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Martial Hero Rebirth:

Chapter 32: Stirring up Huashan

Top 100 Zhangxiong defeated!

Rookie Linyi victory over Zhangxiong, entering top 100!

This result shocked everyone present, and all of them stood staring blankly. After what seemed like an eternity, Zhangxiong's image disappeared from sight and the silence was broken.

Hong! The whole courtyard exploded into conversation, with everyone frantically speaking and shouting.

"I… I… Am I dreaming? Senior Brother Linyi actually won?"

"Ha! It's real! Senior Brother Linyi defeated Zhangxiong and defeated the Lower Courtyard top 100 - he's incredible!"

"Wait, so Senior Brother Linyi is now part of… the Lower Courtyard top 100?"

"Holy crap, you're right! What a boss! This is the first time any rookie has entered into the Lower Courtyard top 100!"

"Senior Brother Linyi is too awesome! He is my idol!"

"Why is he your idol? He's every single Lower Courtyard disciple's idol! Look at those girls; look at how all of their eyes shine when they look at Senior Brother Linyi. This time Senior Brother Linyi has really shown everyone!"

All the new students shouted wildly, venting all their excitement without care.

On the other end, all the old students were still stunned.

"This… I can barely believe any of this. Zhangxiong lost! And he lost to a rookie!"

"This rookie practically defies heaven. He's actually the first rookie ever to win his way into the Lower Courtyard top 100. Once this gets out who knows how many jaws will drop!"

"Genius? What is a genius? This m*f* is the only real genius!"

"It's over… I'm starting to worship him. After today, where will all my face go? As a Senior Brother actually worshipping a Junior Brother!"

"This cannot help but stir up the entire Lower Courtyard. Maybe the entire Lower Courtyard will change!"

"Leaving seclusion this time to come see the excitement really was the right choice. I actually saw history in the making!"

"Heavens! Could it be our Lower Courtyard is producing a Direct Disciple? This is too crazy!"

Each of the old students quickly ran off excitedly to spread the news. All of them could already see the rise of a future powerhouse; there was going to be a Direct Disciple from the Lower Courtyard!

"Did you see that? Yuhai did you see that? Senior Brother Linyi won! He won! He beat the Lower Courtyard top 100!" Jiang Xiaoyu excitedly shouted while jumping and pulling.

"I saw! I saw! Senior Brother Linyi is strong. I, Yuhai, have not made a mistake choosing to follow him!" Yuhai was also extremely excited, and he felt like his blood was boiling. From the bottom of his heart he knew that his choice was not a mistake! Not only was he not mistaken, this was his wisest and most farsighted choice ever!

"Hahaha! Now that Senior Brother Linyi is in the top 100, where can we go in the Lower Courtyard where people won't respect us?" Jiang Xiaoyu said. He felt like he could already see the beautiful future, and began to laugh loudly with self-satisfaction.

"Shouldn't we also follow Senior Brother Linyi's lead and prepare to join the top 100?" Yuhai proposed seriously. This was one of the rare times he didn't mock Jiang Xiaoyu.

Jiang Xiaoyu's eyes flashed, and wrapping his arms around Yuhai's neck he said, "Yes, you are too right! You finally said something correct. We have to follow Senior Brother Linyi and join the Lower Courtyard top 100! The depths of the Rookie top 100 are too shallow to hold us dragons. Our goal is Lower Courtyard top 100!"

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go practice!" Yuhai shouted while clapping Jiang Xiaoyu on the back.

"Yes, yes! Practice, I feel like I still haven't given my all, I can still try harder. I have to try harder! In order to join the Lower Courtyard top 100 this young master will bet everything!"

"He won! He actually beat the Lower Courtyard top 100? It hasn't even been two months and he's already in the top 100!" On the roof of the 2nd small courtyard Hanbei sat dumbstruck. Everything that had passed was like a dream, but it was real! Irrefutable! Right in front of his eyes!

Linyi - this was the man who took his title of Rookie King and crushed his reputation of "young genius;" this was the man who not even two months after joining Huashan actually defeated a member of the Lower Courtyard top 100 and joined the ranking.

"This is too crazy!" Hanbei dazedly mumbled. His mood was incomparably complex, and he couldn't shake himself out of his dumbstruck state. Today, even though Linyi didn't defeat him, he had defeated the top 100 and that made him suffer even more. All of his pride was crushed! In front of Linyi, Hanbei had nothing to be proud of! Linyi was the Rookie King that made history! In front of that, what was Hanbei?

He was completely defeated!

Dazed and shaking he slowly climbed down from the roof and nearly lost his grip and fell!

Lower Courtyard Top 100 10th Small Courtyard

"What! Zhangxiong lost? How is that possible?" Shangguan Yun's face was full of shock. Crack! His teacup splintered into pieces and fell to the ground.

Shangguan sat staring at his informant with disbelief. As soon as the fight finished, these "eyes-and-ears" immediately returned with the news - all of them understood the earth shattering ramifications of the result.

Every single person in the top 100 was shocked by the news. Finally, Shangguan was shaken out of his state by the rising voices coming from the nearby courtyards. After hearing the panicking voices of the other top 10, Shangguan quickly cooled down.

"Leave me!" Shangguan waved his hand and ordered. As his subordinate withdrew, Shangguan sank back into his chair.

"It's over… If he hadn't broke into the top 100 ranking it would've still been fine, but now… A genius rookie who took less than two months to enter the Lower Courtyard top 100 - this news has probably already reached the Huashan top brass…"

Shangguan sat dazed in despair. He knew exactly how much importance Huashan placed in real geniuses. With mediocre talents maybe Huashan might overlook things and allow the suppressing and hazing as just part of weeding out the unworthy, but with a real genius…? A real genius would receive direct attention and all kinds of resources; there was no way these mere top 100 could suppress him at all. To not get bullied by this great talent is already as much as they can hope for!

If Linyi had learned a high quality martial art how could any of them compete?

"Forget it. One who often walks along the river cannot help but get his feet wet; I, Shangguan Yun, have long prepared for this. Luckily I have not been too excessive and I can still recover. As long I don't go looking for Linyi, he shouldn't come looking for me. Aih… In the end my opportunity to enter the Upper Courtyard has already decreased a lot."

Yet, as he thought of how the other top 10 were suffering just as much right now, his mood became a lot better.

The news of a Rookie who had been in Huashan for less than two months defeating Zhangxiong and entering the top 100 ranking shook up the entire Lower Courtyard like an earthquake. Even the Upper Courtyard was disturbed a little.

On Huashan's peak -

Pavilion after palatial pavilion dotted the mountain peak; white clouds floated in the air, and cranes flew in the sky. The whole place was the same as an immortal paradise.

This was where the Sect Leader, the Elders, the Direct Disciples - all the Huashan elite - lived. In the very center was the biggest palace; this was the center of Huashan's power; this was Huashan's Sect Leader Ouyang Ming residence, and from which he directed all of Huashan's affairs.

Ouyang Ming sat leaning over his desk, reviewing the branch reports. Once in a while he would lift his pen and write out commands.

Huashan commands 36 different Major Branch divisions that cover all of Shen Zhou, occupying every resource. Of these resources medicine ingredients, mines and horse stables were the most important.

The effect that medicinal ingredients had in healing, recovering Vital Energy (Yuan Qi), and strengthening Inner Force made them indispensable to people of Jiang-Hu. Mines provided the ore for creating weapons and armor. The horse rearing stables not only provided Shen Zhou's most important mode of transportation, but also were essential for any cavalry.

Not one of the 36 different Branch divisions could be lost.

Each of the branches were local hegemons in their respective areas, but they still faced many complex problems. Not only were there small Sects, factions, bandits, other Major Sects and members of Demon Cults, there was also the necessary plans for different buildings and construction.

One after another Ouyang Ming finished dealing with each problem and sat back in weariness; even though he practiced the Violet Cloud Spiritual Art and was widely reputed for the profound depth of his Inner Force, his work was still tiring.

As soon as he leaned back, many beautiful, flower-like maids stepped forward and began to massage his temples, back and feet…

In Huashan, beautiful maids were not rare; even the maids of the Lower Courtyard top 100 all had high quality appearances. For a Righteous Way Major Sect like Huashan, as the main controller of all of Shen Zhou what it lacked least was beautiful young women.

For young women who had no talent in martial training and no hope in rising to a high position, it is there honor to serve the disciples of a Major Sect. In a Major Sect they did not have to be anxious about life, much less fear for their lives. Compared to the chaos outside, life within the sect was far better.

"Bah, the Demon Sects are getting restless… Jiang-Hu never sees peace!" Ouyang Ming sighed.

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