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Chapter 57 Deadly Celestial Sword, Bidding Goodbye


Finally, the second standard meridian was cleared.

Even though Lin Yi had cleared all twelve standard meridians in the game, but right now he was still delighted at clearing the second standard meridian.

This was because it was the real world here.

No matter how powerful he was in the game, it was just a game after all.

The two could not be spoken of in the same breath.

He opened the stats panel and saw that his stats had increased significantly once more.

System notification:

Name: Lin Yi

Identity: Son of Lin Zhilong of Yu City's Lin family, Disciple of Huashan upper courtyard

Attack: 140 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +50, Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian +40)

Speed: 140 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +50, Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian +40)

Defense: 60 (Basic stat +10, Internal art multiplier +10, Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian +40)

Internal strength: 40 (Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian +40)


Both his attack and speed stat reached 140, 14 times that of an ordinary person. If he channeled Huashan Sutra, they would triple to 420, 42 times that of an ordinary person. That was 60 points higher than when he only cleared the first standard meridian.

It was a significant increase in strength.

This was the power of having internal arts. Once you increased the level of your internal arts, your stats would be greatly increased, rapidly raising your battle power.

If he fought eight third-rate experts right now, Lin Yi would be able to kill them with much more ease.

He now had 40 points of internal strength, twice of what he had previously.

This meant that the amount of time he could use internal strength for had doubled as well.

After clearing the second standard meridian, all that was left was to raise the stage of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

Although the remaining battle experience was nearly enough, he still required a bit more experience before he could do that.

Lin Yi decided to remain at home for a few days and gather the remaining experience required.

After making his decision, Lin Yi instantly felt the effects of fatigue.

Even internal arts wasn't able to shield him from fatigue completely.

He was simply too tired!

He had rushed back home nearly throughout the whole night, and after that, he immediately had to deal with the bandits in Lin Village. Lastly, he went to lay waste to Crouching Tiger Hill and fought eight third-rate experts. There was no time in between for resting.

He had nearly exhausted all his energy and was now extremely tired.

As he lay on the bed, he closed his eyes and immediately fell into deep sleep.

The next morning, Lin Yi began to practice his sword art, having recovered his energy completely.

Of course, he practiced Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

This sword art looked ordinary and only comprised of three moves.

None of the people in the Lin family could understand the simplicity of this sword art, but nevertheless, they did not dare to disturb him.

When he got tired from practicing the sword art, he started giving pointers to the people of Jianghu who were now serving the Lin family, and nearly every one of them queued up. When their turn came, they displayed all the martial arts that they knew in front of Lin Yi, after which he would start evaluating them and point out their strengths and weakness. Lastly, he would help them to plan their direction of training.

Although each of them only had one chance to receive guidance, under the detailed and diligent teaching of Lin Yi, they all found their directions for future training and made great improvements.

Just like that, time quietly passed by amidst the sword art practice and guidance of the others.

Seven days had passed.

Lin Yi finally gathered sufficient experience to raise the stage of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

Opening the system panel and silently agreeing to upgrade the sword art, a bright light flashed and the battle experience he had was consumed.

Between his internal art and his sword art, 200,000 battle experience was gone just like that.

But Lin Yi was very happy because Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was now at the advanced stage.

System notification:

Successfully upgraded Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords (Gold): Inherited from Huashan Sword School, superior sword art. Advanced stage (Attack +37.5), 200,000 experience points required to reach perfection stage.
Although it still increased the attack stat by a slightly smaller amount compared to perfection stage Huashan Sword Art, the power of advanced stage Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords had already greatly surpassed it!

"Now that the second standard meridian has been cleared and Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords has reached the advanced stage, it is time to leave."

Lin Yi muttered to himself having decided to leave the Lin family and head towards Lanzhou City.


After a period of seven days, Lin family's influence was even greater!

With over a hundred people of Jianghu serving them and three third-rate experts to top it off, the Lin family was now the number one clan within a radius of hundred li, the overlord of the region.

At the same time, they established working relations with many other forces.

Lin Yi's status as a Huashan upper courtyard disciple was a good card to use, and nobody dared to reject this card.

Also, after the largest bandit stronghold within a radius of hundred li, Crouching Tiger Hill, was leveled by Lin Yi, all the other bandits in the area fled hastily and no longer showed up.

How would bandits who weren't even third-rate experts dare to continue hanging around the area?

People who were able to get hold of even more accurate news also knew that Crouching Tiger Hill did not merely have three bandit chiefs that day.

There were also six emissaries from Sun Moon Holy Cult, and each of them had learned the skills of the Ten Great Elders.

Even then, the six emissaries all end up dying in the hands of Lin Yi.

Crouching Tiger Hill was also reduced to ruins and there were no survivors.

The reputation of Lin Yi's "Deadly Celestial Sword" started spreading among the bandits, then reaching the people of demonic cults before finally spreading to Jianghu.

Everyone now knew that another genius had appeared in Huashan.

Killing eight similar classed opponents while six of them were even the disciples of the Ten Great Elders from Sun Moon Holy Cult.

Shocking Jianghu!

The name of "Deadly Celestial Sword" spread far and wide in Jianghu.

Although Lin Yi expected all these when he realized someone had witnessed his battle, he didn't expect the uproar to be this great.

Shaking his head and laughing bitterly, this 20,000 experience from a quest reward was indeed not a simple matter.

Of course, he was laughing bitterly.

The people of Jianghu serving the Lin family were all gasping in surprise at the news.

Taking on eight opponents all by himself.

And six of them were disciples of the Ten Great Elders from Sun Moon Holy Cult!

Lin Yi not only defeated them, but he also killed them all!

How fierce was that?

Adding on the two other third-rate experts he killed at Lin residence.

That's ten in one day!

This feat left them all astonished.

Everyone looked at Lin Yi with even greater fervor and worship.

Before, they came to serve the Lin family on account of Lin Yi's status as a Huashan upper courtyard disciple.

But now that Lin Yi had achieved such a great feat, all of them began to worship Lin Yi!

Even the three third-rate experts no longer had a prideful expression when they saw Lin Yi.

They all felt that Lin Yi was simply an abnormal monster!

Towards the followers' change in attitude, Lin Yi did not display any expression on his face or pay notice to it.

But in his heart, he was secretly satisfied with the nickname he got this time.

"Deadly Celestial Sword" was so much better than "Challenge Maniac"!

And infinitely better than "Killing Demon"!

Lin Yi was worried that people would call him Killing Demon.

Fortunately, the public opinion in Jianghu was still controlled by the righteous sects.

Since the ones being killed were all bandits and members of demonic cults, everyone from righteous sects clapped their hands in joy.

It was only right to be called "Deadly Celestial Sword".


Having made a decision, Lin Yi went to bid his parents and Lin Zhihu goodbye.

Lin Zhihu had been persuaded by Lin Yi to resign from his post of Escort Head in Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

With Lin Yi showing his face, Chief Escort Head Zhao Rong naturally agreed to the request and allowed Lin Zhihu to return home. At the same time, he attempted to persuade Lin Zhihu to stay.

Lin Zhihu was only an ordinary person of Jianghu and his basic stats did not even reach 30.

Lin Yi naturally did not want him to continue going on escort missions.

Now that the era of chaos was arriving, with Lin Zhihu's capabilities, he was even less than cannon fodder.

Who knows if he would be killed by someone in a remote place.

Lin Yi decisively persuaded Lin Zhihu to return home and even enticed him with the task of supervising Lin family's followers.

It was no joke.

To have more than a hundred subordinates who were skilled in martial arts, not to mention three third-rate experts among them, compared to a puny Escort Head in an escort agency.

Anyone who wasn't a fool would know which to choose.

"Yi-er, you've only been home for how long, now you are leaving again?"

The moment Lin Yi expressed his intention to leave, Madam Lin stood out and asked reluctantly.

"Don't be wilful, Yi-er is a Huashan upper courtyard disciple and he left Huashan on a mission. Returning home has already taken up quite a lot of his time, it's time for him to leave. It wouldn't be good to delay the mission he received from Huashan!" Lin Zhilong berated Madam Lin, but his eyes were tearing up and his face was filled with reluctance.

"Yi-er's place belongs in Jianghu, and also right at the top. This little place where our Lin family is located is not for him. I have long expected him to leave one day. In fact, if Yi-er didn't leave, I would have told him to leave." Lin Zhihu suddenly said from the side.

Both Lin Zhilong and Madam Lin nodded in agreement.

"Yes, my Yi-er is a true hero. How can I force someone who is destined for great things to stay by my side just because of my selfishness?" Lin Zhilong sighed and waved his hand: "Go Yi-er, the vast Jianghu belongs to you to seek your fortunes in! Whenever you feel tired, you can come home. Father will always be waiting for you!"

"Mother will be too!" Madam Lin added.

Only, when she said it, her tears had started to fall.

As parents, who would be truly willing to see their own child far away from themselves?

But a young eagle would eventually grow up and spread its wings.

The azure and boundless skies were where it truly belonged.

Lin Yi had already understood his parents and Lin Zhihu's intentions.

He remained silent, not knowing what to say.

Although in his heart he never really recognized them as his parents, after living together for seven days, Lin Yi also grew feelings for them.

He was greatly moved.

But he still walked out of the Lin residence with determination, mounted his white horse and galloped towards the west.

Because he knew that it still wasn't the time to enjoy such times.

The incoming great war was like a harsh horsewhip, continuously whipping him and constantly urging him forward.

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