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Defeated an old disciple, awarded 1,000 combat experience points.

Lin Yi didn't pay any attention to the old disciple who came up on the stage. He was concentrated wholly on the system panel. Seeing the notification that he had obtained another 1,000 experience points, a trace of smile curled up on the youth's mouth.

"Laugh? What are you laughing at? Are you looking down on me?"

The old disciple who went up on the stage was enraged. Seeing the smile on the youth's mouth, the old disciple felt he was ridiculed and disregarded. The rage in his chest was as if about to burn him whole, causing him to gasp for breath and his eyes becoming red.

Lin Yi shot him a glance, but didn't said anything.

Keep going with your trash talk, I'll just reap my experience points.

(老不死 [lit. old but just won't die] is a disrespectful way of addressing a senior whom you despise. The closest I can find is old farts or old bastards.)

"That's right. Let's call them old farts!"

The old disciple who was on the stage, heard the discussions by the new disciples, felt ashamed and enraged. His countenance was extremely ugly.

However, he didn't withdraw his sword. Instead, he charged with an even faster speed.

He wanted to defeat the youth before him. That way, the new disciples wouldn't dare to rebel against them!

It was all because of this youth, causing the old disciples to lose all their faces and ridiculed by the new disciples.

Staring at Lin Yi, the old disciple's hatred against him increased exponentially suddenly.

Even though he saw the vicious glare of the second old disciple, Lin Yi's expression didn't change at all.

His expressionless face practically disregarded the old disciple's unsightly face and gaze filled with hatred.

There were only experience points in his eyes!

To him, the old disciple was merely a humanoid experience points. As for humanoid experience points, whether his countenance was enraged or filled with hatred, did it have anything to do with Lin Yi?

What he had to do was only to defeat the humanoid experience points and obtain the experience points.

If the old disciple knew that was what Lin Yi's thoughts, he would surely go crazy from anger.


The second old disciple, as if an arrow which had left the bow, thrust his sword at Lin Yi.

Lin Yi's eyebrows furrowed.

Advanced Stage of Huashan Swordplay.

Advanced Stage of Huashan Movement Technique.

Even more, both of them almost reached Perfection Stage.

What a vicious and tricky attack.

This old disciple is strong indeed!

Be it his martial arts mastery or combat experiences, he vastly surpassed the first old disciple.

What an interesting opponent.

With a smile, Lin Yi grabbed his sword sheath.

With a "xiu" sound, the sword had left its sheath and its hilt was held by Lin Yi.

Raising his sword, the sword tip slanted towards the old disciple's sword tip.


The vicious and tricky attack by the old disciple was blocked just like that with no difficulty.



The old disciple was flabbergasted and looked at Lin Yi. His heart felt apprehensive.

He was clear on how difficult it was to block his previous attack.

It wasn't just a simple attack.

It contained his comprehension towards martial arts. It was also one of his three killing moves.

Countless lower courtyard disciples had been defeated under this attack of his.

This attack, whether its speed, its tricky attack angle, or its trajectory had reached a certain level.

It could be rated as an upper tier move.

Defeated an old disciple, awarded 1,000 combat experience points.

Yet another thousand experience points. Lin Yi was very happy.

"This new disciple Lin Yi is quite strange. I don't know if I found out his real strength. You'd better be careful when you are up on stage." After the old disciple left the stage, he reminded the last old disciple who hadn't gone up to the stage.

"I will face him. No matter what, he is someone Senior Brother Shangguan decided to oppress. No matter how gifted he is, he isn't Senior Brother Shangguan's match. It doesn't matter if we lost. At most, we will just lose face in front of these new disciples. What's most important is that we have to find out the limit of his abilities! So that Senior Brother Shangguan could arrange stronger disciples to oppress him."

The third old disciple smiled indifferently. He didn't care so much about his win or loss.

Having stayed in Huashan for four years, he had seen too many new disciples.

The real geniuses would be able to improve rapidly.

Using "advance by leaps and bounds" to describe them wasn't an exaggeration.

He had gotten used to be defeated by those geniuses.

As long as he could find out the limit of the abilities of those geniuses and report them back to Senior Brother Shangguan, Senior Brother Shangguan would dispatch stronger disciples to oppress them.

No matter how gifted those geniuses were, all of them were defeated by the old disciples.

That was because, among the old disciples, there was Senior Brother Shangguan.

"Let me face you!"

The third old disciple, with a stamp of foot, leapt up to the stage like a bird. He unsheathed his sword and said indifferently.

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