundred!

The lower courtyard top hundred was a gold standard, which alone left people shocked more than anything.


Squeak ...

The doors of the number one courtyard opened, and out came a youth. With one hand on his hips and another pointing at Zhang Xiong’s nose, he spat: "The heck are you yelling for? You’re louder than a howling dog, how noisy!"

This youth was Jiang Xiaoyu.

Here he was in the number one courtyard listening to a lecture from Lin Yi, receiving guidance on the knacks and intricacies of Martial Insight. Just when he was enthralled in blissfulness and seemingly on the verge of floating away, came a blasting roar like crashing thunder, splitting his ears!

This caused many Demonic Cult players to attempt his assassination.

Even then, after countless player casualties, Shangguan Yun was still alive and well.

Shangguan was exceedingly astute, knowing that he was targeted by the Demonic Cult as a prime candidate for assassination; he assumed a low profile position behind Linghu Feng.

At the time, although Lin Yi was unaffiliated with any factions, choosing to remain as a neutral party, he could be considered part of the righteous factions.

That was the main reason he did not target Shangguan Yun, even though at the time he only had the strength of a second-class expert, he was still quite enticed by the prospect of receiving top quality Core Arts exceeding aurum gold grade, but he was simply refrained from undertaking the quest.

However, this incident with Shangguan Yun still resulted in hysterical debate on the Forums; it became one of the hottest topics.

By cross referencing the current situation and his experiences from the game, Lin Yi’s understanding of Shangguan Yun far exceeded anyone in the lower courtyard.

"I sure didn’t expect that during the time he spent in the lower courtyard, this Shangguan Yun was such a fan of suppressing newcomers, and to such a brazen extent to boot. Could he be terrified of anyone threatening his chances of entering the upper courtyard? If that was the case, then it sure does clearly explain why he would spare no expense in sending people out, especially one of the top hundred just to crush a mere junior disciple! "

Having ascertained of Sangguan Yun’s line of reasoning, the corners of Lin Yi’s mouth slightly lifted, seemingly with a trace of a smile, yet his eyes revealed an unmistakable air of assertion: "No matter what grand schemes your Shangguan Yun plans to enact, as long as you dare stand in my path, I will sweep you away like the dust that line the annals of history! "

"No one can stop me! Not even your Shangguan Yun is able!"

Although Lin Yi had an ounce of admiration for Shangguan Yun, capable of laying effective traps with merely the capabilities of a second-class expert, ensnaring numerous first-class experts and even a pinnacle-class expert. But in the path of deciding the seat of head disciple, no matter whom it may be, all who obstructed will be kicked to the curb!

Whether it be Shangguan Yun, or the currently destined legacy disciple Linghu Feng.

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