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Book 2 Afterglow of Jianghu

Chapter 46 Trouble at Home

"I'm leaving Huashan to adventure in Jianghu for a period of time. While in Huashan, all of you better work hard at acquiring internal arts so that you can be promoted to upper courtyard." Lin Yi urged them earnestly as he was bidding them goodbye.

4 months had passed, but the 3 of them had not succeeded at acquiring internal arts yet. However, following in Lin Yi's footsteps, they challenged their way through the top 100 and managed to occupy the top 3 spots.

Han Bai was first, Yu Hai was second and Jiang Xiaoyu third.

Even then, the 3 of them did not have an ounce of arrogance in front of Lin Yi.

Compared to him, the difference was too great, especially with regards to acquiring internal arts, where Lin Yi took less than half a month to succeed.

Among the 3 of them, Han Bai was indeed worthy of the title of genius, as he already managed to sense the qi-flow. It was only a matter of time before he established his dantian and cleared the Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian.

Lin Yi was not worried about them, and he waved his hand before finally leaving.

Arriving at the stable located at the base of Mount Hua, Lin Yi collected a sturdy-looking white horse.

The horses reared in the stable in Huashan headquarters were all fine steeds. To travel a thousand li in a day, this was merely the most basic requirement. As a major sect, these horses were not only fast and good for traveling, they could also be used as war horses.

Simply by donning war armor, a large scale heavy cavalry regiment could be instantly formed.

The 3 of them walked Lin Yi to the entrance of Huashan and watched as Lin Yi gracefully mounted his horse before lightly slapping the rear of the horse. The white horse neighed loudly and sped off like an arrow, leaving Huashan behind.

Lin Yi's silhouette quickly disappeared from their eyes.

They silently looked at each other, feeling the emptiness in their hearts. Without Senior Brother Lin Yi by their side, they felt lethargic and lost.

"Don't be like this, everyone knows how much Senior Brother values us. If we don't want to disappoint Senior Brother Lin Yi, we better work hard to acquire internal arts and get promoted to upper courtyard!" Han Bai was the first to recover and said to the other two.

Although they were loyal to Lin Yi, but the youth still had his own pride. He viewed Senior Brother Lin Yi as his lifelong aim, and followed closely behind.

Although the difficulty of acquiring internal arts was immense, but the youth treated it as a small setback. Once he could overcome it, what came after that would be a stretch of smooth sailing, and he would be free to soar as he wished.

"Han Bai is right, Xiaoyu, we better work hard. When Senior Brother Lin Yi returns to Huashan and sees that we acquired internal arts and got promoted to upper courtyard, it will be a surprise for him." Yu Hai also recovered quickly, his eyes filled with fighting spirit, and he patted Jiang Xiaoyu's shoulders.

Jiang Xiaoyu shook off the hand that Yu Hai placed on his shoulder and said with disdain: "Hmph, of course we need to give Senior Brother Lin Yi a surprise, I will definitely acquire internal arts before you!"

Although he didn't show weakness in his words, but in his heart, he still felt empty. He thought back to the 6 months he spent in Huashan with Senior Brother Lin Yi guiding and teaching him like a big brother.

Leading by example, bravely challenging the top 100.

Guiding him forward like a bright lamp.

Allowing an untalented youth like him to become a genius-like figure and distinguish himself in lower courtyard.

As he reminisced, he felt tears coming to his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and uttered angrily: "Where did this sand blow from, it's getting into my eyes and making them painful!"

Han Bai and Yu Hai looked at each other with a smile and started feeling the same way as Jiang Xiaoyu. Together they rubbed their eyes and scolded: "Today's wind is too strong, the sand is getting in my eyes too!"

The 3 of them said in their hearts: Senior Brother Lin Yi, go adventure in Jianghu with peace of mind. When you get back, we will give you a surprise. We also wish to follow you to Jianghu!


Riding a white horse, wearing a white attire from Huashan upper courtyard, and his long hair fluttering. On the left side of the horse's neck was the sheathed Qingfeng Sword, and on the right was the violet Longmang Bow as well as the icy-looking arrows.

Urging the horse and galloping on the wide road, he attracted the attention of countless pedestrians.

Many people of Jianghu holding sabers or carrying swords recognised him as a Huashan upper courtyard disciple immediately, and one by one they moved to the side of the road to give way.

The slightly young and immature face of the youth riding the white horse appeared in front of everyone.

Many of them gasped in surprise.

So young!

This place was under the influence of Huashan and the people of Jianghu who made a living here all knew about Huashan upper courtyard.

Any upper courtyard disciple who appeared in Jianghu were at the very least third-rate experts who had acquired internal arts!

"A third-rate expert with internal arts at the age of 16! Which great genius from Huashan upper courtyard is adventuring in Jianghu?" The people of Jianghu at the side of the road lamented.

"Mother, this big brother looks so cool. When I grow up, I also want to learn martial arts in Huashan and become impressive like him." A young child aged 4 to 5 years old uttered childishly while holding onto the young mother beside him, his face displaying a look of anticipation.

The child's words attracted kind laughter from the people around him.

"Little fellow, your age is small but your ambition is great!"

"Little fellow, hurry up and grow up. When you are eleven or twelve years old, you can enter Huashan to learn martial arts, Uncle looks well on you."

The young mother's face revealed an awkward blush,  and she hugged the child while saying gently: "Xiaobao-er, be good and listen to Mother's words. Quickly grow up and Mother will send you to Huashan to learn martial arts. That way, you can be as accomplished as this big brother from Huashan in the future."

"Okay, let's do a pinky promise!" The child nodded with a sweet smile.

On the white horse, Lin Yi heard the child's words and smiled, being amused by his innocence.

However, once he recalled the incoming era of chaos where countless ordinary civilians lost their homes and families and countless sects and clans were massacred, his heart instantly grew heavy.

Looking at the captivating scenery behind him, he sighed: I wonder for how long this pleasant sight can continue to exist?

He did not head for the west towards Lanzhou City. Instead, he headed towards the south and rushed back home.

After half a year in Huashan, I wonder how are things at home?

Although he had crossed over into this world and did not have much feelings for the parents of this body, but since he had taken over someone's body, he could not let someone else's parents lose their son. He needed to fulfill the responsibilities as a son towards the parents of this body.

Besides, the uncle of this body, Lin Zhihu, had helped a great deal in securing his entrance to Huashan.

For gratitude and for reason, Lin Yi couldn't leave the Lin family in the lurch.

As he proceeded south and approached Leizhou City, where Dragon Gate Escort Agency was situated, he realized the state of affairs in the area got increasingly chaotic.

On the way, Lin Yi discovered many people of Jianghu with ruthless expressions on their faces. Some of them wanted to attack ordinary people but were stopped by him.

After asking around, he found out that traces of demonic cult members were discovered in Leizhou City. As the unorthodox started stirring up trouble, many bandits that stayed in the mountains emerged and took advantage of the chaos to loot and plunder.

Could it be that the era of chaos had already arrived?

Lin Yi's heart tightened. Bandits looting and plundering while the unorthodox stirred up trouble was the precursor to the coming of the era of chaos.

As the majority of the righteous sects' forces were bogged down by the demonic sects, it affected and weakened the major sects' rule and influence over the land. Many places even became devoid of influence due to transfers of manpower.

Where no forces ruled, chaos prevailed.

Countless powers sought to fill in the void left behind.

The great war began!

Thinking of this, Lin Yi grew anxious and started whipping his horse madly, speeding towards Lin Manor in Yu City.

In just 3 days, he reached Leizhou City.

As he entered the city, he dismounted and led his horse towards Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

Lin Zhihu was in the escort agency, and Lin Yi wanted to see him and inquire about the situation at home along the way.

Walking in the city, Lin Yi felt mixed emotions.

It was here that he met the disagreeable girl in white who spoke viciously, and the old servant who seemed to be a first-rate expert.

It was them who made Lin Yi feel that his life was in danger for the first time, making him no longer daring to treat this world like a game.

Although he still possessed the game system, which was mostly identical to the one in the game during his previous life, the most important difference was that he could truly die now.

Once he got killed, he would be dead forever.

Without the ability to re-spawn, players no longer held that great of an advantage in this world.

They were even inferior to the natives in some aspects.

Now that he thought about it, the girl in white and the old man in servant attire was most likely from the demonic cults.

If not, why would a first-rate expert dress so shabbily?

And why would the girl speak so viciously?

But, this had nothing to do with Lin Yi.

As long as he could learn a lesson from the encounter and be more cautious in the future, it was good enough.

Arriving at the gates of the escort agency, Lin Yi was no longer ignored like the last time.

People from the escort agency were already lined up in 2 rows at the side, donned in black garb and ready to welcome him.

Apparently, once he entered Leizhou City, it was discovered by the escort agency.

The arrival of a Huashan upper courtyard disciple, and one so young at that, was an important event for Dragon Gate Escort Agency.

How many disciples were there in Huashan upper courtyard?

Not more than 5,000!

Among these 5,000, most of them were aged between twenty and thirty, a few of them were even old men with white hair. Those below the age of twenty was extremely rare.

They were all the true geniuses in Huashan!

"Haha, I was thinking which Huashan upper courtyard disciple had come to Leizhou City, so it's Junior Brother Lin!" Chief Escort Head Zhao Rong appeared from within the escort agency with a hearty laugh.

"Lin Yi pays his respect to Senior Brother Zhao." Dragon Gate Escort Agency was one of the major branch divisions, and the Chief Escort Head was a second-rate expert. Lin Yi did not dare to behave rudely and quickly cupped his hands in greeting.

"Haha, Junior Brother Lin is too polite. Your title of genius has already created a sensation in the entire Huashan. There is now no one from Huashan who does not know of you." Zheo Rong laughed and welcomed Lin Yi into the main hall.

Maids immediately came forward to serve him tea, and refreshments were placed in front of him.

"Senior Brother Zhao, I am here to look for Uncle Hu, why is it that I do not see him?" Once the two of them got seated, Lin Yi asked curiously. Since Zhao Rong knew about him, he should have guessed his intentions?

"Looking for Zhihu? A few days ago, Zhihu requested leave to return home. I heard that someone brought him a message saying that your family encountered some trouble that is difficult to deal with. It seems that bandits have come to extort money again." Zhao Rong frown and said apologetically.

"What?" Lin Yi abruptly stood up.

TL note: A minor difference in translation from the original translation, Lin Yi's uncle Lin Zhihu is translated as Escort Head(镖头), Zhao Rong is the highest ranked person in the escort agency(I guess), translated as Chief Escort Head(总镖头).

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