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Chapter 58 Lanzhou City

Heading towards west all the way.

Lin Yi rode on his white horse, traveling a thousand li in a day, and finally reached his destination Lanzhou City after seven days.

Lanzhou City was situated on the borders of Western Region and the Central Plains of Jianghu.

All along, Lanzhou City was an important border city.

Further west was the Western Region where members of demonic cults dwelled. The great demonic cult Ming Cult was also situated in the Kunlun Mountains atop Bright Peak, where it overlooked the Western Region of Jianghu.

Central Plains of Jianghu and Western Region of Jianghu were two completely different worlds.

The former was ruled by the righteous sects.

Although fights occurred frequently, there was a limit to the intensity of the fights.

In the Western Region of Jianghu, the environment was harsh and inhospitable, causing the people here to resemble wild wolves.

Bloodthirsty and vicious.

It was extremely chaotic and the unorthodox ruled.

Human lives were worthless in this region.

Those who were slightly weaker could be killed at any moment.

As an important border city in Central Plains of Jianghu, Lanzhou City's order was influenced by the Western Region, and it was more chaotic compared to other areas in Central Plains.

Amidst the chaos there were parts of it controlled by the righteous sects, resulting in a unique sort of order present in Lanzhou City.

All sorts of people appeared in this city.

At the same time, many demonic sect members incited trouble here, while many disciples of major righteous sects were sent here to gather experience and slay the demonic sect members.

Geniuses from both righteous sects and demonic cults made frequent appearances and fights between them happened all the time.

In Lanzhou City, the agency in charge of maintaining order among the people of Jianghu was the local government jointly established by the major righteous sects.

The constables in this local government were divided into several types.

There were ordinary constables who held this occupation for their whole life.

Another type was the Great Constables.

Great Constables belonged to the Great Constables Corps, and they were comprised of prominent disciples sent from major righteous sects.

The last type of constables was similar to Great Constables, but they do not possess a background as outstanding as Great Constables. They mostly comprised of disciples sent from minor sects and schools with a certain degree of fame in Jianghu.

These constables were called Renowned Constables, and their numbers were great.

They usually followed Great Constables to handle the larger cases of killing among people of Jianghu.

In various places of Shenzhou, the ordinary constables made up the vast majority of existing constables.

But it was different in Lanzhou City.

There were very few ordinary constables here and instead, Great Constables and Renowned Constables made up the majority.

This was due to the fact that Lanzhou City was a place where the younger generation of both righteous sects and demonic cults competed with each other and honed their skills.

It was the easiest to acquire fame in such an environment.

In this place, the geniuses could easily find an opponent.

In this place, experts were numerous. Third-rate experts could be seen everywhere and second-rate experts made frequent appearances as well.

Lanzhou City attracted large amounts of people of Jianghu with its unique location and culture.

The entire city was filled with people of Jianghu carrying swords and sabers, while ordinary people were extremely rare.

This was a playground for the people of Jianghu.


On this day, a youth in white arrived in Lanzhou City.

The youth rode on a white horse and on the sides of the horse hung a Qingfeng Sword and a violet great bow.

On the white garb he wore, there was a symbol.

It depicted countless swords being launched and a treacherous mountain peak below.


When everyone spotted the symbol, their gazes towards the youth turned respectful.

This youth aged 15 to 16 years old was actually a Huashan upper courtyard disciple.

He actually became a Huashan upper courtyard disciple at such a young age?

The proud eyes of many people who hailed from minor sects and schools dimmed instantly when they thought of their own age. They were well over twenty years of age, nearly thirty, before they acquired internal arts to become third-rate experts in Jianghu.

On the other hand, this Huashan youth had accomplished this feat at the mere age of 15 or 16 years old.

To think that they were proud of themselves for being able to stand out in their own sects like a crane among chickens.

It was not because they were too strong, on the contrary, it was because their sects were too weak.

Here, one could see tigers and dragons everywhere!

Even an insignificant looking wolf was much stronger than the cranes that they were.

Huashan was indeed worthy of its fame!

Having plenty of highly talented disciples, any of these disciples could surpass them greatly.

Lin Yi walked into Lanzhou City while being immersed in the memories of his previous life.

Naturally, he failed to notice the change in expressions of the people around him.

He was extremely familiar with Lanzhou City.

As one could encounter demonic cult members easily and kill them for large amounts of battle experience, he had stayed in this place for several years back then.

As a result, he was able to progress from the lowest of the third-rate experts to a second-rate expert.

The place remained unchanged, but the people were all different.

In the previous life, this was a large city bustling with activity.

It was the place which players loved the most.

Nearly every player who had become a third-rate expert would rush to this city from wherever they were.

Regardless of whether they belonged to the righteous sects or the demonic cults.

It was because down here, one could freely kill opponents who belonged to the opposing faction and earn large amounts of battle experience.

During the peak period, there were millions of players gathered here.

Although the current Lanzhou City could still be considered pretty lively, it was a far cry from how it had been back in the game.

In the previous life, millions of players engaged in fighting and killing all over the city.

Both the righteous sects and the demonic sects viewed each other as their prey.

It was the largest hunting ground in the entire Shenzhou.

It was also here that Lin Yi had learned how to fight and kill his opponents.

He also witnessed countless unusual martial arts that originated from the demonic sects.

Eventually, he was able to build up a strong foundation for becoming a God-ranked player in the future.

Thus he had unforgettable memories and strong emotions regarding this place.

It was such that he had confused the virtual world and reality, previous life and current life with each other.

As a result, he stood there in a daze for a very long time.

If he had not been wearing the Huashan upper courtyard disciple attire, someone would probably have taken him to task for blocking the way.

Instead of people looking for trouble, many of them recognized his identity and coupled with his young age, they only gasped in surprise and kept their distance from him.

The authority of major sects could be seen from this.

Waking up from his memories finally, Lin Yi smiled.

Just as he had built up his foundation in this place during his previous life, in the current reality, he would similarly upgrade himself here and soar to the heavens!

"Lanzhou City is indeed a place of treasure."

With a light smile, Lin Yi dismounted from his horse and pulled the white horse as he walked towards the local governmental office.

The office was located in the direct center of the city, a most prominent location.

Flags of the various major sects waved about as the wind blew.

In front of a door, a saber and a sword were crossed.

This was the symbol of the local government.

The door guarded by the saber and sword.

The meaning behind what lay beyond the door was also quite clear.

It was the rule of the major sects over the entire Shenzhou!

The local government was the saber and sword which protected the rule of the major sects.

Walking into the office, he produced his token and said: "I am Huashan upper courtyard disciple Lin Yi. On orders of my Sect Master, I have come here to assume the position of a Great Constable and to join the Great Constables Corps."

When the official at the entrance heard his words, he stood up solemnly. After verifying his identity and checking the name list, he nodded his head and said: "That's right, among the new Great Constables, one of the names on the list is indeed Lin Yi of Huashan. However, your date of arrival should be seven days ago, why are you late by seven days?"

Faced with the official's questioning, Lin Yi only smiled. With the backing of Huashan, was there even a need to bother with such trivial details?

As a Huashan disciple, he had the right to ignore these rules.

The local government was an organization jointly established by the major sects to maintain order among people of Jianghu in Shenzhou.

It was not wrong to call it a public agency.

In a public agency, the most important thing was the rules.

If one wished to be promoted to a higher position, the rules needed to be followed.

However, as Huashan was a major sect and therefore one of the rule makers, these rules did not apply to Huashan disciples.

If Lin Yi pleaded guilty or responded in a mild manner, he would lose face for Huashan.

Countless people would then borrow the opportunity to discredit Huashan using all sorts of reasons.

"Huashan must have declined, otherwise its disciples wouldn't be bowing down to the rules."

"Look at the disciples from Shaolin and Wudang, they have never done something like that."

As an old hand, Lin Yi knew very clearly how the local government worked.

In his previous life, this was a well-known issue.

Those who bowed down and admitted their mistakes had their status in the sect mysteriously drop by a large amount.

After a crazy amount of complaining from the players, a game expert gave an analysis of the situation.

If you bow down to the rules, you would be losing the face of your sect and harming the reputation of your sect in Jianghu.

If your status doesn't drop, what more do you want?

Facing the answer given by the analysis, the players were speechless.

Thus, the players started acting all high and mighty and as arrogantly as they could.

Some drew their swords on the spot, some started berating loudly, some put on a nasty attitude and some simply ignored the official...

The result was, some people raised their status in their sects while others continued to drop in status.

Once again the players got into a heated debate and the complaints resumed.

The game expert appeared once more to give a more in-depth analysis.

The statistics revealed that the more arrogantly the major sect disciples behaved, the more they raised their status. On the other hand, if the minor sect disciples did the same, their status would drop according to how arrogantly they acted.

Now the players understood what was going on.

This was the privilege of having the backing of a major sect!

To think that there were so many workings behind the scenes just from playing a damn game, it was no wonder they called "Great Jianghu" the most realistic game in human history.

NPCs had similar intelligence to humans, and sometimes even higher.

The details in the game were so meticulous and in-depth that it highly resembled the real world.

The only difference was that players had the game system and the ability to go online and offline.

Recalling this interesting tidbit about the game in his previous life, Lin Yi smiled unconsciously.

Then he put on a cold attitude and spread his hands in an uncaring manner: "Some business cropped up at home, so I was delayed for a few days."

A nonchalant expression was worn on his face.

The official who questioned him said nothing at his reply and did not pursue the matter any further.

What else could he do?

A major sect disciple indeed had the right to act high and mighty!

After that, he silently led Lin Yi to where the Great Constables Corps was stationed.

Passing through countless corridors, they finally arrived at a huge domain.

It looked like a large barrack, only in much better condition compared to a large barrack.

Ever saw a barrack that is entirely comprised of loft apartments before?

Up ahead on a large field, countless young disciples from various righteous sects were watching two people fighting in an arena with great interest.

A nun and a monk.

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