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Chapter 98 - Proceeds to join

After almost one month later in the Huanmo territory.

“Ha!” With a loud shout, Ye Xiwen's figure danced together with his long blade and directly split a Huanmo into two halves.

The demon beasts of Xiantian first stage were simply not a match for him and his blade would easily split them in half.

After beheading the Huanmo devils, half of their bodies would turn into moqi, and he would absorb this moqi into the mysterious space. Thanks to this, his understanding of various martial arts techniques had increased considerably.

One month ago, even killing a Huanmo of peak Xiantian third stage was very difficult for him, but now, it had become a child's play for him. Five days ago, he had fought with a Huanmo of Xiantian fourth stage and his fighting strength was so fierce that it had to escape with severe injuries.

Although the battle efficiency of Huanmo was somewhat low, but it was sufficient enough to let him assess his own strength. Now, his strength was easily equivalent to that of masters of peak Xiantian third stage with 60% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi and he could even contend with masters of Xiantian fourth stage with 70% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi.

During this month, Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry to meet up with the crowd of Qingfeng mountain sub-school and had fully concentrated on testing his new strength and honing his skills, and for that, these Huanmo devils had become his test subjects.

In just a month's practice, his various martial arts had made considerable progress. The technique to show the most progress was “Restraining breath technique” and he had practiced it to the Dacheng realm. At present, he could change his own appearance and breath at will without getting recognized.

The Xiantian realm parts of “Celestial step” had also been practiced to the Xiaocheng realm. Now, his speed had increased considerably and his movements had become even more elegant than before.

The last move 'Full moon beheader' of the technique “Cold moon beheader” had also been practiced to the Xiaocheng realm.

The “Coiling Dragon Palm” first move, 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss' had been practiced to the 'Xiaocheng' realm and its might had increased by several times. Ye Xiwen could contend with the masters of Xiantian fourth stage by relying on the terrifying might of 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss', but using this move once consumed about 10% of his Zhen Qi, and though he possessed 60% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi, but using this move multiple times could put a lot of pressure on his body.

All these days, Ye Xiwen had spent most of his time and energy in deducing the second layer contents of “Tyrant body technique”, and his hard work had paid off, because after spending a total of 1000 spirit stones, he had finally deduced the second layer and gained the first glimpse of the next layer and his strength had doubled once again. Now, his previous strength of 19 Dragons had directly increased to the strength of 39 Dragons, which was the combined result of 'Tyrant body technique' and reaching the peak of 60% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi.

Fortunately, only 1000 spirit stones had been burned to deduce the second later of “Tyrant body technique” and he now had 2000 spirit stones left in his stock which was still enough to call him wealthy.

The main reason behind this was the moqi released by dead Huanmo. Ye Xiwen would absorb this moqi and this had satisfied the enormous need of energy needed to practice in 'Special Space' and this was how he didn't have to use many spirit stones.

This was also the reason why he was not in a hurry to meet up with the people of Qingfeng mountain sub-school but was wandering alone in the Huanmo boundary, fighting and killing Huanmo. He didn't want to expose to others that he could absorb moqi, as this matter was directly related to the 'Special Space'.

'Special Space' could be compared to a giant bulldozer. An expert needed to walk on a rough road with many obstacles to reach his goal and the job of this space was to flatten the road and make it easier for the expert to walk on it. So what if it looked like a dishonest method if one could become stronger by using it.

Ye Xiwen calculated the time and found out that it was almost time to exit the Huanmo territory. The one month time of assessment examination was going to end, and during this month, he couldn't calculate how many Huanmo he had killed, however, he didn't care about that because his biggest harvest this time was breaking through to the Xiantian second stage making it a worthwhile trip.

Now, it was time to go and join the group of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school. All these days, he was being very careful and stayed away from trouble.

After all, he had enemies in Huanmo territory. Forget about Bingdao sub-school, even that Hu Yanghang had sent seven powerful masters after him, although they had been completely slaughtered by him. Right now, it was obvious that after sending so many formidable masters, Hu Yanghang must be hoping that Ye Xiwen would be easily taken care of, but once he would receive the news that they had been defeated and thrown out of the Huanmo territory, he would definitely become very furious, after all, Ye Xiwen had singlehandedly crushed a team of seven top players.

If he again encountered those seven masters, he wouldn't need to struggle against them for so long. He would easily kill them all without breaking a sweat.

Even after exiting, if they tried to come looking for trouble, he would certainly finish them off without thinking twice.

Ye Xiwen finally decided to go into the direction of Qingfeng mountain group he had just located.

Although Huanmo boundary was very big, but it was still small compared to the Zhen Wu Jie world, and passing around messages was not difficult especially for martial artists.

– – –

In a remote valley, the groups of Qingfeng mountain sub-school and Jade Lady sub-school were unexpectedly present together and this combined group was being led by both Ye Feng and Zhangsun Yuyin.

But, there was a group of people standing on their opposite side and confronting them. It was none other than the group of Bingdao sub-school, led by Shangguan Xuanyi.

Beside him stood two youths, one dressed in purple robe and had an imposing appearance, and another was clad in a yellow robe and had strangely prominent eyebrow bones.

Unexpectedly, the strength of these two was almost comparable to that of Shangguan Xuanyi.

One could also see that the group of Divine Volcano sub-school and the disciples of many other sub-schools watching from afar.

“Junior sister apprentice Zhangsun Yuyin, surrender the magical sound flute.” Shangguan Xuanyi came forward and said in an overbearing tone.

“I and Brother Ye had to go through a lot of trouble to obtain this magical sound flute and you want me to surrender it?” Zhangsun Yuyin said in a cold voice.

“Let's stop this nonsense and snatch it directly from them.” That youth with prominent eyebrow bones said.


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