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Chapter 53 Taking on Eight Experts

Although Lin Yi was very excited and couldn't wait to kill the six men from Sun Moon Holy Cult for the battle experience, he did not get impulsive and remained calm.

His gaze hovered around the eight people, his expression deadly serious and his mind fully focused.

These eight were third-rate experts of Jianghu and six of them were even from Sun Moon Holy Cult. This meant that they were much stronger third-rate experts compared to the ordinary ones.

If one simply compared the martial arts they each had, Lin Yi wasn't stronger than them.

He might even be inferior in certain aspects.

Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was certainly powerful, but it indeed only had three sword moves.

After using these three moves, its effectiveness would be exhausted.

This was the flaw in the sword art. If it did not have any flaws, it wouldn't be a superior martial art but a peerless martial art instead.

Superior martial arts were highly specialized, resulting in a corresponding inflexibility in some manner, and they all had their own flaws.

For its incredible power, Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords' flaw was the limited number of techniques.

Other superior martial arts were similar.

Black Blood Divine Needles killed with a mere scratch due to its incredibly potent poison and was greatly feared. But because of the potency of the poison, the other aspects of this martial art was very weak and thus it was easy to counter.

Both martial arts weren't peerless martial arts because although they had great strengths, they also had great weaknesses and were easy to counter.

Nearly all superior martial arts in Jianghu could be countered in one way or another.

Lin Yi could ignore the two bandit chiefs from Crouching Tiger Hill, but he did not dare to belittle the six members of Sun Moon Holy Cult.

Who knew what martial arts these six people had learned?

The martial arts of demonic cult members were extremely unusual.

One moment of carelessness could lead to disaster.

Lin Yi had deeply experienced this in the game during his previous life.

Facing demonic cult members, he never dared to let down his guard. Neither would he act arrogantly like the disciples from righteous sects and naively think that the demonic sect members were good-for-nothings since they were the common enemy.


If one thought like that, it was easy to court death.

The demonic sects had survived in the world of Great Jianghu for thousands of years. They had the ability to vie with the righteous sects for power and could even frequently incite great wars between the demonic and the righteous.

How could such strength and ability be disregarded?

His eyes rolled about while his brain was spinning madly.

Now that he was facing eight third-rate experts, the only advantage he could rely on was his rich fighting experience.

In such situations, he couldn't allow emotions to take control and had to keep himself clearheaded at all times so that he could quickly adapt and find the right ways to deal with the situation.

Lin Yi was thinking of a plan to defeat his enemies and the eight people were also doing the same. Facing this Huashan upper courtyard disciple, they did not dare to let down their guard.

Who would dare to look down on the power of Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords?

After a short moment of impasse, the black-robed eldest brother lightly made some motions with his hand, indicating his intentions to the group of people.

The group of people scattered and subtly started forming a circle, attempting to surround Lin Yi on all sides and to seal off any means of escape.

They only just began to move and Lin Yi's sharp mind had already guessed their intentions.

With a serious expression, he rapidly retreated.

Leaping onto a rooftop nearby, he sped off in the direction of the gates of Crouching Tiger Hill.

"Don't let him escape!"

The eldest brother panicked and thought that this successor of Deadly Chain of Three Immortal Swords wanted to retreat after seeing that he was outnumbered. He was inwardly angered that this youth could be so astute despite his young age.

The moment they made their move, he was able to discover their intention.

The rest did not dare to incur any kind of delay in carrying out the eldest brother's orders and each of them started using their skills to go after Lin Yi.

One of the black-robed men leaped into the air as if he was flying, his speed even surpassing Lin Yi!

One had to know that Lin Yi had learned the silver grade Huashan Movement Art, and coupled with his internal art, his speed stat reached 120 points. And by circulating his internal strength into both legs, his speed had rocketed to 36 times that of an ordinary person!

"Sky Soaring Demonic Art!"

Lin Yi focused his gaze on the black-robed man and instantly recognized the martial art he was using.

It was a skill which originated from one of the Ten Great Elders of the demonic cults, Sky Soaring Divine Demon.

It was a very famous lightness art in Jianghu.

Another similar demonic art which was equally famous was the lightness art used by the great Blue Bat of Ming Cult Wei Yixiao.

Another black-robed man resembled a white ape and his arms were very long. Whether he was running on the ground or climbing onto rooftops, he was extremely fast.

"White Ape Demonic Art!"

In his previous life, after having encountered the Sun Moon Holy Cult on countless occasions, Lin Yi was now capable of recognizing their martial arts with one look.

More was yet to come.

One man resembled a huge ox, crashing through numerous buildings as he charged and causing them to collapse.

"Herculean Strength Demonic Art!"

One revealed his metal claws as he swiped forward. The metal claws lodged into the mud walls, the silvery chains connected to the claws flashing with a metallic hue.

"Demonic Claws Art!"

Yet one more black-robed man opened his huge mouth and roared with great force, causing Lin Yi to be temporarily stunned along with loud ringing in his ears.

"Black Tiger's Demonic Roar Art!"

And the last one had his whole body glittering in a golden luster while he charged forward, piercing through the buildings.

"Golden Ape Demonic Art!"

Lin Yi was continuously surprised by the black-robed men in pursuit. They chased from all sides, nearly blocking off every possible route.

All six of them had inherited skills from the Ten Great Elders of the demonic cults!

Each of them was extremely powerful.

But Lin Yi only remained surprised for a short while and soon a subtle smile could be seen on his face.

He was not afraid of the enemy displaying their martial arts, he was only afraid that they kept their martial arts hidden, causing him unable to think of countermeasures.

Since the enemy had openly displayed their martial arts, he could think of ways of dealing with them very quickly by making use of his rich and plentiful fighting experience.

The smile he wore on his face grew more obvious.

On the rooftop, he abruptly spun around and advanced instead of retreating.

The black-robed men trying to surround him split up and approached him.

Lin Yi sheathed his sword, took out Longmang Bow and placed a violet arrow on it.

Then he pulled the bowstring in midair and aimed at 2nd Chief who was lagging behind.


There was a loud sound and the violet arrow whizzed through the air.

The arrow was extremely fast!

Leaving behind an afterimage, it reached 2nd Chief in the blink of an eye.

He completely did not expect Lin Yi to strike suddenly while in the middle of retreating.

A shocked expression appeared on his face.

In the next moment, his head exploded!

Half his head was carried away by the violet arrow.

"2nd Chief!"

Eldest Chief watched this scene unfold with great pain and shouted in fear.

The pain was not due to grief, it was due to fear.

The savageness of the enemy had far exceeded his imagination.

Who would have thought that Lin Yi was only pretending to flee, while all along he was aiming for 2nd Chief!

Even though 2nd Chief was the weakest among the eight of them, but if they were to carry out a joint attack, he could still be able to provide a great effect.

This Huashan youth was extremely cunning!

Eldest Chief naturally did not expect that Lin Yi had more in store for his plans.

Not only was he going to kill 2nd Chief, but he also wanted to test the martial arts that the six black-robed men possessed.

Furthermore, he was not satisfied with just killing one person.

He also wanted to kill Eldest Chief!

Taking out a violet arrow once more, the second one out of the three violet arrows which came together with Longmang Bow, he repeated the same actions.

Pulling the bowstring.

Shooting the arrow!

The violet arrow blasted off towards Eldest Chief!

The sounds of something breaking through the air rang out once more.

The impetus was alarmingly great!

Eldest Chief's expression changed drastically.

He was well aware of the immense power contained in the arrows.

The power was sufficient to make one's body explode.

If he was hit by the arrow, even if he circulated internal strength throughout his whole body, he wouldn't escape from the fate of exploding.

He began dodging wildly.

But how could such a fast and unexpected arrow be dodged so easily?

The advantage of long-range weapons lies in its speed.

Lin Yi's arrow was not only extremely fast, but it was also incredibly powerful.

Eldest Chief nearly exhausted every method available trying to dodge the arrow and repeatedly rolled on the ground.

He slightly heaved a sigh of relief. It was torturous to face a situation of life and death.

Luckily he finally managed to dodge it.

Just when Eldest Chief was celebrating in his heart, he realized that the Huashan youth was already standing beside him and swinging his sword at him.

This sword technique seemed ordinary, but Eldest Chief was unable to dodge it. His spirit was exhausted from trying to dodge the arrow just now.

Facing the incoming sword, he just stood there like a fool without any reaction and watched the sword piercing through his chest with his eyes.

Lin Yi's hand slightly turned and the blade changed direction.

With a downward slash, chi!

Eldest Chief was cut into two, dying instantly!

Two out of eight people had died, leaving six of them.

The six black-robed men stared and roared in great anger!

This youth was too wicked. He actually managed to kill two people while he was being chased by them, playing them for a fool.

Obviously, the youth had no plans of escaping right from the start.

The six men were greatly enraged.

Was he treating them like monkeys?

The fastest one to arrive was the man who used Sky Soaring Demonic Art.

He resembled a huge bird soaring in the sky.

In just a short while, he had greatly closed the gap between Lin Yi and himself.

The rest of the black-robed men similarly followed closely behind.

As long as Sky Soaring user was able to hold the wicked Huashan youth down for just a moment, they would be able to reach him and kill the youth in a joint attack.

Lin Yi laughed, the enemy's intentions clear as day to him.

He pulled the bowstring once more and shot three arrows.

Having witnessed the power of the arrows, the Sky Soaring user was frightened by Lin Yi's action.

Even if he could block the arrows, he would certainly incur great injury.

He hurriedly changed his stance and direction, lowering his speed as a result.

In this way, he managed the dodge the three arrows which formed a triangle, and his heart relaxed.

But very soon, he realized in shock that he wasn't the target of these three arrows, it was the Demonic Claws user behind him.

The Demonic Claws user was just pulling the iron claws and flying forward along the chains when he suddenly faced three arrows heading towards him.

The Sky Soaring user was shocked speechless.

The ability of this Huashan youth to predict was beyond imagination and his control of the battlefield was unexpectedly strong.

Without realizing it, the pace of the fight was under the control of the youth.

Lin Yi did not apply internal strength to the three ordinary arrows so even though they hit the Demonic Claws user, he only received minor injuries.

Lin Yi did not look frustrated, instead smiling slightly.

In the midst of retreating, he shot arrows at the other black-robed men from time to time.

None of them killed their targets, but unknowingly, the other black-robed men had formed a distance from the Sky Soaring user.

As he was chasing Lin Yi at the very front and was the closest to him, Sky Soaring user did not realize this.

Lin Yi gave a cold laugh and drew his sword without making a sound.

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