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Chapter 49 Black Blood Divine Needles, Deadly Display of Power

3rd Chief leapt off his horse and started utilizing his internal art. The bones in his body produced cracking sounds and his muscles started bulging visibly. In the blink of an eye, 3rd Chief had transformed from a thin and weak looking man into a strong and muscular man. His whole body now radiated explosive power, and he approached Lin Yi with a wicked laugh.

"Oh oh!"

"3rd Chief is great!"

The bandits riding on the horses raised their swords and cheered excitedly.

Lin Zhihu who had revealed half of his body on the wall looked on nervously.

Lin Yi was unexpectedly strong, killing 6 bandits in an instant, and even made it to upper courtyard in half a year, which meant that he acquired internal arts. But how could someone who just acquired internal arts be a match for one such as the 3rd Chief who had lived bloody days in Jianghu and treated killing as his life for years?

Even if Huashan Sword Art was brilliant, what about his battle experience?

Lin Zhihu had no confidence and was filled with worry, but there was nothing he could do to help. He clenched his fists so tightly that the nails had dug into his flesh and caused bleeding, but he did not feel it.

In his eyes, he could only see the motionless and expressionless youth in white staring at his bloodstained sword.

Seeing Lin Yi standing completely still as if he had been scared stiff by himself, 3rd Chief started to show off even more. Circulating his internal art, his internal strength started madly flowing out from his dantian into his limbs and body. His muscles grew even larger, so much that his clothes were ripped apart by the bulging muscles, revealing their steel-like and powerful appearance.

"Oh oh, 3rd Chief is incredible!"

The bandits cheered even more enthusiastically, feeling that the 3rd Chief was invincible with his internal art.

In their eyes, once their 3rd Chief started to utilize his internal arts, even if all of them charged at him together, they would not be a match for him. Even if this youth who had suddenly appeared was able to slaughter them with ease, so what?

They had the 3rd Chief!

The heartlessness and viciousness of the bandits could be clearly seen.

They did not feel much towards the death of their companions.

3rd Chief simply utilizing his internal arts and showing off his strength was able to make them forget what had just happened and start cheering in excitement.

Encouraged by the cheering, 3rd Chief smiled smugly.

"Kid, are you scared stiff?"

3rd Chief laughed and with one forceful spring of his legs, he sped towards the youth in white like an arrow, viciously striking at his head with the saber, wanting to cut off his head with a single stroke.

Lin Yi abruptly raised his head, retrieving his gaze from the bloodstained sword, and looked towards 3rd Chief, the corners of his mouth slightly curving upwards and revealing a subtle look of ridicule on his face.

What kind of eyes did Lin Yi have?

Filled with killing intent and ruthlessness!

The most scary part was that despite the deep killing intent, his eyes were clear and extremely calm.

It was so calm that it could freeze one's heart.

While in mid air, 3rd Chief was chilled by the stare of the youth, his heart thumping loudly.

A terrifying chill rose from his spine.

"Stupid fool!"

The tightly shut mouth of the youth suddenly uttered these 2 words.

Before 3rd Chief could react, the youth drew his sword.

The light of the blade flashed, blood sprayed out, and a human head flew up into the air. The headless corpse in mid air dropped to the ground with a plop.

3rd Chief was dead.

System notification:

Battle evaluation: Grade A

Quest reward: Killing a third-rate expert bandit, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Looking at the messages that appeared on the system panel, Lin Yi smiled in derision.

3rd Chief showed off his internal art in front of him and circulated his internal strength all over his body. This was an incredibly stupid act.

How could one utilize internal strength in such a manner?

Every bit of internal strength should be used at the place where it was most needed without wasting a single drop.

Even a peak expert who had developed internal circulation did not have an infinite supply of internal strength, not to mention a mere third-rate expert who had not even cleared the twelve standard meridians.

This 3rd Chief was as stupid as a pig, and only existed to provide him with battle experience.

With a mocking gaze, Lin Yi looked at Lord Qi.

"Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords?!"

Lord Qi yelled astoundingly and looked at Lin Yi with a shocked gaze: "You actually learnt Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords?!"

He obviously recognized Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords. He was not surprised by the death of 3rd Chief in one move, rather, he was surprised by this Huashan superior sword art which was famous in all of Jianghu.

Huashan's Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was hugely famous in Jianghu for it's incredible power.

The unusualness and viciousness of this sword art was on par with martial arts that originated from the demonic cults.

However, in the entire Huashan, extremely few people managed to learn this sword art successfully.

Lord Qi could never have expected to encounter one of those people in such a remote place.

Lin Yi raised his brow and said: "To think that you could recognize it."

The technique he used just now looked simple, but it was indeed Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords!

The appearance of the sword art was ordinary and wasn't fancy at all, in contrast to the words in its name "Celestial Swords".

That was why very few people in Jianghu was able to recognize it.

Lin Yi was a little surprised that a mere bandit could recognize it.

He suddenly thought of something, realizing that this bandit was not as simple as he looked.

"Heh heh..." Lord Qi laughed coldly and did not reply. His expression became deadly serious and his eyes became saturated with killing intent.

Holding the horse whip, he propelled himself into the air from atop the horse. Then he raised the whip and lashed it at Lin Yi.

Just when Lin Yi was about to parry it with his sword, Lord Qi smiled coldly, and a hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes.

In his left hand, a bunch of inconspicuous black needles appeared suddenly.

Circulating his internal strength into his left arm, he threw the needles abruptly with great force.

The densely packed and numerous black needles assailed every part of Lin Yi's body.

"Black Blood Divine Needles!"

Lin Yi's widened in surprise, his face filled with a shocked and serious expression.

How could he not know of the famous Black Blood Divine Needles?

This was one of the most vicious superior hidden weapon art which originated from Sun Moon Holy Cult, one of the 2 major demonic cults.

It held immense killing power!

As long as a single needle entered the body, it would instantly kill the victim!

Ordinary experts couldn't do anything about it even if they utilized their internal arts.

Only peak experts could rely on internal circulation to resist the poison from the needles.

The needles themselves did not pose much of a threat, the greatest threat came from the poison on the needles.

Even Lin Yi was viciously attacked by this Black Blood Divine Needles quite a few times in his previous life.

Every time he paid the price with his life.

Fortunately, back then it was common for a player to die in the game.

Each death only costed a player several stages of their martial arts or a few levels of their internal arts.

Losing several stages of martial arts was still tolerable, but losing a few levels of internal arts was extremely upsetting.

The latter had happened to Lin Yi more than once, so he remembered this Black Blood Divine Needles very well.

This was why he immediately recognized it when Lord Qi threw the black needles.

"Black Blood Divine Needles, you are a member of Sun Moon Holy Cult!" Lin Yi yelled, instantly revealing Lord Qi's identity.

Due to his numerous encounters with Black Blood Divine Needles and the hardships he suffered due to it, he carried out a great amount of research into ways of defending against the needles.

Black Blood Divine Needles, the most dangerous part was the deadly poison and the penetrating power of the needles.

But the needles did not possess much force, so they could only penetrate the skin and not entirely pierce through the body.

One would be fine as long as one could dodge the needles and not get hit by them.

But now, Lord Qi was so close to himself that it was too late to dodge.

The only method left -

Spotting the headless corpse of 3rd Chief beside him, Lin Yi's eyes lit up. With one forceful hook of his feet, the corpse was lifted into mid air. Then he circulated internal strength into his right arm and stirred the corpse with his sword.

A strength equivalent to 36 times that of an ordinary person appeared on his sword.

The headless corpse starting spinning like a windmill in front of him, completely blocking all the Black Blood Divine Needles.

Just when Lord Qi was feeling proud of himself and expecting to see this detestable Huashan upper courtyard disciple die to the needles in the next moment, he witnessed this scene and couldn't help but curse loudly.

"3rd Chief, you stupid fool, you couldn't accomplish anything while alive, and now that you are dead, you continue to foil my great plans!"

He was nearly driven mad. To think that after taking into account every detail, he never expected 3rd Chief's corpse to be able to serve a purpose under such circumstances.

He was deeply frightened by this youth from Huashan.

Even a devil from a demonic cult like him could not think of it despite possessing a rich Jianghu experience.

This youth only just started his journey in Jianghu, but he was capable of coming up with such a method.

To block the needles with a corpse, how could a rookie of Jianghu possibly think of that?

This youth was incredibly alert and shrewd!

Without waiting for Lord Qi to regret it, after blocking all the needles and eliminating the danger, Lin Yi immediately leapt forward.

First technique, second technique!

Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords only had 3 sword techniques, and he used 2 of them.

Qingfeng Sword pierced through Lord Qi's heart before turning and slicing downwards.

Lord Qi was ripped into 2 halves in mid air and the blood rained down. He could not be any more dead!

Only then did Lin Yi heave a sigh of relief and relax.

He did not dare to merely pierce the heart and leave things as they were.

In his previous life, he had encountered such incidents.

Thinking that it was good enough to pierce the heart and wait for the enemy to die, not knowing that for one who possessed internal arts, internal strength was capable of greatly boosting the life-force of a person.

Even if the heart had been pierced, one would not immediately die.

They could still deal a final blow while on the verge of death.

Only by ripping a person into 2 halves could the threat be removed completely.

There was currently no one in Jianghu who could still be alive after being ripped into 2 halves and strike back with their dying breath.

It was not because Lin Yi was cruel and savage, and liked ripping people into 2 halves.

He also wanted to kill in a single blow without seeing blood and let his enemy die in a graceful manner.

But the experience from his previous life had taught him to be thorough when it came to killing and to remove any possible threat completely.

System notification:

Battle evaluation: Grade S

Quest reward: Killing a third-rate expert from a demonic cult, 8,000 battle experience awarded.

Lin Yi raised his brow at the message. It seems that he had just killed an elite "mob".

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