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Chapter 35 3 Month Limit

Entrance of rank 1 residence.

The doors opened, Lin Yi and Yu Zecheng looked into each other's eyes.

The air became tense to the point of suffocating, and Han Bo looked at the two of them with amazement.

"Junior Brother Lin, we meet again." Yu Zecheng suddenly smiled, relieving the tension in the air and the suffocating atmosphere disappeared without a trace.

"Yes, Senior Brother Yu, we meet again." Lin Yi nodded with a smile.

Han Bo foolishly gazed at them, not knowing what they were talking about.

"More than a month ago, I conducted the admission ceremony for accepting new disciples. I remembered at that time I even said, you are welcome to come hit me in the face." Yu Zecheng had a strange expression on his face, seemingly happy yet seemingly awkward. He took a deep look at Lin Yi and laughed: "To think that, merely more than a month had passed, and you have already made it the top 100 of the lower courtyard, causing an uproar in Huashan. Using this fact, and hitting me in the face!"

"At that time Lin Yi did not know how high the sky was or how thick the earth was(不知天高地厚, an expression for being ignorant), spoke arrogant words, and made a fool of myself in front of Senior Brother." Lin Yi said apologetically.

Standing at the side, Han Bo finally understood what happened between them, and he looked at Lin Yi with eyes wide open while sighing in his heart.

To think that Senior Brother Lin Yi was so audacious from the moment he entered Huashan and spoke so arrogantly to an executive of the upper courtyard.

Han Bo was well aware of who Yu Zecheng was, besides being one of the top disciples in the upper courtyard, he also held great influence, nearly the entire upper courtyard was under his control.

To think that Lin Yi even dared to offend someone like Yu Zecheng.

Han Bo's heart with filled with nothing but worship for Lin Yi.

One had to know, even if he was called the genius youth, he wouldn't have dared to behave so arrogantly towards someone from the upper courtyard.

Not to mention, this someone was Yu Zecheng.

"Haha, Junior Brother Lin, it's not like you to speak like that. Are you afraid of offending me? Ah ah, not only do I not blame you for hitting my face, instead I even hope that you can continue to hit my face, and keep on hitting!" Yu Zecheng laughed out loud and patted Lin Yi on the shoulder.

Looking at the youth before him, he lamented in his heart.

That day, he had truly misjudged Lin Yi, thinking that he had no future to speak of simply because he was slightly older.

But the truth was?

In just more than a month, he had made it into the lower courtyard top 100, breaking the record for the shortest time taken to reach top 100 in the lower courtyard.

He deserved to be hit in the face!

"Senior Brother must be joking, I wouldn't dare to hit your face." Seeing that Yu Zecheng has a forthright personality and did not seem to bear grudges, Lin Yi dropped his pretense and joked along with him.

"You ah you, full of nonsense! My face is already all swollen from your beating, still saying that you wouldn't dare. Isn't this taking advantage of me while pretending to be well behaved?" Yu Zecheng pointed at Lin Yi's nose and jokingly scolded.

"Alright, Senior Brother Yu, let's not stand at the entrance and enter the main hall to talk." Lin Yi hurriedly invited Yu Zecheng into the residence.

Yu Zecheng came by himself, and once he entered, Lin Yi ordered his servant to close the door and prepare some good tea.

The three of them walked towards the main hall.

Sitting in the main hall, Lin Yi dared not sit on the seat of honor and sat on the secondary seat instead, while Han Bo took a seat at the sidelines, and Yu Zecheng rightly sat on the seat of honor like he should be.

Although he thought well of Lin Yi, he was after all a disciple of the upper courtyard.

He had every right to sit on the seat of honor with his status.

If he sat on the secondary seat instead, he would be losing not just his own face, but the entire upper courtyard's face.

Lin Yi naturally understood these etiquette.

Even though Lin Yi didn't think that Yu Zecheng held a greater status than him, but since right now he required something from Yu Zecheng and wanted to get access to high level martial arts, he couldn't afford to offend him.

On the way to the main hall, Han Bo had already secretly informed him of Yu Zecheng's identity.

A maid filled their teacups and awaited at one side.

The three of them took their seats.

Yu Zecheng took a sip from his teacup, and glanced towards Han Bo: "This is?"

"Lower courtyard disciple Han Bo pays his respect to Senior Brother Yu." Seeing Yu Zecheng notice himself, Han Bo's heart grew excited and hurried stood up to make a bow.

"Han Bo? You are the genius youth Han Bo?" Yu Zecheng had a face of realization, seeing that Han Bo was still standing, he gently waved his hand and said to him: "Take a seat please, your reputation is not small at all, and even in the upper courtyard you are also quite famous. Genius youth, an upper courtyard disciple-to-be."

"I wouldn't dare to overestimate myself. Senior Brother Yu is exaggerating, when compared to Senior Brother Lin, the difference is too great, Junior Brother is not worthy of the title of genius youth." Han Bo shook his hands repeatedly and humbly lowered his head.

Yu Zecheng took a look at Lin Yi, seeing that Lin Yi was listening with a smile, laughed loudly and said: "You shouldn't compare yourself with him, this fellow is a monster, and cannot be measured by normal means. Didn't you see how I belittled him initially? Haha, now my face is getting hit, this retribution has arrived too quickly."

Han Bo was teased into smiling by Yu Zecheng's words.

Isn't it so?

Senior Brother Lin Yi, no matter how one looked, resembled a monster.

A genius like him, couldn't be compared at all.

Insisting on comparing would only result in taking a blow.


Listening to the two of them describe himself, Lin Yi nearly spit the tea in his mouth, he grudgingly looked at Yu Zecheng and said: "Senior Brother Yu, in what way do I resemble a monster?"

"Haha, every part of you resembles a monster! If not for that, how could I be hit in the face by you?" Yu Zecheng pointed his finger at Lin Yi and laughed.

"That's right, Senior Brother Yu is correct, Senior Brother Lin Yi is a monster." Han Bo added on from the side.

Lin Yi could only smile bitterly.

"Alright, enough chatting, today I'm here on official business." Putting down the teacup, Yu Zecheng put on a serious look.

Lin Yi did the same and looked at Yu Zecheng.

Han Bo listened carefully at the side without saying a word.

Yu Zecheng took out a manual and passed it to Lin Yi. Seeing that Lin Yi was stunned and looking at him, he explained: "This 《Huashan Sutra》 is being given to you under Sect Master's order. You are given three months to train well. If you are able to succeed in learning the internal art within three months and manage to clear one of the twelve primary meridians, you will be immediately promoted to the upper courtyard."

Once he finished conveying the message, Yu Zecheng changed his expression and preached: "Junior Brother Lin, to tell you the truth, you managed to make it to the top 100 of the lower courtyard within two months of arriving and alarmed the Sect Master. Normally, a genius like you should be directly accepted as a core disciple. Unfortunately, due to your age, Sect Master has hesitated doing that."

"However, although it's a pity, Sect Master has decided to give you a chance instead. If you are able to succeed in learning the internal art within three months, you will be able to enter the upper courtyard. Also, Sect Master will appoint you as a favored disciple when that happens."

"Work hard, and succeed within three months!"

Lin Yi held the manual in his hands, and seeing four fancy and large words 《华山心法》 written on the front page of the manual, his heart welled up with emotions.

He had been fretting over the problem of obtaining an internal art sutra, but now all of a sudden it had been solved?

This was like dropping from the sky and simply picking it up.

Compared to obtaining his first internal art sutra when he was playing the game, this was so much easier.

One had to know, when he was playing the game, he had gone through multiple hardships in order to get hold of one internal art sutra.

Moreover, it was only just a basic internal art of iron grade.

Compared to this silver grade 《Huashan Sutra》, it was many times inferior.

If other players were to know how easily he got his hands on this sutra, they would definitely be jumping up in jealousy and condemn him for cheating!

"Junior Brother Lin, practise well. I hope that you will be able to learn the internal art within three months so that when the time comes, you can hit their faces!" Yu Zecheng had a strange expression as he looked at Lin Yi.

"You may not know this, but in the upper courtyard, many elders in the upper echelon do not look well upon you. Of course, I definitely support you, after getting hit in the face by you once, I don't wish to be hit again. Instead, I hope you can give them a good smack on the face just one time, that would be perfect!" Yu Zecheng laughed.

Then he bid farewell and left without a moment of hesitation.

The main hall instantly became silent, leaving Lin Yi and Han Bo each with thoughts in their hearts.

Lin Yi was lamenting the ease with which he obtained Huashan Sutra and the bittersweet memories he had of playing the game.

On the other hand, Han Bo was stunned in silence.

He was completely shocked by the message Yu Zecheng had brought.

Senior Brother Lin had actually nearly became a core disciple.

This was a core disciple!

Something he had never even thought about, actually happened right in front of his eyes.

Of course, Senior Brother Lin did not become a core disciple.

However, it was only due to his age!

Slightly older?

What kind of reason was that?

In any case, Han Bo believed that even if Senior Brother Lin were to be even older than what he was, if he was a genius, he is still a genius.

He won't suddenly become a mediocre person just because of something as laughable as age.

To think that, while every lower courtyard disciple are thinking of all sorts of ways to enter the upper courtyard even at the cost of servitude, Senior Brother Lin Yi was actually so far ahead of every one of them, and was only half a step away from becoming a core disciple.

That's so amazing!

This made him steel his heart even more.

I definitely have to get myself on Senior Brother Lin Yi's side, before he truly becomes a core disciple, and grab firmly onto his legs.

Even if Senior Brother Lin Yi eventually didn't make it as a core disciple, with the amiable relationship between him and Senior Brother Yu Zecheng, Han Bo would definitely have a much better time in the upper courtyard.

Han Bo no longer had any reservations about this.


The sound of a maid's footsteps reached them, jolting them out of their thoughts.

Taking a look at Han Bo, Lin Yi touched his head and rolled his eyes, he had totally forgotten about Han Bo being here.

Turning his head and looking at Han Bo with a smile: "Junior Brother Han, I haven't asked you, for what matter have you come here?"

Han Bo once again stood up and formally bowed towards Lin Yi.

"Junior Brother Han, this is?" Lin Yi was surprised by this act of Han Bo.

Han Bo raised his head, and with a serious expression, said: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, Han Bo only has one request."


"Han Bo has come to pledge allegiance to Senior Brother Lin Yi, please accept Han Bo. From now on, Han Bo will follow by the side of Senior Brother Lin Yi." Han Bo solemnly said.

Lin Yi was startled, what Han Bo meant was that, from now on he would be one of Lin Yi's men, if he told Han Bo to face the east, he would never face the west.

What reason was it that compelled the genius youth Han Bo to pledge allegiance to himself?

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