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Chapter 97 - Breakthrough, Xiantian second stage

Regardless of where that diminutive youth was trying to flee, he was still unable to escape from the blade curtain of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen had reached a high degree of proficiency in using the move, New moon beheader, and the curtain of nine blades had instantly block all the movements of that diminutive youth. He had been completely surrounded by this curtain of blades and had been unable to utilize his agility skill.

“Puchi!” The diminutive youth just stood there as if he had already given up and let Ye Xiwen to behead him. It was not that he didn't want to do anything, but he couldn't. Regardless of where he wanted to escape, Ye Xiwen's blade would easily catch up to him.

At last, he was directly beheaded by Ye Xiwen and disappeared.

The remaining four masters were furious because in a short time, Ye Xiwen had unexpectedly beheaded three of their comrades, especially the diminutive youth, as he was one of the three strongest masters in their group and had been slaughtered so easily.

“You are courting death!” The charming woman shouted loudly and violently shook the hand mirror in her hand. The divine rays of light rumbled and went directly towards Ye Xiwen.




Intermittent terrifying explosions occurred when Ye Xiwen tried to block the divine light with his palm but as the divine light fell on his palm, it started to directly disintegrate his iron-like palm which was immediately covered in blood.

In his body, the mad revolution of Zhen Qi was going on. Breakthrough, he just needed to have a breakthrough because that was the only way out of this situation. If he didn't have a breakthrough then facing the deadly attacks of these masters would only lead to his end.

Although he had beheaded the diminutive youth, but at the same time, he had also suffered the golden fist attack from the Chinese-robed youth and the injury he had sustained was getting more and more serious.

Ye Xiwen didn't run away and was betting everything on the breakthrough. He needed to have it during the battle because he had no other choice left and if he couldn't succeed in having a breakthrough soon then it would most likely be a dead end for him.

Ye Xiwen roared loudly while the Zhen Qi was rushing madly inside his body, layer upon layer, like waves of the sea. His black hair was dispersed and flying in the wind and his whole body was covered in severe wounds and blood. If looked from afar, he seemed like a reincarnation of a mad god of killing from ancient times, who had returned to wreak havoc on this world.

Ye Xiwen's eyes were somewhat vacant as he was unceasingly processing innumerable information in his mind while the Zhen Qi was madly revolving inside his body.

He seemed like a puppet resisting the attacks of those four masters with only a small section of consciousness left to operate the body while his main consciousness was completely immersed in the martial god space, desperately trying to break through his inner state.

Also, he was able to do it because he was accustomed to this, but before, he would keep his main spirit on the outside and now, he was focusing his main spirit into the martial god space.

“Bang!”Ye Xiwen was blasted away and sent flying again. The muscles on his chest darted off in all directions along with a lot of blood.

“Ha ha ha, he is still refusing to die!” The Chinese-robed youth laughed and said.

The remaining three masters were finally relieved, after all, it was too hard to deal with a formidable master like Ye Xiwen. Seven masters had ganged up on him but he had still been able to kill three of them in a short time. It clearly showed that none of them were his opponents in a one on one battle. Fortunately they had pushed him to a dead end and could finally behead him.

Suddenly they discovered that the present Ye Xiwen had somewhat changed, and right then, a majestic aura shot up into the sky. The bright look had instantly restored in his eyes but his aura continued to rise and quickly rose to a pinnacle state.

However, his aura didn't actually stop to rise but, bit by bit, it continued to rise further towards a breakthrough.

“Stop him, hurry up and stop him, do not let him have a breakthrough!” The charming woman suddenly shouted in a sharp voice. She was also a Xiantian master so how could she not know what was happening? She immediately understood that Ye Xiwen was on the verge of a breakthrough and could have it any time.

He was originally so hard to deal with and if allowed to have a breakthrough, then won't they all lose their lives at his hands?

However it was already too late as his aura had finally broken through the barrier and he had finally reached the Xiantian second stage with a 60% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi in his body.

After breaking through to the Xiantian second stage, now, he could easily contend with masters at the rank of Shangguan Xuanyi, let alone these four masters.

Ye Xiwen looked calm and collected then coldly looked at the four masters. The Chinese-robed youth immediately rushed towards him aiming a golden tornado-like Quanjin right at him.

Ye Xiwen sneered and shot “Coiling dragon Palm”. Suddenly a roaring gigantic Dragon rose from the abyss and soared high in the sky. This was the scene of “Coiling dragon Palm” and this was also the first time he had used this ancient technique in an actual combat.

A long big Dragon congealed from the palm of Ye Xiwen and roared loudly. It flew straight towards that golden tornado, opened its big powerful claws and directly grasped it. The golden tornado had been immediately neutralized by that Dragon and it went straight towards the Chinese-robed youth and maliciously collided with his body.

“Puff!” The Chinese-robed youth spout a mouthful of blood and his body flew upside down, halfway, he changed into streamer and vanished.

At this time, the charming woman's divine light had approached in front of Ye Xiwen and was about to attack his body, but suddenly, his long blade flashed and instantly chopped out a terrifying Bladeqi.

The divine light collided head on with the Bladeqi and was directly annihilated, but after that, the Bladeqi didn't stop and directly rushed towards the charming woman.

She never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be so incredibly strong that he would completely annihilate her divine light attack but she didn't have any time to dodge and was directly split in half.

The remaining two masters couldn't believe their eyes and were looking incredibly at Ye Xiwen. They couldn't understand that the tables had been turned and the situation had suddenly become dangerous for them. A while ago, they had an upper hand, however in a short time, the situation had reversed and Ye Xiwen had got on the winning side after killing the Chinese-robed youth and the charming woman.

They just couldn't accept such a reversal of situation.

However the three strongest masters had been killed by Ye Xiwen, so it was obvious that they did not have the means to escape his wrath. They tried to run away but were chased down and quickly beheaded by Ye Xiwen.

Soon, the seven masters reappeared in the Full moon peak with unsightly complexions. They never thought that even if so many masters would encircle together to kill one person, but, they would be killed instead. Before, they also thought that it was such a pity that they wouldn't be able to actually kill Ye Xiwen in the Huanmo territory, a place where no one died, but right now, they were actually very happy that luckily, it was not the reality otherwise they would be dead right now. They had clearly seen the ruthless nature of Ye Xiwen and knew very well that even if it was the reality, Ye Xiwen definitely would not have shown any mercy instead he would have killed them even more ruthlessly.


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