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Chapter 63 Blood Raiment Prince


Five horses slowly trotted on the main pavement.

A white horse was leading at the front while four other horses followed behind side by side.

Riding on the horses were five youths who were chatting merrily.

If not for the fact that they all carried swords, they would resemble wealthy young lords on an excursion.

The five of them were the disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects.

"Senior Brother Lin Yi, where do you think the demonic cult members are?" The little nun asked gloomily. After hours of patrolling, they actually did not manage to find a single demonic cult member.

"These damn demonic cult members aren't appearing at all when we are looking so hard for them now. Yet when we don't wish to see them, they scurry about everywhere like rats!" Yun Taizi also grumbled moodily.

Lin Yi did not respond to their complaints.

As if he did not hear it, although he sat on the horse, his ears slightly pricked up at something that his companions did not notice.

All of a sudden, he fiercely whipped out the violet great bow hanging on the horse and stood upright on the horseback.

Taking out three arrows and placing them on the bow.

Aiming at some bushes dozens of meters away on the side of the road, he released the arrows.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three arrows sharply pierced through the air and hurtled towards their targets in the bushes.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!"

Three terrible cries rang out and three figures in green abruptly stood up before collapsing just as quickly.

The four disciples behind witnessed the scene in shock.

"When did these demonic cult members appear?"

"After following us for such a long period of time, we actually failed to notice it at all. Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly capable to have noticed it and to have shot them all down at once!"

"I have always wondered why Senior Brother Lin Yi has a bow on him. To think that Senior Brother Lin Yi does not only possess the famous superior sword art Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, he also possesses superior archery skills. Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly worthy of his reputation."

While his companions were busy praising him, Lin Yi seemed to be pondering some issue with his head lowered.

Actually, he was looking at the system panel.

System notification:

Killed a third-rate expert from a demonic cult, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Killed a third-rate expert from a demonic cult, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Killed a third-rate expert from a demonic cult, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Simply by drawing his bow and shooting three arrows, he had obtained 15,000 battle experience in an instant.

Lin Yi's mouth curved into a smile.

Moreover, there were more figures approaching from the deeper parts of the forest.

In fact, the moment they left Lanzhou City, they were noticed by demonic cult members.

Although his four companions failed to notice it, how could an old hand like Lin Yi fail to notice it?

When he discovered the demonic cult members following behind, he did not make a move.

Instead, he allowed them to continue following behind and to spread the news so that more would come.

He was curious.

How many demonic cult members could five talented disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects attract?

Lanzhou City was different from other places.

Demonic cult members who dared to appear in this place were all at least third-rate experts.

Those with lesser abilities won't even appear.

This was the hunting grounds for the brightest talents from both factions.

Only the strong could survive, while the weak did not even have the right to be here.

Although it seemed as if there were plenty of people of Jianghu in Lanzhou City, those who dared to leave the city to step into the hunting grounds were few in numbers.

Those from righteous sects who dared to enter the hunting grounds were those who held absolute confidence in their own abilities.

Such confidence could not be found in those who weren't geniuses.

On the contrary, the number of people from demonic cults was much higher.

This had a lot to do with the environment in which the demonic cults were situated.

The majority of demonic cult members had wild and violent personalities.

Just when Lin Yi was deep in thought, numerous figures appeared from the forest on both sides.

More than ten people completely surrounded the five of them.

The little nun and the three other disciples were taken aback.

They never expected so many demonic cult members to show up just as they were lamenting about not finding any of them.

A young man wearing a blood-colored robe and holding a blood-colored curved saber walked out from behind the demonic cult members surrounding them.

As he stood in front, his imposing manner enveloped all of his companions.

The gazes of the little nun and company were instantly shifted to him.

"Blood Raiment Prince!" Lu Buping suddenly called out as he recognized this young man from the demonic cult.

"Blood colored robe, pale white face, blood red curved saber. That's right, this man is the top genius from the Blood Saber Sect, Blood Raiment Prince!" Lu Buping's face grew paler as he pointed out the identifying characteristics of the young man.

"Senior Brother Lu, what is the background of this Blood Raiment Prince? Why are you so afraid of him?" The little nun asked Lu Buping in puzzlement.

Lu Buping shook his head and smiled bitterly: "We are in great trouble this time. This Blood Raiment Prince is very famous among all the demonic cult geniuses. He has already reached the peak strength of third-rate experts and cleared six of his standard meridians. His Blood Saber Saber Art is extremely vicious and unpredictable. When he first appeared, he managed to slay countless other third-rate experts. Within one year of coming to Lanzhou City, he killed twelve geniuses from righteous sects, among these sects were the Emei Sect and Qingcheng Sect."

"Ah!" The little nun gasped in fear as if she was astounded by this man's achievements.

Mo Yu and Yun Taizi were both looking somber as well.

"Blood Saber Sect?"

Lin Yi muttered to himself and laughed.

Blood Saber Sect was located in Qinghai, and the most famous figure from this sect was the fourth generation Sect Master Blood Saber Old Ancestor.

The sect disciples all used curved sabers, and due to a blood-colored marking on the sabers, they were called blood sabers.

Blood Saber Saber Art was extremely peculiar as nearly every move struck at an impossible position.

It was well-known for its viciousness and unpredictability and was a superior saber art.

Blood Saber Sect did not recruit disciples easily and the sect placed emphasis on slaughter. Whoever wanted to join the sect had to first pass a test. The test required them to kill a person, and this person could be anyone. It could be a famous figure in Jianghu or it could be a dear friend. All those who managed to pass this test would then begin killing each other, and the last man standing would receive the right to join Blood Saber Sect.

That was why Blood Saber members were all bloodthirsty murderers as if they had emerged from the hellish seas of blood.

Although their numbers were few, all of them were elites.

Among all the demonic cults and sects, they ranked near the top.

Even demonic cult members did not dare to easily offend Blood Saber Sect members.

Lin Yi also did not expect to encounter members of Blood Saber Sect, not to mention the notorious Blood Raiment Prince!

In his previous life, Blood Raiment was incredibly famous in Jianghu and eventually assumed the position of Sect Master in Blood Saber Sect. During the era of chaos, he led his sect in carrying out widespread massacre and slaughter.

Dozens of minor sects and schools from the righteous faction were annihilated by Blood Saber Sect.

In the end, Blood Raiment Prince became a first-rate expert and reached the peak of this realm.

He was one of the top existences from the demonic faction during the middle period of the great war before peak experts made appearances.

To think that he actually encountered this man.

Lin Yi's gaze grew cold.

Since he was able to meet him, he was going to slay this mass murderer and make him contribute battle experience with his death.

How much reputation would he be able to obtain by killing such a prominent figure?

Definitely not any lesser than that time in Crouching Tiger Hill!

Thinking of this, Lin Yi gaze grew even colder.

Those who knew Lin Yi well would know that Lin Yi right now was full of killing intent.


"Marvelous! It's actually five disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects. How brave of you people to come out of the city with just the five of you." Holding a blood saber in his hand, Blood Raiment Prince looked at the five of them with a morbid expression on his pale white face and laughed.

"Even the bald donkeys from Shaolin know to enter this place with at least twenty people. You people are dumber than those bald donkeys." Blood Raiment Prince mocked with extreme confidence, apparently believing that these five people were as good as dead.

If not, he wouldn't have made an appearance.

Although Blood Raiment Prince enjoyed great fame, the thing that he enjoyed the most was carrying out sneak attacks.

First, he would let other disciples from his sect attract the enemy's attention, then he would proceed to strike from the dark.

With the peculiarity and unpredictability of Blood Saber Saber Art, he had an extremely high chance of succeeding in sneak attacks.

Many prominent geniuses from the righteous factions had been killed in this manner.

Taking a glance at the five people from Five Mountain Sword Sects, he did not recognize any of them.

Although there was no question that they were geniuses, with two of them even managing to become third-rate experts at the mere age of 15 or 16 years old, the fact that he did not recognize any of them meant that they were all newbies!

Even if they weren't, it would only mean that they were relatively unknown.

What did he, Blood Raiment Prince, had to fear from people like that?

All he needed to do was to watch their looks of despair as they died.

In fact, Lu Buping and the other three were looking worried and anxious right now, and Blood Raiment Prince was very satisfied with it.

As for the youth from Huashan, Blood Raiment Prince slightly squinted his eyes.

The cold and calm demeanor of this youth was disturbing him.

He could detect the smell of one who was similar to him.

One who enjoyed slaughter!

He was slightly surprised.

Who was this Huashan youth?

Looking at the violet great bow in the youth's hands, Blood Raiment Prince frowned. He had not heard of any Huashan disciple who was adept at using a bow.

Shouldn't Huashan disciples be using swords?

Just when he was pondering the issue.


Lin Yi's eyes lit up as he commanded in a loud voice.

In an instant, he placed three arrows on the bow and fired them.

Instead of shooting at Blood Raiment Prince, he shot at the other Blood Saber disciples surrounding them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lin Yi had applied internal strength when he shot these three arrows.

Even if the Blood Saber Sect disciples were on guard, they were unable to defend against these arrows.

The throats of three men were instantly pierced, and they held their throats as they collapsed with their blood gushing out.

First strike success!

"Dismount and fight defensively with your backs to each other!"

Lin Yi commanded the four of them who had not even reacted in time.

Upon hearing the command, the four of them finally woke up from a daze and clumsily dismounted. Then they placed their backs to each other and faced the enemy in a defensive formation.

With a laugh, Lin Yi once again took out three arrows and stood on his horse.

Pulling his bow and shooting the arrows.

"Spread out!" Blood Raiment Prince ordered in anger as he charged at Lin Yi with his blood saber.

He was infuriated and his face was burning in embarrassment.

He actually let this Huashan youth kill three sect disciples right in front of him.

It was no different from slapping his face, how could he stay calm?

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