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Chapter 48 In the Nick of Time

"Old man, say what you want to say quickly!"

Lord Qi put one finger into his nostril and dug out a large booger before flicking it off and said lazily from the back of his horse, looking uncouth and ugly.

Lin Zhilong was enraged when he heard that. He was only 40 years gold, still in his prime, how could he call him an old man? Besides, there was nobody within a radius of a hundred li who would dare to call him an old man and talk to him in such a tone.

Although he was very angry, but he suppressed his anger very quickly.

Now that he was at the mercy of others, what was the use of being angry? It would only agitate this group of ruthless bandits.

If that happened, he would be the one to suffer.

Forcing himself to endure it, Lin Zhilong put on a smiling face and said: "Good sir, the time limit you gave is too short, we are unable to gather so many taels of silver in such a short time. Would it be possible to extend the deadline by a few days?"

"Extend the deadline by a few days?" Lord Qi rolled his eyes, while thinking of some wicked idea: "Sure you can!"

"Really?" Lin Zhilong was delighted.

"Of course it's real, even more real than taels of silver." Lord Qi nodded and smiled, his eyes revealing a lascivious glint: "I heard that your wife is a great beauty. Even though she's over 30 years of age, her skin is still tender like a young girl's skin, and she still possesses a good figure and great charm. If you hand over your wife and let me have a good time, I will give you a few more days!"

"Of course, if your wife serves me well, I can even give up the 50,000 taels of silver, ha ha ha!"

"Shameless scum, even if I die, I will not allow you to insult me!" Madam Lin was embarrassed and enraged by his words and cursed angrily from the courtyard.

Lin Zhilong was so angry that he trembled in fury and pointed at Lord Qi, unable to speak a word.

"Puny thief, don't push your luck! This area is under the control of Huashan, do you really think you can do as you please?" Lin Zhihu could no longer tolerate it and started scolding Lord Qi from atop the walls.

"Huashan? Who is this guy?" Lord Qi slightly frowned and asked 3rd Chief who was beside him.

"He is Lin Zhihu, Lin Zhilong's younger brother, and an Escort Head of Dragon Gate Escort Agency." 3rd Chief gave one look at Lin Zhihu and quickly replied.

"Aiyo, I still thought some important figure had arrived! It's just a puny Escort Head from Dragon Gate Escort Agency, looking like this, you must be the lowest ranked Escort Head in Dragon Gate Escort Agency right? An insignificant character like you dares to act big at a time like this? To even represent Huashan?" Lord Qi laughed loudly, his face full of disdain and ridicule.

"Not to mention that you are just an insignificant Escort Head from Dragon Gate Escort Agency, even if someone from Huashan came right now, I'm still taking this Madam Lin today no matter what!" Lord Qi laughed coldly and cracked his horse whip in the air fiercely, producing a loud clapping sound.

Lin Zhihu was so angry that the veins on his neck popped out: "I might be just a small Escort Head, but my nephew Lin Yi is a true Huashan disciple! If you dare to mess up the Lin family today, Yi-er will definitely come after you in the future! No matter where you escape to, he will definitely kill you!"

"Huashan disciple?!"

Lord Qi was alarmed, and his uncaring expression instantly became serious and tense.

This area was the territory of Huashan, and although it was slightly remote, it was truly under the influence of Huashan. If someone from Huashan came looking for them, the things that the 7 brothers did would be discovered.

If word got out, he would bring great trouble upon his elder brothers.

After all, they were on a secret mission this time round.

Once Huashan was alerted, the matter would be exposed.

This matter could potentially cause a disastrous effect, so he had to exercise caution.

"Who is this nephew Lin Yi? What is his position in Huashan?" Lord Qi quickly asked 3rd Chief. Although he was slightly taken aback, it was better to ask the local bully first.

3rd Chief thought for a moment before answering: "Lin Yi is Lin Zhilong's son, right now he should be about 16 years old. Half a year ago, he was sent to Huashan by Lin Zhilong to be a disciple of Huashan lower courtyard."

"So it's only a Huashan lower courtyard disciple! I got scared for a moment!"

Lord Qi couldn't help laughing out loud: "What can a little fellow who only joined Huashan for half a year be capable of? There are a total of 40,000 Huashan lower courtyard disciples, with 10,000 joining and leaving each year. This Lin Yi can't even create a ripple in the lower courtyard."

"Even if he came personally, that would be even better, I will just chop him down! Would Huashan do anything about the death of a mere lower courtyard disciple?" Lord Qi mocked Lin Zhihu with disdain.

Without waiting for Lin Zhihu to speak, he waved his hand impatiently: "I'm in no mood to drag this on any further. Have you gathered the required amount of money? If not, I'm going to break down the doors right now!"

Seeing that no sound was coming from within the courtyard, Lord Qi became even more impatient: "I'm not in a good mood today, kill all the men and leave the women alive!"

"Right, don't forget to bring me Madam Lin, I can't wait to have her!"

At the sound of the command, dozens of bandits dismounted from their horses and starting running.

3rd Chief gave a hideous laugh and prepared to utilize lightness arts in order to break open the doors with his saber.

At this moment, with a whizzing sound, a violet arrow descended like an arrow from the heavens and immediately ripped apart a bandit who was very close to the courtyard.

The body of the bandit was ripped into 2 halves in an explosion of blood and flesh by the arrow which appeared suddenly.

3rd Chief gasped in surprise!

Expert, the attacker was definitely an expert with internal arts!

If not, the power of this arrow would definitely not be this horrifying!

How was this an arrow?

It was more like a cannonball!

When he was still a small bandit a long time ago, someone beside him had been blasted into many pieces by a cannon while they were attacking the ancestral residence that belonged to a person of Jianghu.

Flesh and blood exploded!

It was terrifying!

Until now, he could still remember it clearly.

The high-spirited Lord Qi at the side was also greatly shocked by the power of this arrow which suddenly appeared.

This arrow was so sudden, so fast and so powerful.

Even if he was the one who got hit by this arrow, he definitely wouldn't get off lightly.


A youth wearing standard white garb issued by Huashan upper courtyard and riding a white horse appeared in front of the crowd.

The youth was cold and expressionless, his eyes filled with terrifying killing intent.

He slowly hung the violet bow unto the white horse and drew a sword.

The sword shone coldly and brightly.

Without a word, he unsheathed the sword.

Like a huge bird, he flew from the white horse and landed on the ground, his figure nearly invisible, only several afterimages could be seen charging into the group of bandits.

The light of the blade flashed!


Instantly blood and flesh flew everywhere, the blood falling down like rain, while terrible cries incessantly rang out.

In the blink of an eye, 6 bandits had died to the sword of the youth.

Huashan upper courtyard disciple?" Lord Qi gasped in surprise, realizing the gravity of the situation.

His face was full of confusion. Why would an upper courtyard disciple appear in a remote place like this?

And even coincidentally see that they were about to kill?

This was too unfortunate!

He instantly felt stumped by the situation.

If he carelessly provoked a Huashan upper courtyard disciple, it would bring great trouble to the 7 brothers.


Lin Yi had a belly full of rage and his eyes were filled with killing intent, but his heart was extremely calm.

He was completely focused on swinging his sword and killing!

Repeating this course of action without stopping, soon, all the bandits near him had been wiped out.

There was no bandit who could survive one move!

All of them were cut down in one move.

Also, he had struck with fury.

Most of the bandits were cut into 2 halves by his monstrous strength.

The scene was incredibly bloody.

Quite a bit of the blood had splattered onto his face, painting his face blood-red and dying his white garb red.

He mocked himself in his heart, to think that he would be unable to control his strength and get splattered by the blood.

When he was in the game, he truly killed without seeing blood.

No matter how many he killed, one, tens, hundreds or even thousands.

He was still looked the same, without a drop of blood on him, his white garb flowing.

However, he couldn't be blamed for getting splattered by blood because he was simply too angry.

Rushing from Leizhou City non-stop at the fastest speed possible, his heart was full of anxiety when he thought of the possibly terrible outcome.

He was afraid that ruins would be the only thing left when he arrived.

Or the ground filled with human heads.

Fortunately he was able to drive his horse to travel at the fastest speed possible.

When he set off from Lin Village that day, he took 5 days to reach Leizhou City.

This time, he only took 1 day to reach Lin Village.

The white horse beneath him nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

It was only able to persevere because Lin Yi had transferred his internal strength to the white horse along the way.

Allowing him to finally reach this place in the nick of time.

The first thing he saw was dozens of horse-riding bandits about to break down the doors of the Lin residence.

He instantly erupted in fury!

Having not seen blood for half a year, he became even more crazy at the sight of blood.

Like a fierce dragon rampaging through a nest of bandits.

In the blink of an eye, he brutally slew all the bandits near him.

"Retreat, all of you retreat!"

At the sight of Lin Yi's prowess, Lord Qi frowned and quickly ordered the bandits to retreat.

Then he cupped his fists and asked Lin Yi: "I wonder for what reason does this young hero kill my brothers? Huashan and us have always kept our distance from each other."

Lin Yi laughed coldly but did not reply, only staring at the bloodstained sword.

"Yi-er, it's Yi-er! Yi-er has returned!"

At this moment, Lin Zhihu who revealed half his head beyond the walls of the residence excitedly exclaimed.

Lord Qi then understood, and roared angrily at 3rd Chief: "What happened? Didn't you say that Lin Yi only went to Huashan for half a year and is merely an upper courtyard disciple?"

Then he pointed at Lin Yi and continued scolding 3rd Chief: "What about this Lin Yi? Open your bloody eyes and take a good look, does this look like someone who entered Huashan half a year ago? Look at that clothes, it's obviously the attire of Huashan upper courtyard disciples! And at this age, he's even a genius of Huashan upper courtyard!"

3rd Chief was severely reprimanded and he didn't even dare to take a breath, softly saying: "He really did enter Huashan for half a year only!"

"Half a year my ass!" Lord Qi fiercely slapped his head and stared viciously at Lin Yi, revealing his killing intention.

"Damn it, there's no way to take care of this cleanly! You, go forth and deal with this kid. The rest of you go kill off everyone else, we definitely cannot afford to let news of this leak out!"

3rd Chief nodded and laughed hideously while raising his saber: "I don't believe that a kid that just entered Jianghu will be a match for me even if he possesses internal arts! Rest assured Lord Qi, I will bring you his head right away!"

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