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Chapter 36 Twelve standard meridians

"Junior Brother Han, as far as I know, you are a genius youth with a bright future ahead of you, and you should have no problems getting into the upper courtyard. Even becoming a core disciple is not impossible for you. Why would you want to sacrifice that future and pledge your allegiance to me?" Lin Yi asked in surprise.

Han Bo pledging his allegiance to him.

Was he happy about it?

Yes, Lin Yi was happy about it.

Han Bo was a true genius, and his talent even made Lin Yi feel inferior in comparison, to have already reached the advanced stage with his Huashan Swordplay.

Not even two months had passed!

If it weren't for the fact that Lin Yi had the assistance of the cheat-like game system, he wouldn't be capable of doing better than Han Bo with the same amount of time.

Not to mention, this is under the premise that he possessed the battle experience of a peak expert.

Such a genius like Han Bo becoming one of his men, could Lin Yi not be happy about it?

But besides feeling happy about it, he also felt on guard.

He had not done anything in particular, neither did he possess great strength as of yet, to be able to compel Han Bo to offer his loyalty.

Right now, he wasn't the God-level player in the game that he used to be, he was merely a lower courtyard disciple who had just reached the top 100 in the lower courtyard.

He believed that he wasn't good enough yet to attract the attention of a genius like Han Bo.

Han Bo was very different from Jiang Xiaoyu and Yu Hai.

Those two had limited talent and could only be considered above average in the lower courtyard, definitely nothing special.

But Han Bo was a real genius.

"Senior Brother Lin Yi, you don't have to be so humble. From what I can see, Senior Brother is extremely capable and brimming with talent. To be more specific, Senior Brother has amazing potential, and Han Bo feels that you are worthy of my allegiance."

"Perhaps even you yourself hasn't realised your own strengths yet, but I have seen with my own eyes your rise from the bottom. From breaking into the rookie top 100 ranking, to defeating the senior disciples, and finally beating Zhang Xiong to enter the ranks of the lower courtyard top 100. Every of your duel, I have seen it with my own eyes."

"Besides, what Senior Brother Yu had just said, Han Bo has heard it very clearly, even the Sect Master has noticed your potential. If not for the issue of age, Senior Brother Lin would already be a core disciple right now."

"Although my talent is decent, to the point of being given the title of genius youth, but I am well aware of it myself. The title of genius youth is nothing more than just a title, it means nothing at all. Compared to Senior Brother Lin, all the more I cannot be called a genius."

"The reason why I'm offering my allegiance is because of Senior Brother's huge potential. The test devised by Sect Master to succeed in learning an internal art within three months might be impossible to accomplish for others, but it is different for Senior Brother Lin. I deeply believe that Senior Brother will definitely succeed within three months!"

"The only selfish motive I have for doing this isn't much, that is to become even stronger and have a smoother path on the way of martial arts."

"Senior Brother, what Jiang Xiaoyu and Yu Hai are capable of, I am too, and even better than them!"

"Please accept me, Senior Brother!"

Han Bo spoke all the words he had to say all at once, as if he had accumulated a great amount of words deep in his heart. When he came to Lin Yi and started talking, he couldn't stop until he had said everything he wanted to say.

Lin Yi could only listen on quietly.

He really hadn't expected that he would hold such a high status in Han Bo's mind.

If even Han Bo thought so, how would those rookies from the lower courtyard think?

They also witnessed his rise to the lower courtyard top 100 just as Han Bo did.

Perhaps, there were also many of them who wanted to rely on him like Han Bo, and travel a smoother path?

Just that, they neither had Han Bo's talent nor his courage, to look for him personally and offer their allegiance.

Unknowingly, he had already made great progress while he was grinding for reputation and experience points.

His image of being an incredible talent had already been burned deeply into the hearts of the lower courtyard rookies.

Once he had cleared his thoughts, Lin Yi discarded the last shreds of doubt.

He originally had the ability and the potential, what reason was there for keeping a low profile?

He was going to openly and forthrightly gather his lackeys!

So what if he was going to be discovered?

So what if he was going to be feared?

So what if he was going to be oppressed?

If there was anyone who dared to hinder his progress, he was going to sweep them into the trashpile!


Han Bo witness with his own eyes, Senior Brother Lin Yi's expression changed from confusion to realization, before releasing an aura of domineering!

In front of him, he felt that Senior Brother Lin Yi suddenly became larger, powerful and heroic.

Domineering, like he possessed the aura of a overlord.

Surprise, hesitation, anxiety, shock, excitement and blood boiling!

Within a short amount of time, the expression in Han Bo's eyes also changed rapidly.

In the end he felt the blood in his body growing incredibly hot, and he was extremely excited.

Following someone like Lin Yi, was there any doubt he would eventually achieve a host of peerless martial arts?

Was there any reason he could not attain great achievements as well?


"Good, very good! Junior Brother Han Bo, I accept you. Although you have pledged your allegiance to me, I Lin Yi would never treat you as my underling. You are still my fellow sect Junior Brother. From now now you will receive guidance from me together with Xiaoyu and Yu Hai."

"I'm going to forge you into a real genius and enable you to enter the ranks of the lower courtyard top 100, and then enter the upper courtyard together with me!"

"Don't worry, I will definitely not disappoint anyone who chooses to follow me."

Lin Yi patted Han Bo's shoulders and said loudly with a domineering tone.

This made Han Bo feel that Senior Brother Lin Yi actually treated the lower courtyard top 100 ranking as nothing, and even the test given by the Sect Master, he did not place much importance on it.

With an expansive mind, and a great vision!

That was one worthy of following.

Right now, Han Bo felt that he knew the real Senior Brother Lin for the first time.

Receiving Lin Yi's clear reply, and even getting the same treatment as Jiang Xiaoyu and Yu Hai, Han Bo shouted happily in his heart and felt excited.

Nodding his head quickly, the tone unable to hide his excitement: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, Han Bo definitely will not disappoint you! Working hard to increase my strength and to provide full assistance to Senior Brother in future matters."

Lin Yi took a deep look at Han Bo.

The future matters he referred to was obviously the plan to reactivate the position of Huashan chief disciple.

There was no muddle-headed people in Huashan.

Everyone was not foolish, and could see everything clearly.

Lin Yi sighed in his heart.

Even rookies like Yu Hai and Han Bo could see the matter of the chief disciple.

How could the upper courtyard disciples and core disciples not know?

Immediately he felt a huge increase in pressure as well as a great amount of fighting spirit.

It was good to be greatly pressured in competition.

If the pressure was not great, how would I Lin Yi be able to stand out?

Since Han Bo understood what was going on, Lin Yi didn't say much to him.

While they still didn't have sufficient strength, it was pointless to say more.

Only by improving quickly and becoming the strong could one obtain the right to talk about the future!

That is, competing for the position of chief disciple.


Han Bo left, and Lin Yi put the matter to rest for now.

His most important goal right now was to practise internal art.

Looking at the Huashan Sutra in his hands, he smiled.

Raising his head, he gazed at the peak of Huashan.

Three months?

You people are overly underestimating me.

Three months is too long for me!

You people can afford to wait, but I Lin Yi cannot afford to wait.
System notification

Obtained internal art manual: 《Huashan Sutra》.

Do you want to learn it?
Lin Yi silently said yes.

Suddenly a bright light flashed in his eyes and a rumbling sound reached his ears.

A multitude of messages flooded his brain.

Everything recorded in 《Huashan Sutra》 was suddenly crammed into his brain.

He instantly understood, what an internal art was, how internal arts was categorized in Jianghu, what uses they had and the distinction between different internal arts. More importantly, the method to successfully practise Huashan Sutra was all recorded in his mind.

"The system seems to have gotten even more powerful after I crossed over." Lin Yi sighed.

The game system from the time when he was playing the game was no where near this powerful.

Simply clicking on learn to directly cram the whole manual into the brain and allow one to instantly remember everything?

Back in the game, after learning a skill, only some techniques would appear.

To discover how to actually use them required research and testing on his own.

Internal arts was similar, using experience points to increase levels and the meridians would automatically be cleared. Once the data changed, one automatically possessed internal arts, and the dantian in the body would create a pool of internal strength for use.

It was nothing like what happened now, where the system recorded a greatly detailed Huashan Sutra in his mind.

So detailed that, it even clearly described what was qi-flow and how one could sense the qi-flow.

Even without the game system, he could rely on this information to practise an internal art.

From out of nowhere he was able to clearly know the principles of creating and operating internal arts.
System notification

Successfully learned Huashan Sutra.

Huashan Sutra (Silver Grade) : The Huashan basic internal art, has a gentle characteristic, suitable for beginners at learning internal arts. No meridians have been cleared yet, 100,000 experience points required for clearing the next standard meridian.
Looking at the system panel, clearing the first meridian required 100,000 experience points.

Lin Yi smiled softly.

He currently had only twenty to thirty thousand combat experience so he was unable to directly level up the skill.

But he wasn't in a hurry, and he wasn't worried either.

"Maybe it's time to start grinding on the lower courtyard top 100, with so much experience waiting there, it would be a real waste not to collect them."

"However, I better upgrade my Huashan Swordplay and Huashan Movement Art to perfection stage first."

"Hehe, the moment I reach perfection is the time to collect the experience."

"Three months? That's too long!" Lin Yi laughed

He didn't expect to be able to get hold of Huashan Sutra so suddenly.

It took care of the biggest problem of obtaining an internal art manual.

Although it was unexpected, but instead of affecting his plans, it only made it much more convenient for him.

Originally, he planned to defeat all of the top 100 and achieving a great reputation before thinking of a way to obtain an internal art manual.

Since he had already gotten hold of it, all that was left to do was to collect the experience from defeating all those in the top 100.

Once he accumulated 100,000 battle experience and cleared the first standard meridian with the experience, the test set by the Sect Master would be automatically cleared.

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