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Chapter 40 Acquiring Rank 1 and Internal Arts
The rank 9 disciple entered the stage with a heavy heart.

Swords were drawn.

Once again, the rank 9 disciple unsurprisingly lost in one move.

Rank 8 disciple entered the stage.


Rank 7 defeated!

Rank 6 defeated!


Rank 5, 4, 3, 2.

A string of defeats!

The rank 1 disciple did not last beyond 3 moves.

Defeated likewise!

As if they were taking a stroll, one after another, they were all crushed by Lin Yi.

All of them defeated within 3 moves.

As a result, Lin Yi finished mowing through the lower courtyard top 100, and took the rank 1 position in an overwhelming fashion.


The entire place was filled with the excitement of the crowd.

"Ahhh! Senior Brother Lin Yi is invincible, even the top 10 disciples are no match for him."

"Too domineering, my blood is boiling in excitement! Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly the role model for us!"

"This year, the most sensational figure in Huashan has got to be none other than Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

"Senior Brother Lin Yi achieved rank 1 in the lower courtyard in less than 2 months, who can rival that? He's practically a monster!"

"Not only is Senior Brother Lin Yi a monster, even the 3 guys beside him are also monsters! Don't forget, Han Bai, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu also made it to the top 100 in less than 2 months!"

"Heh, the 3 of them? Although they are good, but this is all thanks to Senior Brother Lin Yi! Therefore, Senior Brother Lin Yi has to be a monster! Whoever dares to say that he isn't a monster shall face my wrath!"

"Hahaha, if Senior Brother Lin Yi doesn't make it into the upper courtyard this time, I shall cut down my head. Who dares to bet with me?"

"Bah, who's going to bet with you? This is a sure-lose situation, only a fool will do it."

Both the rookies and the seniors were burning with fervor.

All of them were discussing the outcome loudly and incessantly.

The gazes towards Lin Yi were filled with nothing but worship.

Lin Yi's fame nearly reached the peak!

From that day onward, there would not be a single soul who did not know of him.

Even the upper courtyard disciples who had come to watch the fights felt a suffocating wave of pressure approaching them.

Although Lin Yi still hadn't learnt internal arts, or entered the upper courtyard yet.

No one dared to think lowly of this rookie.

They were all jittery and feeling nervous in their hearts.

Fortunately, there was no top 100 ranking in the upper courtyard.

If not, looking at what Lin Yi had just done, there would no longer be any peace if Lin Yi entered the upper courtyard.

The upper courtyard disciples all secretly heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat on their forehead when they thought of this.

This Lin Yi in front of them was giving them too much pressure.

There was actually no one among the lower courtyard top 100 who was a match for him!

As an upper courtyard disciple, one had many opportunities to learn superior sword arts.

They naturally saw that Lin Yi was able to derive the power of superior sword arts using Huashan Sword Art.

This kind of talent...

Who wouldn't be afraid when they saw it?

In the entire Huashan, the number of disciples capable of deriving the power of superior sword arts using Huashan Sword Art before actually learning superior sword arts could be counted on one hand.

They were all core disciples.

And even among the core disciples, these people were in the top of the ranks, the most famous among them being none other than Linghu Feng.

Back then, after his Huashan Sword Art reached the perfection stage, he merely used half a month to derive the power of superior sword arts from its killer techniques.

This garnered the praise of many elders, and the Sect Master even personally praised his talent and named him as the strongest disciple among the new generation.

But right now, only after 3 days of reaching perfection stage in Huashan Sword Art, he was able to do the same.

This kind of shocking talent surpassed Linghu Feng of the past!

The upper courtyard disciples who were here all revealed a terrified expression in their eyes.

Could it be that a figure similar to Linghu Feng has appeared in Huashan?

It was nothing if Lin Yi didn't make it to the upper courtyard.

But if he did, the coming days in Huashan would be bustling with activity for sure.

With Lin Yi's personality as a challenge maniac that they understood of him, he would surely challenge Linghu Feng one day.

When that time comes, what kind of expression would Linghu Feng have on his face?

The upper courtyard disciples were curious about this point.

They couldn't wait to see such a scene.

Even for upper courtyard disciples, when it came to matters that did not directly concern them, they all held a spectator's mentality.


System notification:

Quest reward:

Lower courtyard ranked 99 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

Lower courtyard ranked 98 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.


Lower courtyard ranked 10 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

Lower courtyard ranked 9 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.



Lower courtyard ranked 3 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

Lower courtyard ranked 2 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

Lower courtyard ranked 1 defeated, 1,000 battle experience awarded.

Quest reward:

Successfully defeated lower courtyard top 100 disciples, achieving rank 1, shocking the lower courtyard, stunning the upper courtyard, alarming the entire Huashan, 5,000 battle experience awarded.
Opening the system panel, a series of system notifications flashed brightly in succession before Lin Yi's eyes.

In 9 days, defeating every single one of the lower courtyard rank 100, from rank 99 to rank 1, a total of 99 people, earning 99,000 battle experience in the process.

For achieving rank 1, he earned a quest reward of 5,000 battle experience.

Lin Yi had earned a total of 104,000 battle experience from the top 100 disciples.

Including the twenty thousand odd battle experience he still had, there would be no problem clearing the first standard meridian and master the first level of Huashan Sutra.

The 100,000 experience requirement had been fulfilled.

Lin Yi paid no heed to the commotion he had just caused, returned to his residence with a normal expression, a hint of excitement in his eyes.

Then he declared his seclusion!

The doors of his residence were tightly shut, allowing entry to no one, not even Han Bai, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu.

Meditating while sitting cross-legged, Lin Yi fell into a daze.

Crossing over into the world of Great Jianghu, only 2 months had passed.

Already he had trained the silver grade Huashan Sword Art to perfection stage and obtained the silver grade Huashan Sutra.

And now, he even gathered sufficient experience for the first level of Huashan Sutra.

Compared to his experience back in the game, everything had happened too quickly!

Too smoothly!

Thinking back, when he was in the game, he started as a clueless newbie, spending months familiarizing himself with the game, and trained his iron grade basic martial arts to perfection stage. Then he went through numerous hardships to get his hands on a basic internal art sutra.

Half a year passed before he succeeded in learning the internal art, and it was the most inferior internal art!

At that point, he joined the ranks of third-rate experts, his attack stat was just enough to meet the minimum requirement: 70 points.

But now, in 2 months' time, he had already greatly surpassed what he had achieved in half a year in the game.

This was the advantage of possessing the experience of a God-ranked player.

Calming his breathing and concentrating, he eliminated all thoughts from his mind.

He opened the internal art stat panel.
System notification:

Do you want to upgrade Huashan Sutra? Spend 100,000 battle experience points to increase Huashan Sutra to level 1.
Lin Yi silently said yes.

His entire body shook!

A stream of warm current mysteriously appeared from deep within his body. Looking at the system panel, Lin Yi could see 100,000 battle experience being consumed rapidly, the numbers constantly decreasing.








100,000 battle experience consumed, vanishing into thin air.

His dantian broke open, like the creation of heaven and earth.

Warm currents from all over his body rushed into the dantian like a tide.

After his body shook once more, he regained control of his body.

With just a thought, the warm current from within his dantian was commanded to gather.

Flowing in reverse, instantly rushing to his temples.

His temples bulged greatly, refreshing his spirit!

With a seemingly endless mental capacity, his calculation ability sharply increased.

He willed the warm current to flow towards his right arm, spreading it and covering his entire right arm.

His right arm bulged visibly, and his muscles were full of explosive energy.

This was internal art!

Possessing incredible internal strength, nearly capable of anything, and possible to direct to any part of the body, strengthening every part of the body.

It resembled a power booster, rapidly increasing one's strength.
System notification:

Successfully upgraded Huashan Sutra, Huashan Sutra has reached level 1.
Lin Yi smiled, a glimmer of joy in his eyes, and proceeded to open the stats panel to check his greatly increased stats after possessing internal strength.
System notification:

Name: Lin Yi

Identity: Eldest son of Lin Zhilong, Disciple of Huashan lower courtyard

Attack: 120 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +50, Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian +20)

Defense: 40 (Basic stat +10, Internal art multiplier +10, Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian +20)

Speed: 120 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +10, Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian +20)

Internal strength: 20 (Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian +20)

Internal arts: Huashan Sutra (Silver) : Level 1 Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian (+20 internal strength), 200,000 experience points required to reach next level Hand's Faint Yin Heart Protector Meridian (+40 internal strength)

Sword arts: Huashan Sword Art (Silver) : Perfection (Attack +40) ; Basic Sword Art (Iron) : Perfection (Attack +20)

Movement arts: Huashan Movement Art (Silver) : Perfection (Attack +40) ; Basic Lightness Art (Iron) : Perfection (Attack +20)

Fist arts: Huashan Fist Art (Silver) : Advanced (Attack + 30) ; Basic Fist Art (Iron) : Advanced (Attack +15)


Note: Upgrading higher grade skills will automatically upgrade lower grade skills to a similar stage.

Once he trained internal arts successfully, Lin Yi's stats experienced a great change, surging to huge values!

Attack and speed both reached 120, that was 12 times of an ordinary person! If he channeled internal strength, with a silver grade internal art, he received an additional 200% bonus effect. That was to say, once he used his internal strength in his attack, he would achieve an attack power 36 times that of an ordinary person. Using it on lightness arts, he would achieve a speed 36 times that of an ordinary person.

This was the power of internal arts!

Having and not having internal arts was as different as heaven and earth!

Although he had just reached the first level of his internal art, it meant that since crossing over into Great Jianghu, Lin Yi had finally obtained the basis of survival.

TL Note: I think movement art(身法) and lightness art(轻功) refers to pretty much the same thing here, or at least the same type of skill.

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