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Chapter 54 Cutting Down Strong Foes

Lin Yi's speed suddenly decreased. The Sky Soaring user was delighted and went faster.

In a sudden turn of events, the youth in front who had been fleeing nonstop sprang off a wall and reversed his direction with a turn of his body.

With great speed, he approached the Sky Soaring user.

The gap between the two closed in an instant.

The Sky Soaring user realized that something was wrong, but it was too late.

Lin Yi already brandished his sword.

The first sword of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!


The light from the blade flashed past the neck of the Sky Soaring user, and a head with an expression filled with shock and disbelief flew up into the air.

The head landed on the ground.

"Fourth Brother!"

"Old Four!"

The black-robed men behind roared loudly and their gaze towards the youth was filled with rage and killing intent.

It was as if flames were spouting from their eyes!

Lin Yi paid no heed to their gazes and smiled in ridicule.

He raised his middle finger and expressed his disdain for the remaining five black-robed men.

How could the killing move he had carefully planned be seen through by them?

Although this move did not seem to be special, it was an idea which Lin Yi had thought of in an instant and the execution was flawless.

From the initial retreat at the start, then turning back to kill 2nd Chief and Eldest Chief.

Followed by more running and shooting arrows which seemed like he was trying to prevent the black-robed men from closing in on him.

But he secretly shot at everyone but the Sky Soaring user. The best part was that every arrow Lin Yi shot seemed as if they were aimed at Sky Soaring user when in fact the arrows' true targets were the five other black-robed men behind him. This achieved the effect of creating an increasing distance between him and the rest.

How much observational and judgment skills did that require?

It looked simple, but the skills required to pull it off weren't simple at all.

It was an advantage created by pure skill.

Lin Yi possessed such skills, and he was also very good at making use of his skills.

That was how he managed to kill Sky Soaring user.

Among the six black-robed men one had been eliminated, and it was the one with the greatest threat, the Sky Soaring user who was fast enough to chase him down.

Among the five remaining black-robed men, there was none who was faster than him.

Lin Yi had all the time in the world to slowly deal with them.

One could say that his chances of winning this battle had increased from zero to fifty percent.

But Lin Yi did not become cocky and complacent because of that and recklessly fight them head-on.

That was a foolish thing to do.

If he fought all five of them at once, even if he was highly experienced at fighting, he could not deal with so many of them all by himself.

The truly smart way was to continue his hit-and-run tactics and firmly take control of the pace of the battle.

That way, he could slowly increase the advantage that he held.

Once again, he started fleeing.

Lin Yi had run around the entire Crouching Tiger Hill, round after round.

Using his bow from time to time to shoot at anyone who got close.

Muffled grunts of pain could be heard.

The remaining five people were provoked by Lin Yi's treachery and no longer dared to stay far from each other, sticking closely to one another.

But because of that, each of them now had arrows stuck in their bodies and multiple bleeding wounds.

They were overly cautious and wanted to avoid falling into a trap at all costs, not realizing that they had already fallen into another trap.

The five of them were riddled with injuries and dragged along by Lin Yi into running multiple rounds around the stronghold.

They were long since exhausted and panting heavily.

Lin Yi gave a cold look and muttered to himself: "It's about time."

He hung Longmang bow on his back and drew the bloody Qingfeng sword which was dripping with blood before coming to a halt.

Standing still, he quietly waited for the five men to reach him.

"Kid, continue to run! Why aren't you running anymore!"

Seeing Lin Yi stop in his tracks, the black-robed men mocked him.

Lin Yi did not speak a word and merely held his sword and charged at them. He was actually going to fight the five of them head-on.

"Good kid, you finally stopped running. Kill him and take revenge for Little Seven and Old Four!" The five black-robed men shouted angrily and started using all their killing moves.

Herculean Strength Demonic Art.

White Ape Demonic Art.

Golden Ape Demonic Art.

Black Tiger's Demonic Roar.

Demonic Claws Art.

The astonishing power of five superior martial arts erupted at once and headed towards Lin Yi.

With a sword step, Lin Yi charged at the middle of the five men.

Afterimages flashed behind.

The five great demonic arts all missed and hit the air.

Amidst the anger of the five men, a beam of light flashed from the sword in Lin Yi's hand.

Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!

With one sword move, Lin Yi pierced the throat of the Black Tiger user with his sword.

After killing one more person, Lin Yi quickly retreated.

Attacking in a flash and leaving in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yi had charged into the five men and killed one of them before leaving swiftly.

Looking full of grace.

But the remaining four men were driven mad with rage and started shouting.

"Fifth Brother!"

"Old Five!"

"Aaaaah, kill him, kill him now and take revenge!" The Demonic Claws user had seemingly gone mad from rage, his eyes bloodshot and filled with killing intent, and he madly charged at Lin Yi.

"Don't do it Sixth Brother!"

The other three men anxiously tried stopping him but they were too late.

Seeing that someone had been driven mad and left the team to attack him, Lin Yi's eyes lit up and he attacked with his sword.

Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, first sword move, second sword move!

After two moves, Demonic Claws user's right hand which was holding the metal claws had been severed and a deep line of blood appeared on his face.


His head was split into two from the middle.

The Demonic Claws user was slain!

Of the eight third-rate experts, only three were left.

"Sixth Brother!"

"Old Six!"

The three black-robed men cried out in pain from witnessing his death.

Their gazes towards Lin Yi were filled with hatred and cruel killing intent.

Lin Yi laughed it off and paid no heed.

Only the White Ape user, Golden Ape user, and the Herculean Strength user were left.

In terms of raw strength, the three of them were the strongest.

But in terms of the level of threat that they posed, they were the weakest.

Lin Yi returned his sword to its sheath and took out the last violet arrow.

Injecting internal strength into his arms, the muscles of his arms bulged visibly, filled with explosive power.

Pulling the bow into the shape of a full moon, he released the bowstring and the violet arrow shot off like a violet meteor, heading straight for the White Ape user with incredible speed.

The White Ape user was greatly shocked and wanted to dodge the arrow.

But Lin Yi had shot this arrow with his full strength, resulting in its alarmingly high speed.

How could the White Ape user who looked like a big gorilla be capable of dodging it?

Just when he thought of dodging it, before his body could react, the violet arrow already reached him.


The Herculean Strength user and Golden Ape user could only shout out in agony and watch on helplessly as the White Ape user's head was exploded by the arrow, dying instantly!

Another one down.

Two more to go.

Looking at the two men remaining, Lin Yi smiled.

The Golden Ape user had a very high defense while the Herculean Strength user had an incredible amount of power.

If the strengths of both people could be combined into one, Lin Yi probably would have no way to deal with it.

But, they were two separate persons!

The Golden Ape user's defense was incredible, but his speed was abysmal.

The Herculean Strength user possessed extreme power, but his defense was mediocre.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi drew his sword and attacked the two.

Instead of using the superior sword art Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, he used Huashan Sword Art.

Facing two men who were covered in wounds and panting heavily, that was sufficient!

All-encompassing White Rainbow!

Abundant Wealth!

Descend of Edgeless Wood!

White Clouds Emerge!

Huashan Sword Art was transformed alive in Lin Yi's hands.

Every move was exquisite and the killing moves emerged continuously.

One after another.

One man used his overwhelming strength to deal with the moves by hitting the blade away.

The other waved his golden fists, not fearing the blade of the sword. Qingfeng Sword made multiple stab wounds on the Golden Ape user's arms and they were full of blood, but he was indifferent.

"Good, come again!"

The two men fought so valiantly that Lin Yi was also having a good time fighting them.

With a great shout, he attacked the two of them madly like a wild storm.

The styles of Huashan Sword Art were unleashed on them incessantly.

Ten moves, hundred moves.

300 moves, 400 moves.

700 moves, 800 moves.

A thousand moves!

Finally, the Golden Ape user could no longer take it.

His entire body was full of injuries and blood flowed continuously from the injuries.

He was nearly covered in blood.

His internal strength had been totally drained and the golden luster was very dim.

His defense had greatly decreased!

Lin Yi's eyes lit up.

Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

First sword!

Second sword!

Third sword!

Unleashing all three moves, he finally managed to cut down the Golden Ape user.

"Old Two!"

The Herculean Strength user roared in anger and the swinging of his fists generated fierce winds which hit Lin Yi's face, causing him pain.

He stepped on the ground with great force, causing the surface to tremble as if there were earthquakes.

The Herculean Strength user had gone berserk!

Lin Yi hurriedly retreated and leaped onto a rooftop.

The Herculean Strength user started running with great strides and his fists ferociously smashed onto the walls.


The walls were penetrated by his fists and crumbled with a rumble.

The entire building collapsed.

Lin Yi gasped and quickly jumped off onto the next rooftop.

The Herculean Strength user now resembled a berserk black bull charging recklessly.

Wherever he went, the buildings collapsed.

Behind him were the rumbling sounds of buildings collapsing and the dust flying about.

Lin Yi continued leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

From time to time, he would take out his bow to shoot at the man.

Boom boom boom!

In less than one hour, all the buildings in Crouching Tiger Hill had collapsed.

The Herculean Strength user still looked like he had a lot of energy to spare, even Lin Yi was stunned.

This man must have been born with great innate strength.

After collapsing so many buildings, he still wasn't exhausted.

After running out of buildings to jump on, Lin Yi ran out of the stronghold and entered the forest, jumping from tree to tree.

Below him, the Herculean Strength user was like a bulldozer, knocking down all the trees that he crashed into!

The sound of trunks breaking could be heard continuously.

Lin Yi was forced to scurry all around the place while continuing to shoot arrows from his bow.

Finally, the chase returned to Crouching Tiger Hill once again, which was now in shambles.

The Herculean Strength user had large numbers of arrows stuck all over his body and resembled a porcupine.

Taking a deep gaze at the five black-robed corpses on the ground, he raised his head and roared.

Laughing bitterly three times.

Collapsing onto the ground and dying from exhaustion!

The last one was dead!


Lin Yi heaved a huge breath of relief and sat down on the ground, paying no heed to the corpses lying about all over, and started panting for air in large gulps.

The battle was finally over!

Just when Lin Yi was feeling emotional about it, on top of a hill taller than Crouching Tiger Hill where there was an unobstructed view of the entire stronghold, two figures watched everything quietly.

They seemed to have been watching here for a very long time.

From the moment Lin Yi started attacking Crouching Tiger Hill, all the way until the six black-robed men were killed.

The two figures saw it all.

If one got closer and looked, one could see that these two figures were comprised of one big and one small, one male and one female, one old and one young.

A young girl and an old man.

The girl wore a flowery dress and her hands were clasped behind her back.

The old man was slightly bowing like a servant.

If Lin Yi saw the two, he would definitely flee for his life in a panic.

These two people were actually the vicious young girl and the old first-rate expert from the demonic cults that he encountered half a year ago in Leizhou City.

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