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Chapter 93 Song of the Sea and Waves

Nine Yang Divine Skill!

Hearing his words, the crowd fell into a commotion.

Even Lin Yi's expression changed drastically and he said in disbelief: "How can it be? He actually managed to acquire Nine Yang Divine Skill!"

He was well aware of the insanely harsh conditions for acquiring peerless martial arts. The difficulty of learning these martial arts was incredibly high, otherwise, there would be plenty of people who possessed them by now.

So far, Lin Yi had never heard of anyone who managed to acquire peerless martial arts when they were only a second-rate expert. Even in his previous life, he also never heard of Ao Tianjiao achieving the feat as a second-rate expert.

What was going on?

Lin Yi frowned deeply, as he seemed to have witnessed the truth which all the players did not know of.

During the game, he had never heard of Ao Tianjiao challenging the five heavenly talents, but it was happening right now.

Smiling bitterly, he realized that it was not that the future had changed, it was simply the fact that many things had been kept a secret.

The five heavenly talents attacking Ao Tianjiao at once and ended up suffering a defeat.

How could news of such a matter be spread?

Wouldn't that disgrace the righteous faction?

It was only now that Lin Yi realized that the strength of the major righteous sects was at their lowest point. They may look strong on the outside, but the inside was already weak and rotten.

It was no wonder that the demonic cults were able to start such a huge war and usher in the era of chaos.

At this moment, he thought of many things regarding the future.

Turning his gaze to Ao Tianjiao once again, he seemed to notice something.

Ao Tianjiao's body did not possess the great vitality and overbearing aura of Nine Yang Divine Skill. Instead, there was only a faint aura of Nine Yang.

It was most likely the case that Ao Tianjiao had only just learned Nine Yang Divine Skill and immediately came to challenge the five heavenly talents.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have used a stalling method during the fight.

Right now, he only had the most basic trait of Nine Yang Divine Skill: rapid recovery of internal strength.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi became much calmer.

Everyone else was gripped by fear, and even the five heavenly talents had depressed looks on their faces.

Who did not know of the great Nine Yang Divine Skill?

It was famous for providing an incredible amount of internal strength.

In this era which was dominated by internal strength, Nine Yang Divine Skill was the top peerless martial art.

The only other skills which could be compared with it was the Nine Yin Manual and Innate Heaven Skill and a few other peerless martial arts.

Besides, four out of the five heavenly talents had already received the divine skills belonging to their sects. However, it was so hard to learn the arts successfully even for them. Without spending years, it was nearly impossible to succeed.

Upon hearing Ao Tianjiao's words, the five of them were unable to believe it at first. However, seeing that Ao Tianjiao had been attacked by five of them at once and was able to exchange two thousand moves with them without showing signs of fatigue, they had no choice but to believe it.

Right now, thoughts of retreating arose in their hearts.

Having nearly exhausted their internal strength, how would they be a match for Ao Tianjiao?

Ao Tianjiao had an amused expression as he looked at the five of them and could not help but laugh conceitedly.

"After attacking me together for so long, it is time for me to attack all of you!"

Hearing this, the five of them hurriedly spread out.

Only an afterimage of Ao Tianjiao could be seen, and his speed was much faster than before. Obviously, he was unleashing his true power right now.

Each of them met his attacks with what they could muster, but as they were already extremely tired, how could they possibly deal with Ao Tianjiao?

Li Donglin was hit by a palm strike and he flew several meters away before landing on the ground severely injured and unable to get up.


Zhou Qian was squarely hit by a fist and was sent flying away while vomiting blood.


Linghu Feng was hit by a kick and was severely injured as well.


Priest Qiankun's chest was slashed by a clawing strike and his clothes were soaked in blood.


Monk Juexing used the defensive martial art Golden Shield and was able to last several hits, but eventually, his internal strength ran out as well and he suffered multiple palm strikes. As a result, he vomited large amounts of blood as he backed off before falling to the ground with a pale-white face.


In the blink of an eye, Ao Tianjiao displayed his prowess and defeated the five heavenly talents, shocking the crowd.

All the people from the righteous faction looked on in disbelief. Were the five heavenly talents defeated just like that?

"Ao Tianjiao is too fearsome!" Yu Zecheng's eyes nearly popped out in fear. He was completely intimidated by Ao Tianjiao's ferocity.

"Is he still a human?" Yiqian and the other three of them were incredibly shocked.

"No, this is not possible! How could Eldest Senior Brother lose?!" Liang Rulu was nearly driven crazy as she saw Linghu Feng being defeated by the devil.

"Impossible, how could Eldest Senior Sister lose?" Emei's disciples shrieked in disbelief.

Similar reactions came from the disciples of Qingcheng, Shaolin and Wudang.

Everyone was gripped by a wave of negative emotions after they witnessed what happened.

Lin Yi shook his head and sighed. Among those in the righteous faction, he was probably the only one who could remain calm. Expecting this to happen, he started observing his surroundings and prepared to escape.

Looking at the heavily injured Linghu Feng, he did not know whether to be happy or depressed.

Would Linghu Feng die here?

Suspicion arose in Lin Yi's mind. Under such circumstances, who would still possess the ability to save these five heavenly talents from the hands of Ao Tianjiao?

The first-rate experts of every major sect were currently kept busy by the demonic faction and there was no first-rate expert around within a radius of a thousand li. In his previous life, none of them had died and all of them managed to become peak experts. So who was it that saved them?

Lin Yi restrained his urge to leave and started watching the scene calmly once more.

The feeling of uncovering a great secret unknown to him in his previous life filled him with great curiosity, so much so that he did not dare to miss any of it.

He was like a person watching a grand show from the outside.

A show of a lifetime featuring the defeat of five heavenly talents by Ao Tianjiao.


"Hahaha, five great heavenly talents, that sounds pretty good? From now on, I am the true heavenly talent. The five of you will be removed from the list!" Ao Tianjiao laughed as he looked towards the five of them with killing intent in his eyes.

What he liked most was to defeat the heavenly talents, then kill them as he watched the despair in their eyes.

This time, the five great heavenly talents from the righteous faction had been defeated by him.

The sense of achievement from accomplishing such a feat made him ecstatic.

Raising a saber, he slowly approached them.

As he got closer and closer, the five heavenly talents seemed to sense the approach of death. Sorrow and regret flashed in their eyes. They could not believe that they would actually be dying here.

They had not yet reached the peak and become peak experts yet, how could they bear to die now?

A great future was still waiting for them, how could they die?

"Eldest Senior Brother!" On the city walls, Liang Rulu's face was filled with fear and tears as she was about to charge out with her sword.

"Don't come over!" Linghu Feng shouted in anger as he stared at her. "Go back! Go back quickly, you won't be able to save me so don't throw away your life!"

"I don't want to!" Liang Rulu stubbornly raised her head and replied. She did not dare to imagine her future days in Huashan without her Eldest Senior Brother. As she continued thinking about it, she felt her life devoid of meaning and she eventually leaped towards Linghu Feng.

"Go back!" Linghu Feng's eyes were filled with despair as he sighed.

"Tsk tsk, what a deep bond between a senior brother and a junior sister!" Ao Tianjiao uttered with glee as his eyes lit up. "What I like most is to see people sacrificing themselves for love, haha!"

Wielding his saber, Ao Tianjiao turned and walked towards Linghu Feng.

"Don't come over!" Liang Rulu shouted and placed herself in front of Linghu Feng.

"Scram!" Ao Tianjiao grabbed the helpless Liang Rulu with his hands in a flash like a mere chick before tossing her to one side with great force. Ignoring her, he continued walking towards Linghu Feng.

"The famous Young Hero Linghu is about to die, any last thoughts?" Ao Tianjiao raised his saber and mocked Linghu Feng.

Linghu Feng remained silent as his short but illustrious life flashed through his mind. Slowly closing his eyes, he awaited the descent of the saber.

Seeing that Linghu Feng was so unyielding in the face of death, Ao Tianjiao coldly snorted and was about to attack.

All of a sudden, the sound of a flute could be heard from afar.

It was vast like a great sea, a calm surface for thousands of li. The waves approached slowly from far away, and as they came closer, they grew faster and stronger. In the end, the raging waves resembled a series of connected hills, where fishes leaped and whales flipped in the water while gulls flew above. In addition, water demons and sea monsters appeared in groups and worked their magic on the waves. In one moment, icebergs appeared, and in another moment, the seawater seemed to be boiling. After the waves receded the surface regained its calm and resembled a mirror. However, dark streams continued flowing rapidly under the surface, and danger seemed to be ever present at silent corners.

Upon hearing the melody, Ao Tianjiao was shaken and affected. Being unprepared for it, he grunted in pain as he suffered internal injuries despite his great internal strength. Hurriedly channeling Nine Yang Divine Skill, he managed to recover quickly. With a surprised expression, he said: "What a formidable flute melody!"

Keeping the saber in his hand, he looked towards the source of the melody.

Lin Yi's eyes lit up as he recognized the melody and thought to himself: "What a great Song of the Sea and Waves."

Nearly everyone now looked towards where the melody came from with wide eyes.

A large fiery red horse galloped forward as a lady in green rode on it. She held a jade flute in her hands and was gently playing the flute. The lady was incredibly beautiful and resembled a dazzling green leaf which was capable of overshadowing any flower.

"Who are you?" Ao Tianjiao asked in a loud voice, seemingly astounded by her beauty.

"Huang Yiting of Peach Blossom Island!"

A beautiful and enchanting voice could be heard coming from the lady in green.

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