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Chapter 67 Great Battle Between Two Factions

The valley was filled with demonic cult members dressed in all sorts of attire.

In the direct center of the valley, there was a building which resembled a tent, built using huge logs.

Boorish and wide, that was the style of this building.

Inside the building, there was a long table with dozens of seats on both sides. All those seated had one common trait: youth. They were all young people, and they were all third-rate experts as well as great talents from various demonic cults and sects. The majority of those seated had managed to clear their fifth or sixth standard meridians, reaching the peak state of third-rate experts.

The one seated at the chief seat was the genius from one of the two demonic faction giants, Ming Cult's Ao Wufa. Second to him was Ouyang Jue from Mount White Camel Villa.

Mount White Camel Villa was the villa that belonged to one of the Five Greats, Ouyang Feng. After his death, Mount White Camel Villa relied on his heritage to establish their power. With the possession of the peerless martial art Toad Divine Skill, Mount White Camel Villa cemented their status as one of the powerhouses within the demonic cults, being merely inferior to the two giants Ming Cult and Sun Moon Holy Cult.

Besides Toad Divine Skill, Mount White Camel Villa was also well-known for their ability to control snakes. Although considered a clan and not a sect, they still held considerable power and were not to be trifled with.

Below Ouyang Jue was the genius from Xingxiu Sect, Ding Mian, followed by Changle Sect's Shi Yi, Five Poisons Cult's Lan Ke'er and finally Blood Saber Sect.

The seat that belonged to Blood Raiment Prince was empty due to his absence, and there were only dozens of Blood Saber Sect disciples standing behind the empty seat.

Below Blood Saber Sect were various other well-known unorthodox sects and schools.

Ao Wufa looked at the empty seat and frowned before asking a Blood Saber Sect disciple: "Where is Blood Raiment Prince? Why isn't he here yet?"

As he was questioned by Ao Wufa, the disciple felt fear in his heart. Ao Wufa was not only from Ming Cult, but he was also the younger brother of the top talent of the demonic faction, the second-rate expert Ao Tianjiao.

The great name of Ao Tianjiao evoked fear from all the demonic cult geniuses. At the age of 18, he became a second-rate expert and surpassed all the other demonic cult talents. Even the Holy Maiden of Sun Moon Holy Cult could not be compared to him.

Not was Ao Tianjiao the top talent in the demonic faction, he was also truly a devil!

He was proud, arrogant and willful, killing whoever displeased him. If they were weaker than him, he would cut off their heads. If they were stronger than him, he would unscrupulously employ all methods including poisoning and sneak attacks to kill them. Whoever offended him would find themselves in great trouble, and even the elders in Ming Cult did not dare to offend him.

He was the Young Sect Master and the future Sect Master of Ming Cult, a giant of the demonic faction. With his elder brother possessing such superior background and talent, who would dare to look down on the younger brother of Ao Tianjiao, Ao Wufa?

The Blood Saber Sect disciple quickly replied: "Eldest Senior Brother went ahead first saying that he wanted to be the vanguard and to start off the grand event by killing a few talents from the righteous faction!"

"This Blood Raiment Prince!" Ao Wufa shook his head and was about to issue an order. Suddenly, several Blood Saber Sect disciples entered the building carrying something. As they saw what they were carrying, the disciples from various demonic cults near the entrance gasped in shock.

Ao Wufa frowned and was about to berate them when he saw the thing they carried. In an instant, his face froze, and he swallowed the words that he was going to say. It was actually a corpse dressed in a large blood-colored robe, whose identity everyone present was familiar with, Blood Raiment Prince himself!

"Blood Raiment Prince is dead? How can it be? Who in the righteous faction is capable of killing him?"

"Look at his eyes and the expression on his face. He was smiling bitterly and filled with regret!"

"Who did it? Who could fill Blood Raiment Prince with such regret?"

"Look at this wound, the fatal wound was caused by a sword! Piercing through Blood Raiment Prince's heart, the edges of the wound are smooth. It was definitely a sword which pierced his heart!"

"Hmm, hearing these words, the killer must have used a superior sword art, and it's a deadly type of sword art which can kill in one move."

"Deadly? Could it be the Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords from Huashan?"

A name flashed in their minds, and they cried out: "Deadly Celestial Sword, it must be the doing of Deadly Celestial Sword!"

"Not long ago, the Black-Robed Seven were killed by him. I had mistakenly thought that this Deadly Celestial Sword was still some distance from reaching the peak state of a third-rate expert. To think that even Blood Raiment Prince has died to his hands! We cannot afford to underestimate Deadly Celestial Sword's strength!"

"Hmph, this isn't all. Once you know the details behind him, you will be in for a greater shock!" Another demonic cult disciple snorted coldly. This aroused the curiosity of many others, and even Ao Wufa and Ouyang Jue started listening carefully.

Seeing that all eyes were on him, the disciple revealed a satisfied expression and stated animatedly: "This Deadly Celestial Sword's name is Lin Yi and he is a Huashan upper courtyard disciple. I'm sure all of you know this already. However, did you know that this Lin Yi has only been learning martial arts in Huashan for roughly half a year?"

"You mean to say that this Deadly Celestial Sword Lin Yi has only been practicing martial arts for half a year?" The crowd asked in great surprise.

"That's right, half a year ago, Lin Yi was still an ordinary person without any knowledge of martial arts. After entering Huashan, he only used half a year's time to reach perfection stage in Huashan Sword Art, clear his first standard meridian to acquire internal arts and also learn the Huashan superior sword art Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords. After that, he was able to kill the Black-Robed Seven from Sun Moon Holy Cult, and even the Blood Raiment Prince has fallen to his sword. One can only imagine how terrifying he will be in the future!" The disciple also revealed an expression of fear as he finished his words.

The numerous demonic cult disciples were daunted and frightened by his achievements so far. The talent and potential of this Deadly Celestial Sword were simply too terrifying!

At this moment, all the demonic cult disciples trembled in fear and roared with killing intent: "Kill him, we must kill him and not allow him to leave Lanzhou City alive!"

Seeing that the crowd was roused and morale was high, Ao Wufa immediately waved his hand and shouted: "Good, for the grand event this time, we shall designate Huashan's Lin Yi as the top priority target!"

"Yes!" The crowd broke out in loud cheers and excitement as if they were witnessing the peerless genius from the righteous faction being cut down by their swords.

Ao Wufa nodded and gestured for silence with his hands. In an instant, the noisy scene became silent and not a sound could be heard.

Then he said: "Although Blood Raiment Prince is dead, the grand event must go on."

The disciples nodded in agreement.

"This time, we have gathered nearly a hundred elites from various sects to join this event with the sole aim of exterminating every talent from the righteous faction within Lanzhou City. Now that we have alerted them with our activity, those talents are probably going to take action soon."

"Since the righteous faction has already sent out all their forces into the hunting ground, it is also time for us to move out. Let's put all our efforts into killing all of them and deal a great blow to the righteous faction!"

"Yes!" The demonic cult members all agreed while revealing killing intent.

Ao Wufa took out a scroll and unfurled it. It was a map of Lanzhou City and the surrounding radius of a thousand li. Then he started pointing at various marked locations and distributing missions.

"Those from Mount White Camel Villa, this area belongs to you. Kill all the righteous faction disciples that enter this place!"

Ouyang Jue nodded silently with a cold expression in his eyes.

Pointing to another area, Ao Wufa said to Xingxiu Sect's Ding Mian: "This area belongs to Xingxiu Sect."

Ding Mian stretched his neck before uttering a single word with a cruel expression: "Understood!"

The remaining areas on the map were subsequently distributed to the other sects.

After the distribution of areas was done, Ao Wufa raised his head and swept his gaze across the crowd, waving his hand: "Let the hunting event begin, everyone please hunt to your hearts' content!" The demonic cult disciples laughed heartily before leaving the building. Together with their men waiting outside the building, they hurried towards their assigned locations.


Lin Yi and company rushed back to Lanzhou City at top speed. Along the way, they encountered many righteous faction disciples doing the same with alarmed expressions on their faces.

The city was filled with people. Most of the disciples from minor sects and schools were panicking.

Making their way through the crowd, Lin Yi and the rest understood what was happening. Outside Lanzhou City, large numbers of demonic cult members suddenly appeared and started hunting disciples from the righteous faction.

The area within a radius of a thousand li had turned into a gigantic hunting ground, where the hunter was the demonic cults and the prey was the righteous sects.

Emotions surged. The demonic cult members were actually causing an uprising! Lanzhou City was a hunting ground for the righteous sects, when had it become a hunting ground for the demonic cults? The righteous faction disciples were lamenting loudly about it with agitation, but most of their words focused on doing two things.

First, they had to go outside the city to deal with the demonic cult disciples.

Second, they had to take back control of the hunting ground since it rightfully belonged to them and not the demonic cult members.

Lin Yi shook his head. He could see that the upcoming great battle between the two factions was going to resemble the situation in the game where millions of players fought and killed each other in Lanzhou City. Although the scale could not be compared to the game, the situation was only going to be bloodier. After all, players could respawn an unlimited number of times. Here, it was a reality.

The number of people from both factions gathered here might not reach millions, but it easily reached tens of thousands. Tens of thousands of people fighting and killing each other was inevitably going to be extremely bloody. However, Lin Yi did not feel any pity for the fate of these people. Instead, he was incredibly excited at the opportunity to earn huge amounts of battle experience!

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