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Chapter 39 Driving Shangguan Yun Mad

In 5 days' time, besides Lin Yi, Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu both made into top 100, while Han Bai broke into top 80.

The 3 of them resembled an awl, following closely behind Lin Yi, achieving spectacular results!

All the lower courtyard disciples, whether it be rookies or seniors, were shocked by the fierceness displayed by all 4 of them.

Lin Yi and his followers were all monsters!

Following the feat of breaking through to the top 100, a messenger from the upper courtyard arrived to inform the 3 of them that they were now allowed to collect a copy of Huashan Sutra from the sect library.

Within Huashan, although quite a number of people were waiting to see Lin Yi make a joke out of himself, they could not but admit that the gang led by Lin Yi was brimming with talent.

The 4 of them had become the hottest topic in Huashan.

On the 6th day, Lin Yi formally challenged the lower courtyard rank 10 disciple.

This battle attracted countless spectators, and even quite a few upper courtyard disciples who were currently not on missions rushed to the place to spectate the fight.

"This time, will Senior Brother Lin Yi still be able to repeat the miracle from a few days ago and successfully make it to the top 10?"

"I believe that Senior Brother Lin Yi will surely succeed!"

"Ah, but I don't think so. You rookies have no idea what the top 10 disciples are capable of, so you think Lin Yi will succeed. Let Senior Brother tell you, each and every one of the lower courtyard top 10 disciples have the ability to create waves in the lower courtyard, possessing the greatest talent in their cohort. Of course, I'm only referring to their skill in sword arts, and not accounting for the issue of internal arts. Each of the top 10 disciples have already trained their sword arts to the highest level possible, and they have also dabbled in other types of martial arts besides sword arts. With their deep foundation, it is not something a rookie like Junior Brother Lin Yi can compare to. Even though Junior Brother Lin Yi is the greatest genius from lower courtyard I have seen so far, but his foundation is still lacking compared to the top 10.

"Bullshit, Senior Brother Lin Yi will surely be victorious. A deep foundation? Hmph, to put it bluntly, all of us lower courtyard disciples are just a bunch of inexperienced newbies in Jianghu, what foundation is there to speak of? If the top 10 disciples truly had a great foundation, they would have entered the upper courtyard long ago, why would they still waste their time in the lower courtyard?

"Vulgar! How can a Huashan disciple speak in such a vulgar manner?"

"Hmph, I will be vulgar to whoever dares to belittle Senior Brother Lin Yi! What's wrong? You want to hit me? Heh, you don't have to do it, I will strike first instead and formally challenge you!"

"Ai ya, you bunch of rookies are infuriating me! Showing no respect for your seniors, it's time to teach you all a good lesson!"

"Che, all you did was to enter Huashan earlier than us, you want to be my senior brother just because of that? Show us your ability before you talk!"

Before Lin Yi's battle had started, quite a few rookies and seniors started quarreling due to a disagreement over the possible outcome. Many of them had even drew out territories and started dueling on the spot.

The entire spectating region was full of the sounds of fighting.

"Ai ya, Senior Brother Lin Yi has entered the stage, Shangguan Yun has also entered the stage, they are going to start the fight!"

A loud cry sounded out. All the fighting immediately ceased, and all heads turned towards the two of them at the same time, as if they had rehearsed in advance.

The noisy scenes instantly quietened down.


Shangguan Yun had a rare expression on his face, and under the eyes of the masses, he made his way onto the platform.

On the platform, Lin Yi held his sword with his hands and waited.

Many times, Shangguan Yun had wanted to be in the limelight and become the center of attention.

But he could never have thought that it would be under such circumstances.

He was indeed in the limelight, but he was the one being trampled on.

Looking at Lin Yi, he forced a smile: "Junior Brother Lin Yi, I have long heard of your great name, to think that you could actually make it to this point."

"But!" Shangguan Yun changed his tone instantly to one of threatening: "You are done with being the focus of everyone's attention, now should be the time for you to retreat. Hurry up and back down, if you lose this fight, all the effort you have poured in thus far will be for naught."

"You were nearly accepted by Sect Master to be a core disciple, but due to your age, you lost the right to do so. But, Sect Master still gave you a chance. By succeeding in learning an internal art within 3 months, you will be able to enter the upper courtyard and become a potential core disciple. Instead of making good use of this chance to practise internal art in seclusion, you come here to fight with us over the top 100 ranking? Are you not getting your priorities right?"

"Even if you won the rank 1 position, what good would it do you? And if you lost, you will lose everything you obtained. Is it really right for you to do this?"

"Listen to your senior brother's advice and retreat. Don't throw away your future for the sake of being in the limelight!"

Shangguan Yun put on an appearance of trying to bitterly persuade Lin Yi with noble intentions.

In his heart, he was instead secretly proud of himself for thinking of this method. Rather than using vile schemes to stop Lin Yi, he pretended to be a senior brother who was full of concern for Lin Yi.

He spoke with the utmost sincerity, and even he himself was slightly moved by his words.

Feeling pleased with his acting skills, he didn't believe that Lin Yi wouldn't be moved by this act.


As long as Lin Yi was moved, he would listen to his advice and retreat.

After retreating, he wouldn't be wrong when he said that nothing would happen to Lin Yi.

But it would produce a great effect for Shangguan Yun.

He would be able to establish an image of being able to restrain Lin Yi with mere words.

That would definitely create a sensation throughout the lower courtyard, and his fame would even spread throughout the entire Huashan.

To make the fiercest genius Lin Yi retreat with a speech, Shangguan Yun was excited at the thought of such a feat.

Stopping Lin Yi in his tracks and garnering fame for himself!

Just thinking about such an outcome brightened Shangguan Yun's mood greatly.

"Retreat? Sorry to say this, Senior Brother Shangguan, but I have no plans to do that!"

However, just when Shangguan Yun was in a great mood, Lin Yi declared his intention to carry on. Immediately, the smile on Shangguan Yun's face froze...

Looking Shangguan Yun in front of him, Lin Yi laughed coldly in his heart.

Although he was pretty grateful to Shangguan Yun for continuously sending experience his way, but there was no way he would retreat just because of this small favor.

A small favor like this was worthless compared to the experience he could obtain.

Even if Shangguan Yun's words made a lot of sense, and seemed to be considerate to him.

But, how could Shangguan Yun have known?

Lin Yi's reason for doing this was not for the sake of fame at all, it was all for the sake of the experience!

If there were no experience to be gained, even without Shangguan Yun persuading him, Lin Yi would automatically retreat.

His reputation in the lower courtyard had already reached the maximum value. In order to vie for the position of chief disciple, he didn't require the reputation gained from defeating all the lower courtyard top 100 either. All he needed was for Han Bai and the rest to do it instead.


Shangguan Yun pointed at Lin Yi's nose, fuming with rage, nearly unable to speak from the anger!

How could he possibly refuse?

He actually refused!

All the good dreams vanished, replaced by the world filled with malice.

Shangguan Yun had a hideous expression on his face, it was extremely unsightly.

"Lin Yi, you are too arrogant, I'm going to teach you not be so arrogant anymore!" Shangguan Yun roared furiously, drawing his sword and attacked Lin Yi madly.

Consumed by his rage, he was completely driven mad.

So much so that he forgot that he had no chance of winning if he actually fought Lin Yi.

Like a moth to a flame, he attacked.

The result was defeat in one move.

Lin Yi's sword was already pressing on his shoulder, but in his rage, he continued to slash wildly, as if he didn't see it.

In a chaotic manner, resembling one who hadn't learnt martial arts but with the strength of one who had.

A sword art at the stage of perfection had boosted the strength of his attack to five times that of an ordinary person.

Even though he was slashing randomly, if one was hit by it, injury was certain.

Lin Yi slightly frowned.

If he had encountered someone like that in the game, he would simply kill the person straight away.

Or even in a chaotic battle in Jianghu, he wouldn't even frown one bit at killing someone like that.

But, they were in Huashan right now!

He couldn't possibly take a life, even if simply for the sake of his image.

He couldn't even afford to inflict a stab wound with his sword.

After some thinking, Lin Yi sheathed his sword.

Holding the hilt of the sword, he slapped it towards Shangguan Yun.

Using a movement art, he closed in on Shangguan Yun's face.


He gave a few slaps.

Shangguan Yun still didn't wake up from the frenzy and continued his wild strikes.

Lin Yi sighed, then gave a good kick to Shangguan Yun, causing him to fly several meters away before falling onto the ground.

Lin Yi then rushed over and stepped on Shangguan Yun's wrist with one foot while removing his sword.

Then he proceeded to step firmly on Shangguan Yun's chest, preventing him from moving.

As the crowd saw the scene, cries erupted.

"Shangguan Yun is mad, truly mad!"

"Obsessing over his top 10 rank, he has been driven mad by the fact that he was defeated."

"That's pitiful, as one of the top 10 disciples, how could he be so mentally weak as to be unable to accept defeat. So disappointing."

"Haha, pitiful my ass, we need to properly thank Senior Brother Lin Yi for letting us see clearly what kind of people the top 10 disciples are! What foundation? It's all bullshit! If going crazy because one can't accept defeat is what you call a deep foundation, then I have nothing to say about foundation. Our Senior Brother Lin Yi compared to the top 10 disciples is truly lacking in foundation!"

"Hahaha, that's right, Senior Brother Lin Yi doesn't care for such bullshit foundation! Our Senior Brother Lin Yi possesses true ability."

The rookies mocked mercilessly, the sound of their laughter dispersing throughout the lower courtyard.

The seniors who had previously talked about the foundation of the top 10 figures all hung their head down in shame and covered their faces, not daring to look at others.

It was too embarrassing.

It was a huge blow to the seniors' image of being valiant and mighty senior brothers.

The top 10 disciples all had unsightly expressions on their faces.

Looking at Shangguan Yun's behavior, they were unable to speak due to anger.

This Shangguan Yun was too disgraceful!

Over the years, the lower courtyard top 10 had built up an image of being greatly superior and providing a role model for all the lower courtyard disciples, and it was completely ruined in one day.

All of them wanted to go up to trample on Shangguan Yun.

They were even more angry at Lin Yi for not stepping on the face of this disgrace.

Since he had lost all face, why would he still need his face for?

Although they were furious, but they were even more worried and in a state of panic.

That was because they were the next to face Lin Yi, and they about to face the same fate as Shangguan Yun, losing their current ranks!

With a single blow to Shangguan Yun's back of the neck, Lin Yi knocked him out and let others carry him off. Then he held his sword with both hands and resumed challenging the rank 9 disciple.

TL Note: I'm going to standardize the translated term for skills(法) as the word "art", ie swordplay(剑法) becomes sword art, fist skill(拳法) to fist art, etc.(Exception will be for internal art skill names, 心法 will still be sutra instead of mental art) Specific names will be capitalized, general use will be non-capitalized. Also changing high level(上乘) back to superior as it was in the older translations. (Missed it) Hopefully this will be the last time I need to make changes. >.<

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