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Chapter 41 Pleasantly Surprised Yu Zecheng
Crossing over, the impending era of chaos in Jianghu had been a constant threat to Lin Yi, causing him to feel danger at every moment, and unable to relax one bit.

Although it seemed as if Lin Yi was having a smash of a time crazily challenging the top 100 disciples non-stop and garnering widespread fame, only Lin Yi himself was aware of the worries he harboured because of the chaos that was soon to come.

Harping on the matter, he couldn't relax for one moment, only moving forward without rest.

Progress, progress, and more progress!

Finally, he acquired internal arts, and therefore a basis for survival.

The sharp sword above his head was slightly retracted, allowing him a moment of respite.

Although, a third-rate expert was still no different from cannon fodder during the era of chaos. Third-rate experts were numerous like dogs, second-rate experts were all over the place, first-rate experts were commonplace, while peak experts made frequent appearances.

But that was during the mid-late period of the great war.

During the early period of the great war, third-rate experts were still the main force in the war, and could still protect oneself.

Second-rate experts could change the tide of the battle, while first-rate experts were the overlords of the entire battlefield.

There was still enough time!

Moreover, he had the backing of a great power.

With the support of a major sect like Huashan Sect, even if Lin Yi had to face the era of chaos right now, he would be able to protect himself.

But self-preservation was simply his initial goal when he just crossed over.

He had a higher aim: the position of Huashan chief disciple.

"I still cannot relax!"

Sighing softly, Lin Yi shook his head.

Right now, more importantly, he had to enter the upper courtyard and become a Huashan upper courtyard disciple.

Only then could he obtain the opportunity to learn Huashan superior sword arts.

If iron, bronze and silver grade martial arts were considered the foundation, then gold grade superior martial arts would be considered true martial arts, allowing one to greatly increase the power of martial arts.

After all, if one excluded peerless martial arts, superior martial arts was sufficient to dominate the entire realm.

Armed with superior martial arts, one would already be considered superior to the vast majority of people in Jianghu!

Such existences were rare even in major sects, as only the true elites had the opportunity to learn superior martial arts.

For instance, Huashan lower courtyard disciples didn't even have the right to learn superior martial arts, even if they were rank 1 in lower courtyard.

"3 days for seclusion, 3 days to reach rank 80, and 6 days to defeat the top 10."

"In less than half a month, I attained Huashan Sutra level one, acquiring internal arts. I wonder how would the Huashan upper echelon look upon me? Was the 3 month limit still in effect? Would they really accept me as a favored disciple, and grant the right to be a potential core disciple?"

"If it was still in effect, then getting hold of superior sword arts won't be a problem."

"If not, I can only enter the upper courtyard first and plan according to the situation. From there on, using any means possible to obtain superior martial arts!"

Lin Yi was deep in thought and muttered to himself.

Suddenly he smiled widely.

"Why am I overthinking this? The most important assets to Huashan right now are geniuses!"

"I Lin Yi, achieved rookie rank 1 in less than 2 months, then I entered the top 100 ranks before crushing each and every one of them to become the rank 1 in lower courtyard. Not only that, in the 3 month limit they have given me, I have acquired internal arts in less than half a month!"

"If I Lin Yi wasn't a genius, who was?"

Lin Yi was full of confidence, and displaying an aura of dominance.

Smiling lightly, he lay on his bed and peacefully fell asleep, anticipating the arrival of the next day.

En, tomorrow will surely be a good day!


The next day.

After Lin Yi displayed his overwhelming strength and crushed the top 100 in an invincible manner, he became rank 1 in the lower courtyard!

After brewing for one night, the news finally erupted on the second day!

The entire upper courtyard was filled with chatter and dumbfounded gasps.

Even the core disciples and elders at the peak of Huashan were shocked by the news.

The entire Huashan now came to know of Lin Yi this person.

A peerless genius had appeared in the lower courtyard!

By breaking all the records in the lower courtyard, he was destined to be recorded in the history of Huashan lower courtyard.

To have neither predecessors nor successors.

It was highly likely that nobody would be capable of breaking this terrifying record.

They wondered if he would really manage to acquire internal art within the 3 month limit given by the Sect Master, they all anticipated.

Whether it was to watch him become a joke, or whether they supported him.

Everyone waited for the final day to approach.


Upper courtyard, Hall of Internal Affairs.

"Senior Brother Yu, that Junior Brother Lin defeated all of the lower courtyard top 100 yesterday and achieved rank 1 position!" Xiaoliu excitedly exclaimed with a delighted expression, spittle flying about: "You didn't see it, but I heard Junior Brother Lin Yi was overwhelming to the point that none of the top 100 disciples lasted more than 3 moves! Tsk tsk, that kind performance was truly unbeatable!"

"It's simply too magnificent, too awesome!"

"If I Xiaoliu could be this strong when I was in the lower courtyard, and grabbed the limelight, how good would it have been!"

When Xiaoliu got to the exciting parts, he moved his limbs in enthusiasm. He did not notice at all, Yu Zecheng's incredibly dark face.


Yu Zecheng slapped the table with great force, and scolded angrily: "Shut up!"

Xiaoliu tightly shut his mouth, a gloomy look on his face, apparently not having said enough. To be interrupted by force, and not to be able to speak, he felt extremely suffocated.

Yu Zecheng strongly detested the sight of Xiaoliu like this. Pointing at Xiaoliu's forehead, Yu Zecheng chided loudly: "What's so good about this Lin Yi? To challenge the top 100 and fish for fame instead of diligently practising internal arts? You think I don't know he's a genius? Sect Master doesn't know he's a genius? If not Sect Master wouldn't have instructed me to give him Huashan Sutra personally and set the 3 month limit!"

"But what is he doing instead of focusing on the test?"

"He's just messing around, playing a fool!"

"This is so infuriating, he's a complete disappointment!"

It was fine if Yu Zecheng didn't hear Lin Yi's name, but once he heard it, his blood would boil. Hating the iron for not becoming steel(an expression for describing being disappointed at someone you wish would do well), his belly was filled with the flames of anger.

He wished he could grab Lin Yi's collar and yell at him.

If he had a chance, he even wished to give Lin Yi a good beating and beat some sense into him.

Uh...that's not right!

Yu Zecheng shook his head.

If I fought him, Lin Yi this challenge maniac might really jump up in joy.

I cannot encourage this vile habit of challenging others!

Definitely not!

As his train of thought continued, Yu Zecheng realised he had strayed from the main issue.

He couldn't help but hold his face with his palm, his heart filled with resentment.

This Lin Yi was too detestable!

Yu Zecheng was such an astute person, but even he was befuddled by Lin Yi.

"Senior Brother Yu, Junior Brother Lin Yi seeks an audience." A disciple of Internal Affairs Hall walked and reported with a weird expression.

"En." Yu Zecheng nodded his head by habit. Recalling something, he abruptly jumped to his feet: "What?"

"Junior Brother Lin Yi seeks an audience." The disciple repeated his words in an accustomed manner, apparently expecting Yu Zecheng to react in this way.

"I refuse, I refuse!"

"He still dares to look for me? This disappointing fellow doesn't focus on his internal arts, but goes seeking fame instead? He's not losing his face, he's losing mine! In the whole of Huashan, who doesn't know that I, Yu Zecheng, think highly of him?"

This time, Yu Zecheng finally heard it clearly, and pointed outside the door with an angry face. His voice was incredibly loud, obviously it was meant for the person outside the house to hear.

After a round of harsh criticism, and venting the frustration he had, he finally gave a cold snort: "Hmph, I better go see him. Otherwise, others will think lowly of me, and end up like SOMEONE, always doing something disappointing."

Upon hearing this, Xiaoliu and the upper courtyard disciple shook their heads and laughed.

They understood their Senior Brother Yu too well, his bark was far worse than his bite, and he was actually a softhearted person.

Xiaoliu grinned and scrambled outside to call for Lin Yi.

Lin Yi entered, and looked towards Yu Zecheng with an awkward expression.

After getting scolded by Yu Zecheng for so long, even if Lin Yi possessed the mentality of a peak expert and thought little of most matters, he was still quite embarrassed.

However, no matter how difficult it was, he had to meet Yu Zecheng.

Without Yu Zecheng, how could he pass the test and enter upper courtyard, so as to learn superior sword arts?

This matter concerned his whole life, and was an essential part of his plans. He couldn't walk away and leave just because he was embarrassed from getting scolded.

Although he did want to leave, but as a man, one should be flexible.

What did some verbal abuse amount to?

Hadn't the great general Han Xin of Han dynasty also suffered indignity?

It's not as if he lost a part of his skin or flesh from the scolding.

More importantly, he knew that Yu Zecheng had scolded him out of concern, and not for other reasons.

"Lin Yi pays his respect to Senior Brother Yu, has Senior Brother been doing well?" Lin Yi walked closer and bowed while holding a clenched fist.

"Doing well? Well my ass!" Yu Zecheng glared at him and rolled his eyes before yelling at him again: "With you fooling around like this, can I be well? Instead of practising internal arts, what are you trying to do by seeking fame? Is it important to be ranked 1 in lower courtyard? What use is there! There's still a huge bunch of people waiting to watch you become a joke!"

"If you fail to succeed in 3 months, both you and me are going to become a joke!"

"They are going to laugh at your pig-like stupidity, and laugh at me for discerning a pig with my eyes!"

Yu Zecheng resumed his scolding and stood up from his chair with agitation, rolling up his sleeves and pointing at Lin Yi's nose. His face was a mix of anger and disappointment!

Lin Yi smiled, and ignored Yu Zecheng's scolding: "Please calm down Senior Brother, Junior Brother I have already acquired internal arts."

"Acquired my ass!" Yu Zecheng first replied with an insult by habit, before opening his eyes wide and grabbing Lin Yi's shoulders with both hands, anxiously asking: "What did you say?"

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